Best LED Flood Light UK 

If you want to light up a dark space such as a driveway, an entry way, a back yard, patio etc, then you should strongly consider using an LED floodlight. Likewise internal spaces such as a garage or shed are also worth consideration for this very useful type of lighting.

A great time to do this, is if you are considering changing out an old flood light. In this article we have covered off the best LED flood light reviews that we could find online.

LED lights last for a long time, and up to ten times longer than fluorescent, halogen, or incandescent lighting. Another distinct advantage is that LED lights do no suddenly die or go out, leaving you in darkness. They dim gradually and that gives you time to get the LED bulbs quickly replaced.

In addition you can save up to 80% of your energy costs when compared to running other forms of lighting. They have very low heat emissions, and that makes them much safer to use. For me, they best thing is that they produce a very bright white light, that makes everything it illumiantes very easy to see.

When fitting outise the good news is that they are not impacted by either weather or temperature changes. They remain very stable even in cold and freezing conditions.

All of the reasons above, make purchasing an LED floodlight a pretty sound investment. A typical LED flood light can cost anything between £10-50, depending on its size and design.

best led flood lights

Just below we have completed a table showing the top 5 buyer rated LED flood lights. Underneath that table you will find. an individual review on each light. We have then included a full buyer's guide for those of you, who are still undecided. Hopefully you will find this information helpful. 

Please note that this is a long article and we know some of you will not have time to read it all. We think the best rated and value for money flood light is the Amico 3 Head LED Flood Light, available at Amazon

Buyers rate this very highly with a 100% buyer satisfaction rate and value for money.


To save you from endlessly searching to find the right flood light for your needs, we have already done all the research, and then listed below those that received the highest buyer rating. That should save you a lot of time, and also make your decision that little bit easier.

All of these have either IP65 or IP66 ratings, and that simply means they are suitable for outdoor electrical use. They also have a 120 degree beam angle, which means the light spreads widely, and they can be adjusted to avoid glare, which is very important. Installation is pretty simple, but if in doubt always get an electrician to do the job. You might do it yourself and it's worthwhile looking at Smart Plugs if you want to have a bit more control. Thay will let you set timings for them or even just turn them on by voice control.

Amico 3 Head LED Security Lights

These are good quality LED units with an output of 40W, 2000 Lumens, 5000K brightness(day light white), equivalent to 200W halogen light.

They can also save your electricity bill by up to 88%. ETL certificated and will charge a battery during the day by using a solar panel

The installation is very easy, and can be installed by mounting to a wall and following a few simple wiring steps

They will turn on automatically when the motion is detected with 180 degrees swiveling angle, sensing light levels and motion up to max 75 feet. 

They are IP65 Waterproof and this weatherproof design ensures safety for outdoor use protecting lamp from rain, sleet or snow. Perfect lighting solution for garages, workshops, industrial workstations, storage rooms, equipment rooms, etc.

90% buyer satisfaction based on 1,000+ online buyer reviews

No 2 Rated - 100W Super Bright Outdoor LED Flood Lights Review

Again this one is at the higher end of the price point for LED outdoor lighting. With a 90% buyer satisfaction rating though, buyers clearly have decided, that it is worth paying extra for the high quality, that this one offers.

This one can be ceiling mounted, wall mounted and even be used as a ground installation. It is bright thanks to the 10,500 lumens rating, and it has a 120 degree bean angle, ideal for outdoor lights.

The housing on this one is well made, and does not heat up at the back of the light, making it a very safe option to pick. It is also waterproof of course and has been given an IP 65 rating.

80% buyer satisfaction based on 1,600+ online buyer reviews

Not only does this light do an excellent job, but is will also save you up to 80% on your energy bill, compared to using other types of flood lights. This one is also a lot more efficient, as it does not create heat energy. It is also safer to use than the older style flood lights.

This one is not motion sensored, but it can be added to this one if you want to have that. A great choice for a backyard light.

No 3 Rated - Ustellar 2 Pack LED Flood Light 60 Watt Review

There are an array of options with this lamp, available by a handy remote controller. 16 different colors of lights are available, you can adjust the brightness, and it offers you 4 kinds of color changing patterns, including flash, strobe, fade and smooth.

These are as you can see well rated by buyers, and is why we included this option on our list. This is not a standard lamp compared to the others we have tested. It's expensive but has so many features that you might consider spending the extra.

They are rated at IP66 standard so suitable for outdoor use. There is a nice bright light with these, and better still, they come with a 3-year guarantee,

92% buyer satisfaction based on 750+ online buyer reviews

The light measures 12.95 x 8.89 x 23.88 cm and is very simple to wire up. They even supply the battery for the remote.

No 4 Rated - Lepro 50W Led Floodlight

Now although this flood light is very cheap, it still manages to get a very high review. There have been thousands sold and it seems to to the job for nearly everybody.

It comes with a 2 year warranty  and will also go a long way to helping you reduce your energy bills, especially if you are replacing an older style of flood light.

It's also IP66 rated and that means that it can be used even in wet locations. All of that along with an average 30,000 hour lifetime means that this light will last you for a very long time. This is a 50 watt light.

Buyers say that they have used this for lighting up driveways, back yards, the outside of buildings and for landscape gardening such as patio and decking. Many people buy this one to help make their home that little bit more secure.

92% buyer satisfaction based on 3,500+ online buyer reviews

No 5 Rated - 2 Pack 50W LED Floodlight Review

This is a 2 pack of floodlights thats very well priced compared to others at this level of quality. 

