Best Tool Belt UK Reviews 

In this article we review, what we think to be the best tool belts, that are currently available in the UK market. There are many different types to choose from. Typically they cost anything between £8-60.

The main reason for the price difference, is because of what they are made from, such as canvas or leather. It also has to do with the different features. Tool belts are also designed for different trades. We explain more in our buying guide at the bottom of the page.

Primarily these are used by tradesmen, roofers and the wider building and construction trades, but there are some marked differences though, with some having hammer holders, others have places for screwdrivers, and a range of varied uses.

In a Hurry?

We provide a lot of information on this page, so if you want a quick answer, then the best tool belt is the Stanley Leather Tool Belt. This the best seller is a really great tool belt.

It's made from high grade buffalo leather with double stitching and is riveted at all the stress points. 

"With over 4,000 online buyer reviews and a 90% buyer satisfaction rating, this is the most popular choice by UK buyers, based on our extensive research. 

The main purpose of all of these, is to keep your most commonly used tools handy, by having them on a belt, that is attached around your waist. In these belts or pouches, you can also hold nails, screws, cleats etc so as you have easy access to the things that you need.

Top 10 Rated Tool Belt Reviews

Just below you will find an easy to read top 10 tool belts and pouches, that should make your choices, easier to understand. We have placed these products in a specific order. The order we have used is the highest buyer rated first. In other words we have placed the belts in order of what buyers judged their quality to be.

We have also included average UK prices, but be aware that these are always subject to change. Always check on the exact date and time when you are making any purchase. The ratings we update on a regular weekly basis.

You can click on each image to see a larger version. Please feel free to click on any of the images in that table.

Underneath the table, we have done a more specific and detailed review on each tool belt. 

Best Tool Belt Summary Reviews

Underneath, we have completed short and concise reviews, on these top 10 products. That way you can see at a glance, which one is the best choice for you.

No 1 Choice - Stanley Leather Tool Belt Review

  • Made from heavy duty leather, and double stitched
  • Adjustable belt, with quick release buckle
  • Has eleven pockets, 2 hammer loops, a tape measure holder and a pliers holder
  • Easy to use adjustable belt with a roller buckle

A typical buyer comment was "Good quality, very handy to be able to have everything you need on you, a time saver, especially no more hunting for pencils or tape measures"

No 2 Choice - Dewalt DEW17552 Tool belt Toolbelt Review

  • Measures 54 x 49 x 12 and weighs 1.66 Kg
  • The belt is made of high quality nylon, reinforced with steel rivets
  • Suitable for 34 - 44" waist
  • Extra wide padded back support Drill Holster and Accessory Pockets
  • Has a hammer loop
    Various pockets

A typical buyer comment was "If you prefer using a tool belt on the job this one is for you it's comfy, plenty of space for bits and bobs handy if you have Dewaltimpact driver as well"

No 3 Choice - Tooltime® Professional 12 Pkt Professional Oil Tanned Double Leather Tool Belt

  • 28.8 x 28 x 10 cm; 1.15 Kilograms and has been double stitched for a long life
  • Adjustable belt from 34-48" waists
  • With 20 pouches, twin hammer loops, a tape measure pocket + clip
  • Also has a pen holder, screwdriver holders, knife holder, multiple pockets for nails / fixings etc

This is a "Great piece of kit for the price" .Everything I need in a tool belt including battery gun clip ,delighted. "

No 4 Choice - Stanley 196178 Tool Apron Review

  • Made from a hard wearing denier fabric and also has a back padding for extra comfort
  • Measures 60 x 0.8 x 25.5 cm and weighs 0.33 Kg
  • Multiple pockets and loops
    Has a tape pocket and hammer loop
  • Suitable for waist sizes 32-46"

A typical buyer comment was "Very good quality, works really well had bought a cheaper one before this and broke where as this is going strong! No complaints. Very happy with my purchase."

No 5 Choice - Draper DIY Series 09241 Leather Double Tool Pouch Review

  • Measures 42 x 27.2 x 6.4 cm and weighs 0.4 Kg
  • Made from a split leather that is single stitched
  • Has 10 pockets
  • Has 2 hammer loops, a tape measure holder and a pliers holder
  • Adjustable belt and fits waists from 28-44"

One comment we read was "A good quality leather work pouch at a great price. This belt is not too bulky and has a good amount of pockets and loops to help you carry everything you might need!"

