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Most people will own at least a few tools. In addition to those tools, we will also gather up items like nails, screws and fuses to name but a few. When starting out they normally go into "the drawer." Nearly everybody will have one of these, the magical drawer that holds everything, that we have no other place for. If you have plenty of money then you might go for a full tool chest but still they don't display your tools quite as well when you compare them to these racks.

As our tool collection expands we will eventually need to try and bring some organisation to the impending chaos. Personally I like to be organised as best as I can. I know also that not everyone is the same, but having some organisation will help you find things quickly, and stop you wasting hours of time, searching for the various bits and bobs.

In this article, I am going to take you through the many storage solutions that are available. That way you can decide which, if any, are the better ones for you.

Tool Storage Options

Tool Storage 1 - The Tool Bag

Tool bag storage solutions

These are very popular with buyers. Typically they are a bag with a reinforced bottom, that will hold many of your tools. They do come in various shapes and sizes.

These are ideal for holding a few basic tools, like a hammer, a small saw, screwdrivers, pliers, a tape measure etc

They normally have carry handles, and many of them have a shoulder strap. A good one costs around £20

These are particularly handy, if you have a set of small tools, that you use on a regular basis, and have to take from place to place. People like technicians are very fond of using these.

They are or should be waterproof. They are also made from tough materials so built to last. I know many electricians and engineers who use these to hold a set of screwdrivers, a hammer, pliers and cutters, and other small bites and pieces.

Tool Storage 2 -The Tool Box

tool box storage solution

The humble tool box is probably still the most popular choice for storing tools.

These are ideal for holding larger tools in the base. There is usually a tray or trays that can then be used to hold smaller things like screws, and other pieces of kit, like tapes, knives etc

 Most of these are made from a hard plastic and can be locked using a padlock. A good one costs around £30-35

You will likely find these in many homes and vans up and down the UK. They are big enough to hold most tools, and also allow you to have a good degree or organisation. They do come in different sizes, and there are a range of options for storage with these.

Tool Storage 3 -The Tool Belt

best tool belt uk reviews

Many roofers, those working on scaffolding, and for those in the building and construction trade industry, find these useful, for carrying tools.

In essence these tool belts are like having a few extra pockets. You can have all your commonly used tools, and bits and pieces, in one place.

The fact that those are with you, when you move around, can be handy. A good one costs around £8-15

You will also find people using them around the home and garage. If you are doing something like flooring, building a deck, shed or fence, then these are good option to carry around the tools and accessories, that you will need to have handy at all times.

Tool Storage 4 -The Tool Chest or Cabinet

best tool chest and cabinet reviews

Another option for tool storage is either the tool chest or the tool cabinet. Cabinets like the one shown to the left, can be really useful. Normally you will find these in garages, and are used by mechanics and engineers.

In essence there is a cabinet at the bottom for the bigger tools, and then on top is a set of sliding drawers on smooth ball bearings for other tool storage.

These vary in price a lot from £85-100

Stanley STA1-92-083 Professional Mobile Tool Chest

The other option is a tool chest. These are basically a large tool box on wheels, which can be pulled around.

You put the heavier tools in the bottom, and then there is a tote tray for all the other smaller tools. The tool chest then sits on a set of heavy duty wheels, and there is a telescopic handle to tow it around.

They cost between £40-80 and are made by brands like Stanley Tools.

I hope this article has been some help to you in showing what's available for organising your tools. There are so many options nowadays and I find that a Tool Belt is also very helpful to me when I am doing any job. Also, for the garage, I really love my magnetic tool rack, it's just so handy. You may also consider buying a full mechanics tool set which usually comes with everything you need for most jobs.

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