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Thanks for taking your time to read our reviews on the best pin gauges that are currently available on the United Kingdom marketplace.

The main purpose of a pin gauge is to measure and inspect the diameter of small holes.

Most gauge pins used in the industry today are Class Z. These can be either “Plus” or “Minus” pins. Those most commonly used are the Minus pins.

They are tolerant up to -.0002”. Therefore a .9998 gauge pin might be actual size but it is generally referred to as a 1.000” pin (The size shown on the pin).

Below you can check out our top selling list with summary buyer reviews.

Just below you will see our top 5 list of pin gauges. However, we also know you are busy, so if you don't have time to read our full review, we would highly recommend the HHIP 4101-1011 55 Piece Pin Gage Set, 0.21 mm - 1.29 mm (- .005)

Best Pin Gauge by Buyer Rating

The top 5 best gauges are as follows:

Just below, we have also completed some summary reviews on each of these, so as you can see which is the best option for you.

No 1 - 32 HHIP 4101-1011 55 Piece Pin Gage Set, 0.21 mm - 1.29 mm (- .005) Summary Review

  • 88% customer satisfaction with 59% of all buyers giving this model a full 5 star review
  • These pin gages come in a plastic dust-proof case
  • The sizes are marked on the case for easy identification
  • Fully hardened to 60-62 RC
  • Finish to 10 Micron or better
  • Class ZZ
  • Buyers use these to measure jet sizes, mounting holes on PCBs etc

No 2 - HFS (R) 50 Pc M0 .011-.060'' Class ZZ Steel Pin Gage Set Minus Summary Review

  • 88% Customer Satisfaction with 73% of all buyers giving this model a full 5 star review
  • This is a smaller version of the first set we have included on our list
  • This is a 50 piece set
  • Size: .011-.060"
  • Length: 2"
  • Accuracy: +.0000", -.0002"
  • These fit nicely into a tool box tray and buyers used these in machine shops, on office machinery and CNC machining

No 3 - 50pcs Pin Gauge Metric Bearing Steel Plug Gauge Set Summary Review

  • 88% buyer satisfaction rating with 71% of all buyers giving this model a full 5 star review
  • These are very precise with 0.001mm Accuracy, 7.51-8mm
  • They are made of premium GCR bearing steel
  • The plug gauge is suitable for checking location, hole size and depth, gage slots, distance between holes
  • Can be used in high-tech fields such as electronic boards, circuit boards, molds, precision machinery manufacturing
  • There is a clear labeling with corresponding size

No 4 - Almencla 190PCS Pin Gauge Set, M1 + 0.061-0.250 Inch Summary Review

  • 88% buyer satisfaction rating with 69% of all buyers giving this model a full 5 star review
  • This is a largge 190 piece pi gaugse set
  • Sixe : - 0.061-0.250 Inch (Minus)
  • Minus tolerance: +0/-.0002''
  • Ideal for measring hole spacing, groove width, measurement circuit board inspection
  • they come in a fitted case

Pin Gauge Buying Tips

As you may already know these are used  for measuring small holes primarily. They can also be used for setting up a micrometer to make sure it is reading accurately. They are almost always sold in sets though you can buy replacement pins, though can be difficult to source.

Minus means less than two thousands of an inch and plus means plus two thosands of an inch. The minus tolerance is more suitable for measuring small holes.

As most of you will know for holes less than an inch. measuring the internal dimensions of a hole with callipers is never going to be truly accurate. That is where pin gauges can really help you out.

Some sets come wrapped in paper to prevent rusting and that can be annoying to remove. We recommend doing that and then keeping the pins lightly oiled, and then store them somewhere dry.

Video Guide to Using a Pin Gauge

If a pin gauge is not the measuring tool for you, then why not check out our information on all the measuring tools that are available by clicking here.

Hopefully you have found this information on the best pin gauge measuring tools useful.

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