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In this article we review, what we believe to be the best mitre saws, currently available on the UK marketplace. As the name would suggest, these are designed to be able to cut, and make mitre joints.

This is they type of joint that is used to join two pieces of material, to make a neat and tidy joint. Most commonly this saw is used when working with wood. You can use this type of mitred joint for picture framing corners, skirting boards and other furniture making purposes.

The beauty of owning a saw like this, is that it can also be used for normal straight cuts, made by something like a chop saw, or a circular saw. It can also be used for bevel joints. This is the type of joint used in dining or coffee tables, to prevent leaving sharp edges.

Now, these are slightly more expensive than a standard circular saw, but you can make a range of different joints. It is worth considering this, if you plan on doing a lot of woodworking projects.

If you just want something that can make straight cuts in wood, then a cheaper circular saw, would be a much better option.

mitre saw

A typical mitre saw in action

What Types of Mitre Saw Are Available?

There are really only two options worth consideration. These are:

  • Compound
  • Sliding Compound

The compound allows you to do mitre, straight and bevel joints. The sliding compound, which is more expensive, allows you to do the same range of joints. The difference is that it can be used on wider and larger pieces of material.

That is simply down to the sliding mechanism. This mechanism extends the reach of the blade, and as such will allow you to cut wider widths.

A good quality compound mitre saw costs around £50-100 and a sliding version will set you back around £100-250.  I used to dither about which to buy, and only made my mind up, when I had used both.

Without any hesitation, if you are going to spend money on a mitre saw, then just get a sliding compound one. You might pay an extra £20, but it means you can do any type of mitre, bevel or compound cut, on most widths of timber.

Top 5 Rated Mitre Saws

Just below you will find a table, where we have placed our choices of mitre saws in order. The order we have used is the highest buyer rated first. In other words we have placed the saws in the order, of what buyers judged their quality to be.

We have also included average UK prices, but be aware that these are always subject to change. Always check on the exact date and time when you are making any purchase. The ratings are ours, and we update these on a regular weekly basis.

If you click on the product name, you will be taken to Amazon UK, where you can read other buyer reviews. In this table we have included our ranking, the product name, an average UK price, our rating and our grade. The Rating is out of 100%.

If you are in a hurry, I would recommend the 4th one on our list. It is the biggest seller, has a high rating and is really good value for money.

These are our top 5 picks. We have based these on what we believe to be the best value for money. At the end of the day, the one you pick will come down to your available budget, and how much use it is going to get.

Mitre Saw Summary Reviews

Underneath, we have completed short and concise reviews, on these top 5 products. That way you can see at a glance, which one is the best choice for you.

No 1 Choice - Makita MLS100 240 V 255 mm Electric Saw Review

Buyer Satisfaction

Average UK Price = £149.99

A leading high quality tool brand

This is a compound saw, so the more basic style, but from a high end brand

This saw uses a 1,500 watt motor to power the 10" blade

It can complete cross cuts, compound cuts, mitre cuts and bevel cuts

There are plenty of buyers for this compound saw. It is more expensive than you would normally pay for a standard mitre saw, but it is a saw that will last you for many years.

Please be aware that this is not a sliding mitre saw, but as a basic mitre saw, it is an quality product, that sells consistently.

No 2 Choice - VonHaus 1500W Sliding Mitre Saw Review

Buyer Satisfaction

Average UK Price = £219.99

  • Powerful 2,000 watt motor for high performance
  • Can make bevel cuts of 45 degrees in either direction
  • Blade Length 8" (210 mm) 
  • Sliding Compound Saw Blade Length 300mm/12in             

This saw with a rotating mitre table, will allow you to carry out a wide range of DIY projects. This one can easily handle wood, MDF, plywood, steel and aluminium with the right blade.

It can do straight cuts, bevels, mitres and compound joints. It also has a laser guide, which is a really useful feature to help ensure accurate cutting.

It also has side bars, which provide support for longer and wider pieces of material, during the cutting process.

This one comes with a dust bag, extension bars, wood clamp and an allan wrench.

No 3 Choice - Evolution FURY3-XL Multi-Purpose Sliding Mitre Saw Review

Buyer Satisfaction

Average Price = £189.99 (RRP)

  • Classed as a multi-purpose sliding mitre saw
  • 255 mm blade included
  • The cutting depth can be set, and there is also a really useful laser guide
  • 3- Year warranty

Evolution do two ranges of saw, the Rage and the Fury. This  one is in the Fury range and is aimed at professionals, and serious DIY people. The Fury range is more expensive, but better quality and tougher.

