Top 10 Tools for Home Owners

I have put together a top 10 list of basic hand tools, that should be in every house in the UK. Now I am a DIY freak, but I also know that this is not everyone's cup of tea.

No matter what you may think about DIY, there will always be small jobs, that need to be done around the house. That can be as simple as putting a nail into the wall, changing a fuse, putting up a shelf, bleeding a radiator or hanging a picture. 

The tools that I have shown here will allow you to be able to what I would call of those basic tasks. The good news is that all of them are affordable. I would recommend having a small tool bag, just to keep everything in one place.

At least that way, you will know where to find them, when you need them.

hand tools for house repair

Best Home Tool Number 1 - The Basic Claw Hammer

Buy a good quality claw hammer, as that can do a multitude of tasks. There are lot of different types of hammers on the UK market.

However, for most home owners, all that is required is a simple hammer like this. With that you can hammer in nails, and also remove them as well.

They come in different weights but for home use a 16 oz is the best choice. The Stanley model we have shown to the left is one of the best sellers online.

It has a very good grip and a nice feel and balance to it.

If you prefer you can click on the link below, where we explain a lot more detail about claw hammers, and have included a top 5 list.

Best Home Tool Number 2 - A Good Basic Hand Saw

Buy a good quality hand saw. This is useful for doing the basic cutting of wood. It can be used for sawing items like shelves, making frames, cutting skirting boards, moulding and coves.

It is a very useful tool to have. It can also be used in the garden to cut trees and those bigger shrubs, that may be getting out of control.

A good general purpose saw to have around the home.

These come in different sizes and also with different teeth settings. If you want to find out more about hand saws, you can click on the link below. The Stanley model we have included is by far the most popular choice online.

Best Home Tool Number 3 - A Measuring Tape

pocket measuring tape

I have no doubt whatsoever, that this small handy gadget will get more use than any other tool you own.

They are not expensive so buy a good one, as it will be used for measuring floors, walls, doors, curtain heights and just about anything else you can think of.

They also clip on your belt or a tool bag for convenience.

Once again the popular Stanley brand do the most popular choice online

These tapes are available in different lengths, and they are made by a range of tool brands. You can click on the link below, if you want to read more about those.

Best Home Tool Number 4 - An Adjustable Wrench

best adjustable wrench reviews

Most home owners will never need to own a set of spanners or wrenches. There will be the odd time though when you come across a nut or bolt that need to be tightened or removed.

An adjustable wrench is cheap to buy and does a very good job when you need it. These are also handy for doing basic work on a car, or on anything made from metal.

They are also affordable and easy to store.

These really are used for a wide variety of purposes from fixing bicycles to adjusting radiators and taps. A good adjustable wrench is the way to go as it is a very versatile tool to have in your tool bag.

Best Home Tool Number 5 - A Screwdriver Set

Wera tool kit

There are very few items around the home that are not built with screws of some kind. From the humble electric plug, chairs, tables, beds etc, there will be screws involved.

These screws come in different types such as flat head, Philips, Pozi, Hex and more.

If you buy a screwdriver with a set of different bits, then you will be able to deal with anything that has screws.

The alternative to this is a cordless screwdriver, which is very hand for things like building flat pack furniture. They are a bit more expensive than a basic screwdriver set, but a really useful tool to own for around the house.

Best Home Tool Number 6 - WD40

One of our best friends is a tin of WD40 which fixes many things. Have a squeak in your door, a squeaking gate, a screw or bolt that will not move?

Then reach for a tin of WD40 and make the problem disappear almost instantly.

It provides a releasing fluid which is slightly oily and works wonders. It is also good for removing light rust and for removing old bits of grout or silicone.

Many home owners also use this for lubricating garden tools such as electric hedge clippers and strimmers.

Best Home Tool Number 7 - Duck Tape

So if WD40 doesn't do it, then duck tape will. Duck tape will literally hold almost anything together.

It is a strong tough cloth tape that is waterproof, and when it seals it is hard to remove.

The good news is that it can be used indoors and outdoors.

Many people use it to repair items such as kids swimming pools, leaking down pipes, BBQ covers, hose pipes and even to fix car bumpers and wing mirrors.

Best Home Tool Number 8 - Pliers

A set of pliers is a useful investment as they can reach things that you can't, and that can be really useful if you have to loosen or tighten nuts or bolts.

They are especially useful for doing any type of wiring including wiring a simple plug.

In many ways it is like having an extra pair of hands with a very strong grip.

There are many different types of pliers available, but these Draper ones are a good universal choice.

Best Home Tool Number 9 - Fuse Tester

We have all been there and something stops working. Is it broken or has the fuse blown?

Most people usually end up taking the plug apart and replacing it, assuming they have a spare fuse.

An inexpensive fuse tester will save you all the hassle and tell you instantly if the fuse is blown.

They are a great time saver and at least allow you to a better diagnosis of a problem. Some of these also come with a bulb tester which is also very useful.

Best Home Tool Number 10 - Extension Leads

Every home probably has between 3-5 of these wonderful devices.

They are really handy where you maybe have a single or double socket, and a lot of appliances to plug in. Very handy if you need to plug in a work light if you are working in a dark area.

Usually that is around the TV area where you will have a TV, a DVD player, a Sky, Freeview or Virgin box and game consoles.

Likewise these can be useful in bedrooms and garages where there are only one or two sockets.

Summary of the Best Tools for a Home Owner

We believe that if you own the above tools, then you will be able to complete many of the jobs around our home. These do not cost a great deal of money, and you will be able to use them time and time again. Nowadays, with the price of energy, I think every home and workshop should be using Smart Plugs to try to save a few pounds. I know it's not a tool as such but they are a brilliant device that can help save money anf give you more control over all your appliances.