With 88% buyer satisfaction, this option looks really good and is also getting very good reviews. They are 50 watt flood lights so pretty bright and powerful.  There is also an IP65 rating meaning it can be used outdoors, which is of course very important.

This one is a big seller and that is mainly down to the fact that it priced so well.

This one will save you 80% on your energy bill, when compared to a normal style of flood light. The brightness is high at 4,500 lumens, and it is well protected from the elements and easy to install. They can be adjusted to 180 degrees, and can be either ceiling or wall mounted.

88% buyer satisfaction based on 800+ online buyer reviews

LED Flood Light Buyer Guide - Terms Explained

When trying to make a buying decision the terminology used and the terms used can often get in the way. Manufacturers can often describe their products in a way that is understood within the industry, but does not make a great deal of sense to the ordinary buyer like you and me.

In this buying guide we translate the jargon into easier to understand terms, and we also look at what is important and what is not.

If you have not made up your mind, then it may be worth seeing all the available products. That may help you see the extent of the range of choices.

That concludes our reviews on what we believe to be the best LED flood lights currently available. We hope that this article has helped save you some time, and also left you better informed about the available choices.

Helpful Flood Light Buying Guide


It is basically the way to know how bright a light is. Most people decide the brightness of a bulb by the size measured in watts. So for example a 100 watt light bulb would be brighter than a 60 watt bulb.

That has actually nothing to do with it, as watts measure the power being used, rather than how bright it is. It just happens to work out that way, that the lamp is more powerful and therefore brighter.

With all LED lighting, the higher the number the brighter the light. It is worth comparing to watts though, as people are more familiar with that. So as an example, to achieve the same light as a 60 watt normal bulb, you need around 800 lumens.

When it comes to outdoor security lighting then anything over 700 lumens is enough, and most manufacturers are much higher than that.


With a traditional light bulb, the power consumed is measured by the number of watts used. So again a 100 watt light bulb will use more power than a 60 watt light bulb. With reference to LED flood lights the amount of power used is also measured in watts. So the higher wattage the more power they will use, and the more expensive they will be to run.

Just remember though that wattage has nothing at all to do with the brightness, as that is now measured in lumens. When lighting up a larger area it is always better to go for a larger lumens size. Don't go crazy though as many people buy a high lumens light for a small area, and that is just far too bright.


This can often confuse buyers and it is quite technical to explain. The IP stands for Ingress Protection, and all that really means is what standard of protection does it offer to an electrical appliance. A good way to think of this is how well any electrical unit is sealed.

That takes care of the "IP" element, so now we can look at the numbers and see what they mean.

First Number -  Intrusion Protection

The first number refers to protection of people from moving parts and also the environment protection from foreign bodies such as dust.

  1. No special protection
  2. Protection from a large part of the body such as a hand (but no protection from deliberate access); from solid objects greater than 50mm in diameter
  3. Protection against fingers or other object not greater than 80mm in length and 12mm in diameter
  4. Protection from entry by tools, wires etc, with a diameter of 2.5 mm or more
  5. Protection against solid bodies larger than 1mm (eg fine tools/small etc)
  6. Protected against dust that may harm equipment
  7. Totally dust tight.

Second Number - Moisture Protection

The second number refers to the protection from moisture.

  1. Protection against condensation
  2. Protection against water droplets deflected up to 15° from vertical
  3. Protected against spray up to 60° from vertical
  4. Protected against water spray from all directions
  5. Protection against low pressure water jets (all directions)
  6. Protection against strong water jets and waves
  7. Protected against temporary immersion
  8. Protected against prolonged effects of immersion under pressure

These numbers are only really important when fitting electrical equipment in wet areas. These include areas like bathrooms, outside and in deeper water areas like garden pools.

When it comes to external flood lights you normally find:

  • IP65 Enclosure - IP rated as "dust tight" and protected against water projected from a nozzle
  • IP66 Enclosure - IP rated as "dust tight" and protected against heavy seas or powerful jets of water

Just make sure that when you are buying your flood light, that is one of these two ratings. That will mean it can withstand rain and snow, and is therefore safe to use outside.

flood light features


This is often overlooked by buyers and it is very important. Most of these flood lights will come with some type of bracket for attaching it to a wall. These brackets can usually be either attached to a wall or to a ceiling. The ceiling option is handy for areas like a garage, workshop or shed. Or if you need something portable you might be better looking for a standard work light that you can take where ever it is needed.

You can also mount these on the ground if you wish. That is used by some people for landscaping purposes.

What is more important is the size of the angle that you can adjust these to. Usually that is around 150 degrees. What that will do is allow you to tilt the flood light and have it shining on a particular area. Now flood lights do of course flood the surrounding area with light.

However you do not want the glare of the main light aimed at someone else's window or door, so it may be necessary to dip that down a little. In most cases you need to set it up, then step back and view the angle to see if it meets your needs.

You can then make small adjustments and tighten it up, when you are happy with the angle.


This is the angle where the bean from the flood light will stretch to. Almost all of these flood lights will have a 120 degree beam angle. That is an ideal range for this type of light. It is like a large triangular beam that spreads out from the centre to 60 degrees either side of the centre.


For the average DIY home owner fitting one of these is pretty simple. It is even easier if you are just replacing an existing flood light, as the external electrical wires will be there. All of these come with instructions and they are usually simple enough to follow.

If in any doubt it is worth paying an electrician to make sure it is done safely. This is not a big job for them so it shouldn't cost too much. If they have to bring electrical cables from inside your home to outside your home, then that can get a lot more expensive.

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