This saw comes with a 3-year warranty, and uses one blade to cut wood, plastic, and steel very effectively indeed.

This is a sliding saw with a cutting depth of up to 75 mm (3"). It is a compound tilt and slide so can handle the mitre, straight and bevel cuts.

No 4 Choice - Evolution RAGE3+ Multipurpose Sliding Mitre Saw Review

Buyer Satisfaction

Average UK Price = £199.99 (RRP)

This is another compound sliding mitre saw, and like most of the Evolution brand, it uses a 255 mm blade.

It also has a laser light, which is really helpful, and a great guide to ensure straight cuts.

It also comes with a 3-year manufacturer warranty

The Rage range of Evolution mitre saws are aimed at the DIY market. This is the saw that I own myself, and overall I am very pleased with it. The bottom line is that I can do any of the jobs that I want it to do.

It did take a bit of setting up, but once I got through that, I was very pleased with the results. Using just one blade to do all of the different materials, saves you a lot of time having to change blades.

The blades are also easy to find and not expensive to buy. It is a sliding saw with a 255 mm blade, and that blade can make its way through most things.

It has a useful laser guide.

It also comes with a 3-year warranty, and that should also offer potential buyers, good peace of mind. I also like their customer service.

No 5 Choice - Evolution RAGE3-S+ Multi-Purpose Sliding Mitre Saw Review

Buyer Satisfaction

Average UK Price = £149.99

This is a sliding multi-purpose mitre saw

Comes with a 24 tooth 210 mm multi-purpose blade

Designed to cut all types of wood, aluminium and steel

Laser guide

Also has and end stop, clamping mechanism, work piece supports and a dust bag

Another alternative model from Evolution, which is also the cheapest one on our top 5 list. It is similar to the two above, but overall gets a slightly lower rating.

It is a compound sliding mitre saw and you can set the cutting depth on this one, and that can be very useful. It also comes with a 3-year warranty like most of the Evolution products.

The reason this one gets slightly lower rating is that it is a bit fiddly to get it set up. Most mitre saws when bought need to be squared up, and that takes time.

This one, according to buyer reviews, is a great choice once you have it set up, but that can take a bit of time.

Mitre Saw Buying Guide

Evolution is the most popular choice of mitre saw for UK buyers. You see a lot of these in many of the DIY shops, and in the leading tool stores. All the leading tool brands will have various models of these available.

We believe however, that the Evolution brand is a good quality product, at an affordable price. If you are a professional, then the better choice would be a Dewalt saw.

When it comes to buying your own mitre saw, my strong advice is to buy a sliding one. Although the standard compound is a useful tool, the sliding one just opens up a whole range of cutting tasks.

Cutting longer and wider boards of wood is probably the most important of those. Consider items like wider skirting boards, or coving and you will get the jist of what I mean

What Types of Woodworking Cut Can a Mitre Saw Do?

If you are in doubt as to what cuts you can do with a mitre saw, then I have explained these just below.

  • Straight cross cut where you simply cut straight across the grain
  • Mitre Cut where an angle is created across the width of the board 
  • Bevel Cut - the angle goes through the thickness of the board 
  • Compound Cut - this is a combination of a mitre and a bevel cut

These cuts are explained in more detail in the video below.

Video - How to Use a Mitre Saw?

I found this useful video, which explains how to use a mitre saw properly. The chap explains all the important basics, and important features of using a mitre saw.

Important Features to Consider, When Buying a New Mitre Saw

If you plan on spending around £150-200 on a good quality mitre saw, then personally, I consider that to be a big investment. That said, if you plan on doing a big project or a house renovation, buying a mitre saw is a very good investment.

These saws when properly set up and used, can save you a fortune in time, and also avoid what would otherwise be a frustrating tasks. I have used one to build a deck, on shed foundations and the shed construction, renovating rooms and other woodworking tasks.

If you own one of these, then they do the work of a circular saw, and much more besides. When you buy a sliding mitre saw, then you have a great and very useful power tool, at your disposal.

