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Welcome to the About Us page for the UK Tool Advice website. We hope that you find the information on this website, useful and informative, and that it makes your buying decision a great deal easier.

My name is Enda and along with Geoff, we run and mange this website. We are both in the construction trade, but more importantly we are both keen DIY people. The combination of experience, and a genuine love for doing home projects, make us ideally placed to review and recommend a whole range of tools.​

Why We Created the Tool Advice Website

There are a lot of tool websites out there on the Internet. You may well ask why build another one? We noticed when we were searching around for tools, or even some basic simple information on DIY projects, that it was all quite disjointed. 

We couldn't find a one stop shop that offered simple, clear, independent and honest advice. With our experience, we thought that we could help out with that. One night, sitting in the pub, and talking our usual lot of rubbish, we decided that we could offer something different.

Having solved most of the "world problems" we did eventually get our heads together, and decided to try and build a website, that would answer all of the common questions, and as many of the harder ones as we could.​

These questions could be as simple as how do you wire a plug, to as hard as how do you go about planning and building a deck, to converting a roof space or a garage. We also share with you our wide range of picking and using the most useful tools.

Which Tools Should You Buy?​

That will depend a lot on what you need to do. Some people will just want a few tools to do the most basic of jobs. Those would include hanging pictures or curtains, putting up a few shelves or to do some basic maintenance.

Other people will be more ambitious and want to be able to lay floors, fix holes in walls, fit skirtings and do some electrical tasks like adding on a socket, installing some lights​, or complete renovations.

We cover off all of the different options. Most people will need a few basics like a hammer, saw and a drill. The bigger the job you want to tackle, will mean having more tools such as a jigsaw, hammer drill, a range of screwdrivers, and other electric powered tools.

Don't worry we will not bore you. We did however think you should at least know, who writes all the reviews, and the other information.

I served my time as an electrician, worked as a telephone engineer, and then in the general building and construction industry. I have lots of experience but most of all I love working on projects around the home.


I served my time as a plumber and also worked for quite a few years as a plasterer, and then building and renovating homes. Like Enda, I enjoy working on projects around the home, and have a sad addiction for power tools of any kind.


So that is just a little about us. Thanks for taking the time to visit our website. We hope that you find the information you are looking for. If you have a question you would like to ask us, then pop over to our contact page, and fill in the very short form. We always try to reply within 48 hours.

For any of the latest tool news, why not have a look at our news page here. ​ Alternatively, you can check out our Home Page by clicking here.

Thanks again for visiting.

Enda & Geoff​