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Thanks for taking your time to read our reviews on the best bore gauges that are currently available on the United Kingdom marketplace.

A bore gauge is a useful tool that can measure the inside of a bore, or hole. The gauge is inserted into the hole, and then anvils expand outward to calculate the inside diameter size.

A typical bore gauge will have two anvils and the better ones will use 3 anvils. It is made from a shaft with a dial indicator at the top and a measuring sled at the base.

They are used mainly by mechanics or machinists to measure wear in a cylinder head. They also are used by people who inspect or maintain items like injector barrels.

You can check out our top 5 just below where we have completed summary reviews.

Just below you will see our top 5 list of bore gauges. However, we also know you are busy, so if you don't have time to read our full review, we would highly recommend the Draper Expert 02753 50-160 mm Bore Gauge Set.

Best Bore Gauge by Buyer Rating

The top 5 best gauges are as follows:





Draper Expert 02753 50-160 mm Bore Gauge Set



Silverline 675092 Telescopic Gauge 8-150 mm - Set of 6



Silverline 719822 Bore Gauge 1-15 mm



Hutact Bore Gauge Set 50-160MM



Sealey DBG508 Dial Bore Gauge


Just below, we have also completed some summary reviews on each of these, so as you can see which is the best option for you.

Draper Expert 02753 50-160 mm Bore Gauge Set

92% buyer satisfaction based on 200+ online buyer reviews

  • This is the highest rated bore gauge set but they are expensive
  • They accurately measures bores, and detect tapers or ovality
  • They come in a very well presented and organised storage case
  • The set includes 3mm travel dial test indicator, a 55mm extension bar, a 4 spacer rings size: 0.5, 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0mm and 12 measuring rods size: 50, 55, 60, 65, 70, 75, 80, 85, 90, 95, 100 and 105mm

Buyers say that these are highly accurate and especially good on engine cylinder boring. They have a key advantage of referring to the same micrometer as you will use to measure the diameter of what goes in the bore.

Silverline 675092 Telescopic Gauge 8-150 mm - Set of 6

86% buyer satisfaction based on 100+ online buyer reviews

  • 86% customer satisfaction with 75% of all buyers giving this model a full 5 star review
  • These are made from chrome plated steel and accurately measure bore diameters
  • They have spring loaded cylinders
  • They come in a handy wallet for storage
  • They also have locking knurled handles
  • The set includes: 8 - 12.7, 12.7 - 19, 19 - 32, 32 - 54, 54 - 90 and 90 - 150mm gauges

For what they cost we  would recommend them but do wish to point out that they are as accurate as the person using them.

Silverline 719822 Bore Gauge 1-15 mm

86% buyer satisfaction based on 250+ online buyer reviews

  • This is an easy to use bore gauge with a range of 1-15 mm
  • It is made of ground and tempered stainless steel and they have been dual-etched
  • The gauges has both metric and imperial graduations - On one side this gauges is graduated to a depth in the material in mm and 1/10ths up to 16mm
  • The imperial side is graduated in 5 thousands

Most buyers used this for pipe bores. Other buyers said this was great for quickly finding small hole sizes and very useful for engineers or hobbyists.

Hutact Bore Gauge Set 50-160MM

82% buyer satisfaction based on 50+ online buyer reviews

  • This bore gauge set is for measuring different diameters
  • They range from 50 -1 60 mm (2-6inch) diameter
  • They can measure a bore to 150mm (5.9") deep
  • The accuracy is 0.01MM(0.0003")
  • They use a 2 point contact to detect geometric diameter
  • They have self-centering measuring extended heads, chrome plated handle and come in a good quality ABS storage case

Use After Zero Setting - Before measuring, be sure to adjust the pointer of the dial indicator to the “0” setting and select the measuring head of the appropriate size for measurement.

Sealey DBG508 Dial Bore Gauge

82% buyer satisfaction based on 10+ online buyer reviews

  • The Sealey sets do come in a range of sizes and this one is the 18-35 mm
  • Also available in 10-18mm, 35-50mm, 50-160mm and 160-250mm
  • They have a maximum deviation measurement with stem of 1mm
  • The dial diameter is  50mm with a resolution of 0.01mm
  • They come in a wooden storage case
  • The set includes a probe body, dial indicator, anvil and spacer rings

This set uses a 50mm dial and locking rotating bezel, and that allows you to accurately measure a bore or detect a taper or ovality.

 They will indicate a deviation from set size by up to 5mm with an accuracy of 0.01mm. 

Bore Gauge Buying Tips

You can see that there are a number of sets available and most of them get very good ratings and reviews. It will come down to how much you can afford to spend.

The bore dial is the most popular choice though some people can get away with a telescopic gauge. It very much depends on what you want to use them for. 

There are of course digital options available as well, though the dial still seems to be the most popular.

No matter which you go for, there is certainly a learning curve, when it comes to using them. There are a lot of useful videos on YouTube for doing that.

Video Guide to Using a Bore Gauge

If a bore gauge is not the measuring tool for you, then why not check out our information on all the measuring tools that are available by clicking here.

Hopefully you have found this information on the best bore gauge measuring tools useful.

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