Mitre Saw Feature 1 - Sliding Mechanism

As I mentioned you can buy a standard compound mitre saw. Those are fine for doing the 4 cuts I mentioned above. However if you get a saw that slides, you can then cut wider and longer pieces of material.

That for me is invaluable, and makes the saw have much wider use. Most skirting for example is much deeper than it used to be. That means a normal compound mitre is just not wide enough to get through it.

Mitre Saw Feature 2 - Motor Power

In my opinion any saw, including mitre saws, are only as good as the motor that powers them. When you are putting material through a saw, you simply want it to cut quickly. That means a good blade, and more importantly, a good strong reliable motor to drive that blade around.

Now I know there are many things to consider, but this would be right at the top of my list. I like to see a motor size of 1,500 watts or bigger. That way I know it will have enough power, and will not put a lot of strain on the motor as well.

Smaller motors that are struggling when under stress, or through a lot of use, will simply burn out, and all you have left is an expensive useless saw.

Mitre Saw Feature 3 - The Blade

I could quite literally write books about buying blades for these saws. For most people a general multi-purpose blade will be enough. Evolution do these, and they are great as they allow you to cut plastic, wood, aluminium and even some of the lighter steels.

The good thing about a multi-purpose blade, is that it doesn't need to be changed, irrespective of the material being cut. That is a time saver.

mitre saw blade

For finer cuts, and especially on wood, then you may want to use a coarse blade for rougher cuts, and a finer blade for those precise cuts, where a neat finish is very important.

You can buy blades for your machine as a single blade, or in small packs of various sizes. Typically a single blade costs around £20 on average.

Teeth Per Inch (TPI)

You will hear this talked about quite a lot. This is how the coarseness or fineness of a blade is classified. An easy way to remember this, is the more teeth, the finer the cut.

Basic Feature Summary

So those are the very basics of what I think a good mitre saw should have. In summary, a sliding saw with a powerful motor and a good sharp, multi-purpose blade. Below I will now explain some of the other features, that are very useful to properly understand.

Safe Use of a Mitre Saw

If you have never used one of these saws before, then please watch the video above. There is a knack to using these so as you do not want to cut yourself or damage the wood you are cutting.

You have to learn to let the blade of the saw do all the work. If you find it really hard to cut then you are doing it wrong, it should be smooth and easy.

Mitre Saw Accessories

There are a few accessories that you can get for a mitre saw. I will show you what those are, and why they might be of benefit to you.

Mitre Saw Stands

mitre saw stand

I well remember the day when I bought my first mitre saw and took it home. The plan was to put it in my garage, and from there I could do my work.

I had initially planned to bolt it down to a workbench so as it would be nice and solid. It was a very nice theory, but practically it was an awful idea. With a fixed mitre saw, you have to bring the work to the saw.

Not only does that waste time, but it also means you have to measure in a room, mark it and remember the cut required, and if you have any "doubts" then you have to go back and forwards to check everything.

I was fitting skirting in a bedroom, and it makes common sense to  be able to take the saw there.

The average price for a good basic mitre saw stand is £60-75 and trust me on this, just get one as it means you can use your saw anywhere. There are super versions of these with wheels and folding parts, but a basic one will do most users really well.

Because of the dust from this type of saw, it is always better to use it outside, unless you have a vacuum dust setup in your garage or workshop.

The main advantage though is that a mitre saw stand is like an extra pair of hands, when work with longer and wider pieces of wood.

Mitre Saw Dust Extractor

Mobile Dust Extractor

If you are going to be using any type of an electric saw on a regular basis, then buy some type of dust extractor system. If you are just doing a one off job, then my recommendation would be to do either one of two things:

  1. Do the work outside
  2. Use the dust bag that usually comes with these

I set up my own dust extractor in my garage as I do a fair amount of work in there. With electric saws, dust is heavy and there is lots of it. The dust bags that come with saws are OK, but not really effective.

For infrequent use they do a good enough job. It is probably better to do any cutting outside to avoid breathing in lots of dust. That is where a mitre saw stand comes in really handy.

Always wear a dust mask with any type of electric saw. Those are really cheap and stop your breathing in saw dust particles. A mask and a pair of goggles offer you great protection.

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I enjoy writing about tools and gadgets of all kinds. As an electrician and with many years working in the building industry, I have used my fair share of all the leading tool brands. On this website I share my experiences of these along with my colleague Geoff.

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