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Thanks for taking your time to read our reviews on the best picture hanging tools that are currently available on the United Kingdom marketplace.

I have always done this by eye, or with a tape and most times it turned out perfect, though not always. You can now get a tool that will make hanging pictures very easy and they will be perfect every time, not nearly perfect, nearly every time!

That are a simple tool made of plastic and they are extremely cheap, so there is no excuse for not having one, or for having wonky pictures. They are really easy to use too.

Just below you will see our top 5 list of picture hanging tools. However, we also know you are busy, so if you don't have time to read our full review, we would highly recommend the YouMiYa Easy Frame Tool Picture Hanging Tool

Top Rated Hanging Tools by Buyer Rating

The top 5 tools are as follows:




YouMiYa Easy Frame Tool Picture Hanger Hanging Tool



Picture Hanging Tool with Level Easy Frame Picture Hanger



BLACK+DECKER BDMKIT101C MarkIT Picture Hanging Tool Kit



BLACK+DECKER BDMKIT101C MarkIT Picture Hanging Tool Kit



Hang-O-Matic Wall Hanging Tool


Just below, we have also completed some summary reviews on each of these, so as you can see which is the best option for you.

No 1 - YouMiYa Easy Frame Tool Picture Hanging Tool Summary Review

  • 90% customer satisfaction with 69% of all buyers giving this model a full 5 star review
  • Marks exactly where the nail goes, hangs pictures visually without measuring , job done!
  • Put your picture frame or other item on the hook, find the right spot on the wall, press the button to mark where the nail goes,hammer the nail in, then hang 
  • Comes with built in leveller
  • Combines a level ruler and a pencil
  • Brilliant tool for the job

No 2 - Picture Hanging Tool with Level Easy Frame Picture Hanger Summary Review

  • 88% Customer Satisfaction 
  • ABS plastic; Size: 34.9X9X4.9 cm
  • Suitable for All Wall Materials
  • Picture Frame Ruler for Marking Position, Hooks, Nails and Hanger Level.
  • How to use: Step 1:Simply place your picture frame or another item on the hook. Step 2:Visually hang your art where you want to find the right spot on the wall. Step 3:Press the button to mark where the nail goes, hammer the nail in. Step 4:Hang and level it. You are done
  • Again a brilliant and simple tool for the job

No 3 - BLACK+DECKER BDMKIT101C MarkIT Picture Hanging Tool Kit Summary Review

  • 86% buyer satisfaction rating
  • Picture hanging kit makes it fast and easy to hang pictures
  • Place it, Mark it, Hang it - get it right the first time!
  • Built-in bubble level
  • Includes 30 fasteners
  • 2 year limited warranty

No 4 - BLACK+DECKER BDMKIT101C MarkIT Picture Hanging Tool Kit Summary Review

  • 84% buyer satisfaction rating
  • Place your picture frame on the hook.Find the correct spot on the wall. Press the button or use the pencil to mark where the nail goes.Hammer the nail directly into the mark.Then hang and level it what you want.
  • Comes with a built in leveller
  • Made from good ABS materials. Maximum weight 10 lbs on single hook, 20 lbs on double hook.

No 5 - Hang-O-Matic Wall Hanging Tool Summary Review

  • 82% buyer satisfaction rating
  •  Easy to use tool for hanging items on your wall right the first time
  • 6 foot tape measure on it
  • Built in spirit level
  • Collapses to 9 inches for easy storage
  • This is an absolutely brilliant idea and would be the number one for me if it was a better quality build. It could be so very good, but its not. 

Buying Tips

I have to admit it, these hanging tools are brilliant. So simple in design and easy to use. The best advice I can give is to go for the most simple model you can find and stay away from the fancy ones that promise magic but just aren't as good.

You really can't go wrong as long as it is made of good strong plastic. It should have a ruler and a level on it and that's really all you need. You will never have a problem hanging a picture ever again and it will always be at the level you wanted. Guess work is no more!

I thought i was too smart to need one of these tools but now I realize I'm smart enough to know I was wrong. Definitely a great wee tool for the house.

Best Picture Hanging Hardware for Plaster Walls

If you have something that is fairly light in weight then these,hammer in, hangers are ideal.

They are very easy to use and will go into the plaster wall with just a few light taps. There are three pins in them that will hold more weight than you might think.

Just be aware that these are not meant for anything heavy and are actually designed for solid walls, though I have used them hundreds of times and they are great for many uses.

If you are hanging something a bit heavier then you are going to need something in this style of fixing.

The split in the ribbed anchors expand on two opposing sides as you tighten the screw , increased holding power.

Be careful not to over tighten them and if you're not sure that they are strong enough then don't be scared to use a couple of them or even three.

These will hold quite a bit of weight.

Video Guide to Buying a Picture Hanging Tool

If a picture hanging tool is not the measuring tool for you, then why not check out our information on all the measuring tools that are available by clicking here.

Hopefully you have found this information on hanging tools useful, and may you never have a crooked picture again.

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