Best Reciprocating Saw UK Reviews 

In this article we review, what we believe to be the best Reciprocating Saws, currently available on the UK marketplace. There are a lot of power tools like these electric powered saws available, and these reciprocating saws can be one of the most destructive.


These saws aren't really made for arts and crafts or fine cutting. They are mostly used to cut out old window frames, remove metal pipes or basically any type of demolition or other general jobs in the construction industry. They can cut a wide range of differenent material. You can get either a cordled model or I prefer that cordless reciprocating saw types as they are much handier to use.

Saw blades are readily available for cutting most types of materials. Commonly used blades include metal cutting blades, wood cutting blades, blades for composites, for drywall to name just a few.

Most of these saw blade types come in a  variety of tooth designs depending on the intended purposes, such as tree cutting, demolition work, metal cutting, or various other materials. You can also get blades that will cut tiles or stone and there are various stroke lengths available. These are ideal for , say , cutting a 2 x 4.

Blades are available for a variety of materials and uses. Common types include metal cutting blades, wood cutting blades, blades for composites, for drywall, and other materials. Many of these blade types have a variety of tooth designs intended for special purposes, such as tree-limb cutting, demolition work, clean cutting, or contaminated materials. Abrasive coated blades are also available for hard materials like tile and stone
Circular saw blades are specially designed for each particular material they are intended to cut and in cutting wood are specifically designed for making rip-cuts, cross-cuts, or a combination of both
reciprocating saw

We understand that you may be too busy to read this whole review. If so, you can check the availability of our number one choice Bosch PSA700e Sabre Saw.

A good quality reciprocating saw can cost from £50-£200 and you will get what you pay for. You will find a big difference in quality over these price ranges and we always try to go for the best we can afford in a tool if its something that we intend to use regularly. It is the best reciprocating Saw we could find for value and performance.

Top 5 Rated Reciprocating Saws


Just below you will find a table, where we have placed our choices of reciprocating saws in order. The order we have used is the highest buyer rated first. In other words we have placed the saws in the order, of what buyers judged their quality to be.

Always check on the exact date and time when you are making any purchase. The ratings are ours, and we update these on a regular monthly basis. We often find these tools have a high RRP then they are perpetually on offer.

If you click on the product name, you will be taken to Amazon UK, where you can read other buyer reviews. In this table we have included our ranking, the product name, and our grade. 

These are our top 5 picks. We have based these on what we believe to be the best value for money. At the end of the day, the one you pick will come down to your available budget, and how much use it is going to get.

Reciprocating Saw Summary Reviews


Underneath, we have completed short and concise reviews, on these top 5 products. That way you can see at a glance, which one is the best choice for you.

Bosch Reciprocating PSA 700 E Sabre Saw

  • 94% buyer saisfaction from over 1000 reviews
  • Corded 18v model saw
  • This is a great choice for quick cuts in wood
  • It has a very useful plunge cut function
  • Weighs less than 3 Kg
  • Quick blade change
  • Dust extraction facility
  • Easy depth adjustment

Easily the number one choice for value. This model is a massive seller and gets great reviews from all the buyers. It's also the cheapest big name brand we could find in this type of saw. Definitly the number one contender.

DeWalt 18V XR Lithium-Ion Body Only Reciprocating Saw

  • 94% buyer saisfaction from over 250 reviews
  • 18V Reciprocating Saw that is 18v body only
  • Powerful 360w motor
  • Li-ion battery required
  • Double safety trigger
  • High speed 3700 rpm motor
  • Four-position blade clamp
  • Lever-action keyless blade clamp
  • Excellent stroke length

This is a professional standard, cordless, reciprocating saw. It's a lot more expesive than the Bosch model and thats partly because it's cordless and partly because it's a much hogher standard of build. I expect that this will be the tradesmans best choice.

Reciprocating Saw, HYCHIKA 18V Cordless Saw with 2x2000mAh Batteries, 0-2800rpm Variable Speed Electric Saw

  • 90% buyer saisfaction from over 400 reviews
  • Reciprocating Saw that comes with 2 batteries and a charging pack
  • Cuts wood, tiles, plastic and metal
  • Variable speed motor
  • Blade diameter 85mm
  • 4 gears to adjust cutting depth
  • No tool blade change

Great entry level cordless saw. Comes with everything you will need to get started and is great value with two batteries and the charger included.


  • 88% buyer saisfaction from over 3500 reviews
  • Corded model
  • Good quality reciprocating saw
  • Versatile, compact circular saw
  • Cutting depth up to 46mm
  • Bevel capacity of 45
  • Suitable for one handed operation
  • 3 blades included

Bargain at this price but for me, this is only for very light work and I actually thought it was a bit flimsy. It's a big seller with plenty of satisfied users but I like something a bit better.

Bosch Professional GSA1100

  • 92% buyer saisfaction from over 200 reviews
  • Corded model
  • Manufacturer 2 Year Warranty Included
  • Comes with dust extraction adaptor
  • Complete with 2 of each blades, 20 teeth, 80 teeth and HSS blades
  • Blade change tool included

Excellent unit that works very well but at the price I would rather spend a bit extra and get the Dewalt cordless model.

Reciprocating Saw Buying Guide


The Dewalt model is head and shoulders above the other makers but this is well reflected in their high price. Usually I would say that you always get what you pay for but in this case, although the Dewalt is certainly a superb piece of kit, the cheaper models will do the same job and are all of a good quality.

What types of blades are available?

The blades used for cutting wood are nearly always Tungsten Carbide tipped (TCT), but high speed steel (HSS) blades are also common too. Most saw bases can be adjusted for depth of cut and can do a mitresaw type tilt up to 45° and sometimes 50° and I would always recommend buying a saw with this facility as it very handy.

 Adjusting the depth of cut helps minimize any kickback that you might experience. Different diameter blades can be matched to each individual saw and they range from 14 centimetres (5.5 in) to 61 centimetres (24 in).

You can also get blades with varying numbers of teeth and this determines how fine and accurate the cut will be

Blades for cutting wood are almost universally tungsten carbide tipped (TCT), but high speed steel (HSS) blades are also available. The saw base can be adjusted for depth of cut and can tilt up to 45° and sometimes 50° in relation to the blade. Adjusting the depth of cut helps minimize kickback. Different diameter blades are matched to each saw and are available ranging from 14 centimetres (5.5 in) to 61 centimetres (24 in).

Video - How to Use a Reciprocating Saw?

I found this useful video, which explains how to use a reciprocating saw properly. There is a method where you can avoid any risk of an injury, especially cutting your hand.


Safe Use of a Reciprocating Saw

If you have never used one of these saws before, then please watch the video above. There is a knack to using these so as you do not want to cut yourself or damage the wood you are cutting.

You have to learn to let the blade of the saw do all the work. If you find it really hard to cut then you are doing it wrong, it should be smooth and easy and safety should be your number one concern as these saws are extremely powerful and can be very dangerous in the wrong hands

If you are still not sure then don't forget our number one choice Bosch PSA700e Sabre Saw. It's the best value we can find. Or if this is not the sort of thing you need then check out our article on all the different types of saws.


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