Measuring Tool Reviews

measuring tools reviews uk

Thanks for taking your time to read our detailed reviews on the best measuring tools, that are currently available on the UK marketplace. To make things easier for you to navigate, we have divided these into categories, as we think that makes it easier to see quickly what you are looking for.

As you will see, there are a wide variety of options when it comes to buying various items to measure distances such as tapes, weights using scales and other devices such as electrical testers and various helpful gadgets.


Picture of digital calipers

This includes digital, Vernier, inside, outside, dial and divider callipers

Chalk Lines

chalk line uk reviews

Chalk lines are very helpful for many building projects as are line level sets

Folding Rules

folding rules for carpentry

There are a range of folding rules which are mainly used in woodworking


depth gauge being used

This includes depth, bore, height, hole, thread, pin, feeler, angle gauges and more


Inclinometer reviews

These are used for measuring inclines and angles

Laser Measuring Devices

laser level reviews

This includes laser levels, laser distance meters, line lasers and rotary lasers.


spirit level reviews

This includes spirit levels, electronic levels and tube levels and post levels.

Marking Tools

hanging tool for pictures and frames

This includes items such as picture hanger tools, contour gauges etc

Measuring Wheels

Picture of a measuring wheel

This includes distance wheels, surveyors wheels and foldable wheels

Rulers & Squares

This includes carpentry squares, straight edges, rulers and protractors


This includes pocket scales, digital scales, hanging scales and more


This includes stud wall scanners, battery testers, voltage and mains testers

Tape Measures

tape measure reviews

This includes a wide range of tape measuring options for home use

Tape Reels

tape reel reviews

This includes the larger reels that are used for measuring longer distances

Other Measuring Tools

This includes the remaining measuring tools that are available 

Measuring Tool UK Buying Tips

Below we have included a guide which we think will be very useful to anyone considering buying any type of measuring tool for home use. There are hundreds of these available on the UK market, and as you can imagine this is a Global industry. Trying to pick your way through that can be quite challenging.

We hope this guide will do a few things for you:

  • Help stop you from buying the wrong tools
  • Will help you buy measuring tools that you need and will make good use of
  • Buying measuring tools that will last
  • Finding the best in each category and at the best value for money

Most Popular Measuring Tools

Measuring Tapes

This simple measuring tape is the most commonly bought product that will sit inside most people's tool box or tool bag. These come in different sizes and they certainly come in different standards of quality. Even a basic one though is a very useful item to have for doing any work around the home.

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Spirit Levels

If you plan on putting up shelves, laying floors, building uprights or erecting a brick wall, then a spirit level is going to be important. These do come in a range of sizes and there will be one that will suit the task you want to accomplish.

It isn't a tool that you will use everyday, but it is really useful when you need to make sure something is level.

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Laser Levels

These are becoming very popular, and can be used for tasks like wall papering to, paving tiles, and even lining up pictures on long walls. These are the modern version of the spirit level mentioned above. These basically help create straight lines on objects such as walls which can be very useful.

They can do horizontal and vertical lines and you will find many uses for this type of laser level.

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