Best Paint for Gutters UK Review 

Thanks for taking the time to read our review on the best types of paint for gutters and drainpipes. Today. the most popular form of guttering, drain pipes and any type of down pipe is made from uPVC. That is because it is cheaper and also easier to handle, fit and install.

On many older homes gutters were made from cast iron, lead or zinc. Some other types of guttering do exist such as galvanised steel, stainless steel, aluminium, painted steels etc.

Typically what you find on most homes is that the eaves are made of wood and the gutterings and down pipes are made from some type of metal or from uPVC. Most homes tend to convert any wooden eaves to uPVC which does look good and is much easier to maintain.

Gutter Paint Comparison Table


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Can You Paint Guttering?

You can paint all types of guttering. The important question is do you have to paint guttering? This depends on the exact type of guttering that you have. The only type that you don't need to paint is uPVC guttering. You can still paint this type but you don't have to. We explain why in the section just below.

For all other types of gutters and down pipes then painting is an essential method of keeping them looking good and also adding protection to them. If you look at the exterior of most homes you will notice the eaves, gutterings and down pipes.

Keeping those in good condition also helps your home look good. Keeping them clean also helps the prevention of birds nests and debris from the roof falling onto paths below. I have often used a power washer to get the rough off, if the surface is very dirty.

Can You Paint uPVC Guttering?

People tend to simply clean uPVC guttering and retain the original colour which is of course predominantly white. You can however easily paint plastic guttering using an oil based gloss paint. In fact in older PVC guttering we would highly recommend this.

Unless your plastic gutters have some type of UV protection, then they will quickly fade because of the direct sunlight. More modern uPVC gutters have UV protection built in, so they will retain their original colour much better.

In fairness though, most homeowners opt for plastic guttering so as they don't have to paint it every year. It is of course a balance between the amount of time you want to spend and how you want your home to look. If you do decide to paint, then make sure to clean it thoroughly first before applying any paint.

The same principle applies to PVC windows and doors.

Painting Metal Gutters

You don't have to paint metal gutters and down pipes but you should as it will help prevent them from looking unsightly and also stop them from rusting. There is no doubt that there is more work involved in maintaining a metal gutter than a uPVC plastic one.

Metal gutters will need to be cleaned and they will also need to have any rust removed. All of that can be pain staking work before you finally get to paint them. If the metal gutters are old then they may be in a state where repair is no longer an option and they will need to be replaced.

At that time it is probably best to remove the heavier metal gutters and replace them with much lighter PVC options.

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