Best Saw for Cutting Trees 

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Thanks for taking your time to read our article on the best saw for cutting trees. The saw you pick will depend on exactly which tree cutting task you want to do. For some people that will be pruning off branches and twigs, for others it could be cutting down the tree, and for others it could be making logs out of trees.

Types of Tree Cutting saws

There are a few types which we have listed below:

  • Pruning saw
  • Bow Saw
  • Hand Saw
  • Chainsaw
  • Reciprocating Saw

We explain each saw below and what that type of tree cutting saw is used for.

Pruning Saw

  • As the name would suggest these are a perfect choice for pruning trees and cutting off branches
  • They are also useful as a general purpose outdoor type of saw for larger shrubs and bushes
  • Many of them fold away so as the blade is not exposed, and those with a saw blade edge will come with a cover
  • There are also telescopic versions of these available for those higher up branches.
pruning saws

Bow Saw

  • The bow saw has been around for years and is a standard saw type in the forestry industry
  • As you can see the frame is shaped like a bow and this is where it gets its name
  • These are exceptionally good at cutting wet or green wood
  • These are light in weight, but designed to be used as heavy duty saws.
  • Can be used by one person but much more effective with two people
  • Very popular with loggers who don't want to spend a lot of money on a chainsaw
bow saw

Hand Saw

  • We were almost tempted not to include the hand saw on our list of the best saws for cutting trees.
  • We did however decide to have it on the list as it will cut trees, but is certainly mot designed for that purpose as the teeth are usually too fine
  • Most home owners will have one of these around the home, and it can be used on trees, but be aware it will stick if the sap is wet
Hand saw picture


  • The beast of the tree cutting world and one that will certainly get the job done quickly
  • These are great for cutting down trees and for making logs
  • They can also be used to prune trees, but great care is required if doing that task
  • These are powerful and great to use, but you need to be very careful with one of these in your hand
Picture of a chainsaw

Reciprocating Saw

  • Like the hand saw, we were almost tempted not to include the reciprocating saw on our list of the best saws for cutting trees.
  • We did however decide to have it on the list as it will cut trees, but like the hand saw it is certainly mot designed for that purpose as the teeth are usually too fine
  • Some reciprocating saws do have the option to purchase tree cutting blades so worth a closer look
reciprocating saws

Tree Cutting Tips

  1. Our number one tip is to be safe. So many accidents happen when it comes to either pruning or cutting trees and logs  These range from simple cuts to serious cuts, falls from trees and accidents to the eyes from branches
  2. The best way to stay safe is to be properly prepared and to avoid taking silly risks
  3. If using a chainsaw, then wear the right safety gear which should include a hard hat, earmuffs, ear protection and eye protection. Ideally you should also wear Kevlar chaps which stop a chainsaw injuring your legs
  4. If cutting down trees then don't do that on your own and make sure you have some help
  5. Use felling wedges to prevent your saw from sticking
  6. Estimate where the tree will actually fall if you are felling a tree

Tree Trimming & Cutting Tips

  • The biggest risk when trimming branches is in the climbing of the tree. People may use ladders to do this and when holding a sharp saw that can be quite dangerous. It is best to have someone to hold the ladders, but if you are on your own, just make sure that the ladders are well grounded, and that you are not over stretching
  • A pruning saw is best for trimming or a bow saw if you have good access. If using any form of electric saw, a cordless one is ideal, and if using a corded saw, just be aware of the trailing lead. I also really like the folding saw for doing the smaller branches.
  • Or if this is not the sort of thing you need then check out our article on all the different types of saws.

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