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A big welcome to the "Tool Advice" website for people living in the United Kingdom(UK). The main purpose of this website, is to help people who want to buy tools. On this site we will include what we think are the best power and electric tools, as well as the best hand tools.

To do this we will include the top 5 rated tools in a range of categories. We will then also include individual reviews, on each of the tools that we place in those top 5 lists. All of our tool list are ranked by what is termed buyer rating.

We have collected and read all of the buyer reviews, and also looked at how real life buyers rate the tools that they have bought. So rather than you having to search around all of the individual reviews, we have summarised those to save you the trouble.

Simply click on any of the categories below to begin your search.

Useful Tool Tips and Advice​

As well as our many tool reviews, we will also be included a whole range of articles, on how to use them. This will include the many tasks that you may have to do at home. That could include putting up a shelf, drilling through tiles, drilling through concrete, laying carpet, fixing a leaking tap, and just about any other thing that you can think of.

The site is managed and run by myself Enda, an electrician by trade, and by my friend Geoff, a plumber with many years of experience. We have done house renovations, construction builds and extensions, loft and garage conversions, conservatories, fencing, path making and just about any other job in the construction and building industry.

Between us, we have a lot of experience, and we are more than happy to share that with you here.​ You can click on any of the tool categories below. You will be taken to a page on our tool website, that covers off each category in detail.

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