No 6 Choice - Am-Tech 12-Pocket Heavy Duty Leather Tool Belt Review

  • Made from quality oil tanned leather, that has been reinforced stitched and riveted for maximum strangeth
  • Measures 29.6 x 24.6 x 14.2 cm and weighs 1.3 Kg
  • Adjustable wide leather belt with double tongue buckle
  • Has 2 steel hammer loops and tape measure holder
  • Suitable for 34-48" waists

A typical buyer comment was "Extremely well made from thick leather, the only man-made material used is in the metal rivets, belt buckle and twin hammer loops. Double stitching in all the places it's needed, plenty of spacious pockets and the steel tape pouch has a press studded security closure which takes my 8 metre Stanley tape with ease.."

No 7 Choice - Rolson 68639 Professional Double Tool Pouch

  • Has one large and one small pocket
  • The bigger tools are fixable by rubber belt in the bigger pocket
  • Hammer loop
  • Measures 24 x 25 x 12 cm
  • Suitable for waist sizes 50-100 cm

This model is "Very sturdy & useful utility belt. I replaced the webbing belt as it scrunches up with use & becomes uncomfortable."

No 8 Choice - Draper Redline 67831 Double Tool Pouch Review

  • 65 x 29.8 x 6 cm; 660 Grams
  • Polyester double stitched construction.
  • Comprising two large pockets
  •  Three medium pockets
  • Two small pockets, four pencil pockets
  • Two hammer loops, tool sleeve and 50mm wide belt with 'quick release' buckle

A typical buyer comment was "A brilliant product, my only complaint..........IT'S HUGE!! It holds all my equipment and more. It's robust enough to hold everything I need"

No 9 Choice - Draper 03068 Heavy-Duty Double Tool Pouch Review

  • Heavy Duty 12 Pocket Double Tool Pouch
  • Polyester double stitched construction
  • 2 large front pockets, three medium pockets, two small pockets, four pencil pockets, two hammer loops
  • Measures 58 cm x 24 cm
  • Made from water repellent polyester

A typical buyer comment was "Have plenty of pockets to carry all the tools necessary and all you might need, tape measure, hammer, nails etc."

No 10 Choice - Rolson 68885 Double Tool Belt Review

  • 2 large main pockets, two medium size and 6 small pockets
  • Two metal hammer holders, scaffolding spanner holder and a tape pocket
  • Reinforced with rivets
  • 50 mm leather belt with a steel buckle

One comment was "What an amazing quality for such a small price to pay. Only for larger people though"

Tool Belt Pouch Buying Guide

You can see from the above information, that there are quite a few different varieties of these. The most important thing is to try and figure out, which type is best for the specific needs that you want it for because, after all, everybody is different.

In the trade that will vary quite a lot. Roofers and those working on scaffolds, will need a different style to those who are electricians, or joiners. Many of us have individual needs for these, and no two people will have exactly the same needs.

That makes it quite difficult to find the right design. So more often that not, we end up picking the tool belt, that covers off most of what we need it to do.

Important Features of a Tool Belt/Pouch

Once you decide on the style, here are some general and important features to look out for.

Waist Size - This is the biggest problem we found, when reading all of the reviews. These are mainly designed for those with 34-44" waist sizes. Many people are in the 30-32" waist size and when they buy the belt, then it falls down, when attached even at the shortest length.

Make sure that whichever one you buy will fit the waist. In some cases, you may need to punch an extra hole, to make it fit, if it uses a belt and buckle.

Hard Wearing - These type of belts will take a whole lot of abuse. Carrying heavy tools, tools with sharp edges, nails, screws etc will wear these down over time. The material should be durable and tough. The better ones at the top of my list above, appear to be more hard wearing, than many at the bottom of the list.

Waterproof - If your work brings you outside, then make sure your tool belt can stand up to getting wet. Remember, leather if not protected, does not do well in the rain.

I hope this has been of some help to you and feel free to check out some of our other articles like Best Tool Box for instance.

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