Best Paint Brush for Cutting In 

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There are so many different makers of paint brushes, at a wide range of prices, that it's very hard to know what is the best to go for. How do you know much you should spend and is it worth spending a bit extra to get something that works better?

We have had a look at all the brushes that are used for cutting in so hopefully this should save you a bit of time making your choice.

Harris 102011005 2" Seriously Good Walls & Ceilings Angled Paint Brush

94% customer satisfaction based on 1,000+ online buyer reviews

  • 24.5 x 5.3 x 2 cm; 60 Grams
  • 2" angled brush
  • Specifically designed to give you controlled paint application along edges and into corners
  • The patented No-Loss* technology means no bristle loss
  • Best seller and is a bargain price at around £5 , Why pay more?
  • Great for all paint types

I am very tempted to say look no further. This brush is designed to make cutting in as easy as possible and it does that really well. At around £5 it is inexpensive and if you have done much painting then you will know that Harris brushes are excellent quality, even at this price.

Purdy Monarch XL Elite 2 inch Paint Brush

94% customer satisfaction based on 300+ online buyer reviews

  • 31 x 5.4 x 2 cm; 95 Grams
  • Professional quality 2" brush
  • Greater paint lift and smoother application
  • Hand chiselled for precision cutting in
  • No filament loss guaranteed
  • Self flag for perfect painting edge throughout the life of the brush
  • Use with water and solvent based coatings

This more expensive brush is aimed at the professional painter. For over 80 years, Purdy has produced professional painting tools that deliver superior performance and if you do a lot of painting then maybe you could be tempted to spend a bit more on this type of brush.

Dulux Perfect Edges 2 inch Triangle Brush

92% customer satisfaction based on 1,000+ online buyer reviews

  • 27.6 x 5.2 x 2.6 cm; 110 Grams
  • 2" paint brushed designed for cutting in
  • Ideal for cutting in and edging
  • Angled brush head for greater control
  • No loss bristles
  • Easy to clean and lasts really well
  • Available in different sizes from 1" to 3"
  • Made by Dulux

Another really good brush for cutting in. We all know the Dulux name and that they make quality products in the painting and decorating range. This is a really goos brush for cutting in, though its a bit more expensive than our number one choice Harris brush.

Nicholas Jack Cutting in Paint Brush 2"

90%customer satisfaction based on 100+ online buyer reviews

  • 21.5 x 5.7 x 2.2 cm; 95 Grams
  • 2" / 50mm specially designed angled paint brush for cutting in
  •  Profiled angled brush gives you the control you need to get straight lines 
  • Fine tipped & tapered bristles 
  • The natural wood handle is very comfortable to use
  • Anti rust stainless steel metal ferrule

This is one of the cheapest brushes we found but it's still pretty good quality and is great for cutting in. I hadn't heard of this maker before but they are getting really good reviews, especially at this low price.

ROLLINGDOG Professional Standard 1/2"  Handle Angular Paint Brush

90% customer satisfaction based on 100+ online buyer reviews

  • 31.4 x 6.5 x 2.2 cm; 140 Grams
  • 2.5" synthetic paint brush
  • High grade Beech wood handle feel really nice to use
  • Polyester filaments are balanced at 30%PBT and 70%PET
  • Good with all paint types
  • No Filament loss
  • Very hard wearing and should last a long time

A very quick video review

We have looked over all the video reviews and found this great short presentation on how to cut in properly. It gives you an instant idea of what to expect as well as telling you all the tips of the trade.

I hope you enjoy watching it as I always think its much better to see a tool in action rather than just reading about it or seeing pictures. This guy is particularly good at explaining the technique.

Our Wall Painting Tips 

The key to any good wall painting job is preparation. We have already written a useful article on how to prepare a room for painting, which is certainly worth a read. In this section though we are going to offer our tips just about wall painting.

Painting New Interior Walls

In the UK, almost every interior wall will be made of plasterboard, and will also be plastered with a coat of plaster and then a finishing coat. You need to be sure that is fully dried out before attempting to paint it.

The answer to this is complicated and it will really depend on the temperature of the room. It is advisable to wait at least a week before painting new plaster. We have seen cases of having to wait for a month for the fresh plaster to be completely dry.

 You can be sure plaster is dry when there are no dark patches on your freshly plastered surface before you attempt to paint it.

If you are really pushed for time, then you might be able to get away with painting it as early as 3-4 days, but just be careful.

Painting Existing Interior Walls

The condition of your existing walls is what will determine how to paint them. Those walls could have wallpaper on them, or paint on them or indeed a combination of both.

We have also seen many situations where there are several layers of wallpaper and paint, and you never quite know until you decide to paint the walls.

You can decide to just paint over whatever is there as long as it is cleaned first. In kitchens or dinettes, it may also need to have a degreaser applied to help remove grease. Likewise this would need to happen if there has been smokers in the house.

What Type of Paint is best for Walls?

In almost all cases an emulsion paint is what you should use.

If you have a lot of painting to do then it might be more economical to buy a full set of brushes. You can get some ideas in our Paint Brush Set Reviews article that will help you choose what's best for your needs.

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