Tool Storage Ideas for the Garage

Thanks for taking your time to read our detailed information on Tool and Garage Storage Ideas, that are currently available on the UK marketplace. To make things easier for you to navigate, we have divided these into categories, as we think that makes it easier to see quickly what you are looking for.

As you will see, there are a wide variety of options when it comes to storing your tools. They range from something as simple as a tool box and all the way through to full garage storage solutions.

tool storage

We will try and give you as many ideas and options as we can. We shall start with the most common and most affordable options, and then show you what else is available on the UK marketplace.

Tool Storage - Racks and Shelves

There are various designs of shelving and racks where you can keep your tools.

In terms of tool racks, some people like these as you can see your tools easily and they also help keep you much better organised. These tend to work well for hand tools such as hammers, sprit levels, screwdrivers, saws, spanners etc. They come in different shapes and sizes ranging from peg boards to magnetic tool holders.

We have split those into 3 sections just below. If you click on the link you can find out much more about each type and why you should use those.

Tool Holder Racks

tool racks

Many UK buyers like the idea of a wall mounted tool rack where they can easily see the tools on display, which makes them easy to find quickly.

Tool Holder Shelves

tool holder shelves

A tool shelf is a good idea for above a bench or on the wall to help save bench space. Useful for a small number of hand tools.

Magnetic Tool Holders

magnetic tool holders

Magnetic tool holders are very affordable and mount on the wall. Tools can then be attached to the magnetic strip for convenience.

Storage Shelving and Cabinets

Shelves are handy for storing all the various bits and pieces that you will not doubt end up with in your garage. This could be anything from tins of paint, canisters, stuff for the car etc. A good set of shelves can go a very long way to keeping your garage neat and tidy.

Storage Cabinets are a more secure option and the best choice for people who need to keep their tools safe and secure.

We have split those into 3 sections just below. If you click on the link you can find out much more about each type and why you should use those.

Storage Shelving

storage shelving racks

Putting shelves in your garage helps a lot with getting organised, and these work better for heavier tools as well

Storage Cabinets

garage storage cabinets

These are the ultimate in secure garage storage and ideal if you have expensive tools to protect.

Charging Stations

storage charging stations for garage

These are becoming more popular with the rising sales of cordless tools. Ideal for cordless storage and battery charging.

Tool Bags, Boxes and Belts

Tool bags, boxes and the tool belt are all good options if you don't own a lot of tools. A good quality tool bag or box will hold enough hand tools for the DIY person who does some basic home improvements. They are not really that useful for holding power tools, but they will hold something like a cordless drill or screwdriver.

We have split those into 3 sections just below. If you click on the link you can find out much more about each type and why you should use those

Tool Bags

tool bag for storing tools

These bags are light, portable and hold a lot of tools. That makes them popular and ideal for someone who needs tools on the move.

Tool Boxes

tool box for storing tools

The humble tool box has been around for years and gives more protection to your tools than a bag.

Tool Belts

tool belt for holding tools

The tool belt is handy to have for work, when working on a project or doing some DIY work at home.

Tool Chests

tool chest for storing tools

These come in different shapes and sizes and are usually used by mechanics, but can be handy to have in your garage.

Rolling Workshops

mobile tool boxes

These are also called mobile work centres and allow you to easily move around a large number of tools

Organiser Cases

organiser storage cases

There are hundreds of these on the UK market in all shapes and sizes, and they help keep you organised.

Tool & Garage Storage UK Buying Guide

Below we have included a guide which we think will be very useful to anyone considering storing their tools, especially in their garage or shed.

We hope this guide will do a few things for you:

  • Help give you some great storage ideas
  • Show you the various options available for storing your tools
  • Suggest the best ways to help store your more expensive tools securely
  • Suggest tool storage ideas that help keep your organised

Why Bother Storing Tools?

The main reason anyone stores tools is simply to keep them neat and tidy and in one place. That means when they go searching for a tool, they can quickly find them and get on with their work. For many home owners this will be a simple process of keeping them in a tool bag or a tool box.

Storing tools is also important to help protect them from both accidental damage and also from damp conditions. Keeping them somewhere dry and cool will prevent rust and if they are in some form of container, then they are protected from any rough abuse.

Tools can be expensive, so we think it is worth investing some money in good storage to look after them and help extend their lifetime usage.

Simple Methods for Storing Tools

The method that you use for storing your tools does not have to be complicated at all. Some people only have a few tools around the home and these can easily be stored in a basic tool bag, or tool box and these are affordable and readily available on the UK market. Any type of container will really do as long as it helps keep the tools dry and away from moisture.

A lot of people keep a simple tool box in a closet or wardrobe inside the house which is ideal. If storing tools in a garage or shed, then make sure the tools are inside some form of container, and that the container is not sitting on damp ground.