Best Standby Generator for Home Use UK 

We explain exactly what you need to know to buy the best standby generator for home use UK. This guide explains a lot of detailed information about how to buy the right type of generator for your own specific needs.

There are thousands of generators to choose from on the market, so it is important to make sure that you get the right one for your exact needs, otherwise you could be wasting your hard earned money. Let’s start with the basics as that will very quickly help narrow down your choices to find the right one for the exact purpose that you need it for.

What Is a Generator Used For?

A generator is an extremely useful appliance that will supply electrical power if and when you may experience a power outage. In certain critical businesses these are used as a standby power supply should the main grid experience an outage.

They ensure that during any power outage, that the generator will allow the business daily activities and business operations to keep going. That is because they can then supply the power required to help keep the business up and running.

These are becoming very popular in homes throughout the UK, and especially those that are prone to having regular outages. They are also popular in more remote areas and in areas where bad weather can put the power down for days at a time.

In the most simple of terms, a generator is therefore a machine that can generate electricity from a different type of power source. For example you can use a gas powered generator to create electricity to run a number of appliances.

Top 5 Standby Generators for Home Use

Böhmer-AG 6500W Petrol Generator 2.8Kw

88% customer satisfaction based on 200+ online buyer reviews

This is the best, reasonably priced model we could find. I have this model myself and I cant recommend it highly enough, especially at this price

It is driven by a powerful 4 stroke, 210cc, 8 horsepower engine that's actually pretty quiet when it is running and you could easily use it in the house if you rigged up a bit of an exhaust. Its about the sound level of two people talking to each other ( 66Db )

You get two 240V 3 pin UK plug outputs and a 12V DC output to suit a variety of power supply needs. You could have your heating on, your lights and your TV no problem and even make your dinner

This unit will run for around 10 hours on a single tank of fuel and put out a constant 2600w. Its definitely well worth the money.

Böhmer-AG W4500i Petrol Inverter Generator 1900w

92% customer satisfaction based on 500+ online buyer reviews

This is the best rated model we could find. It puts out 1900 watts at start up, measures L x W x H 48 x 29 x 41.5cm and weighs 24 Kg

This model is driven by a 4 stroke petrol engine that's one of the quietest models at 59Db when it is running, so you could easily use it in the house.

You get two 240V 3 pin UK plug outputs and a 12V DC output to suit a variety of power supply needs.

You could easily run several appliances with this generator in an emergency or even for sustained periods.

This unit will run for around 6 hours on a single tank of fuel and will put out a constant 1700w. So as far as I am concerned, compared to the model above, it's not as good in peformance or value. 

It is a bit neater looking and very slightly quieter but the 6500 model would be my choice.

ALLPOWERS Portable Generator 288Wh

90% customer satisfaction based on 500+ online buyer reviews

This portable generator is one of the smallest and lightest models on the market today. The high-density lithium-ion battery is stronger and more compact than the old lead-acid power packs.

These electric models have the advantage of zero noise so they are ideal for indoor or outdoor use alike.

It comes with six output modes: a 12V cigarette light socket, two 12v/15A DC output, 3 fast-charging USB ports, one Type-C output, wireless charging, two AC sockets and can be recharged by Solar Panel/ Wall Outlet/Car. It also has a bluetooth feature.

This type of battery generator is extremely stable and it will even operate the most sensitive of electronic equipment. It has the added protection of short circuit and surge protection

ALLPOWERS Portable Power Station 288Wh / 78000mAh Solar Generator

85% customer satisfaction based on 60+ online buyer reviews

Again this is an electric model with a li-ion battery pack.

It comes with its own Solar Generator and can be fully quickly recharged within 6 hours by connecting one 100W foldable solar panel so it is very efficient and portable.

As above it also has the Bluetooth feature

With this package you get AC adapter, 1x100W foldable solar charger, MC4 to 5.5x2.5mm cable, MC4 to Anderson cable, 8mm DC adapter,3.5x1.35mm adapter, DC 5.5x2.1mm adapter, instruction manual, along with 18 months warranty

Portable Power Station for Camping,FLYLINKTECH 300W 75000mAh

86% customer satisfaction based on 150+ online buyer reviews

This Flylinktech model is really a portable unit with a lower output but is still very handy and is a great price. Its only 2.3Kg so very easily carried.

Its meant for leisure and camping and to give you an idea it will be good  enough to charge a phone around 37 hours recharges, charge for GoPro camera around 56 hours recharges, 12" Mac Book around 15 recharges, 32" TV around 4 hours, mini refrigerator around 3.5 hours, Drone around 15 recharges, LED lights around 50 hours.

You get 2 AC power outlets, 4 USB output ports, 1 DC output, and 1 DC input.

It can be charged in around 7 hours with a through a wall charger, or about 10 hours with a car charger. You can also buy seperately a solar charging panel which can be fully charged in about 10 hours.

Who Would Buy An Electric Generator?

There are quite a number of people who are willing to invest in buying some type of generator. Below we have listed the most popular uses for a generator:

  • Used as back up power for your house
  • Used as standby power for a business
  • Used in RVs, Caravans and for Camping
  • Used to provide temporary power on a building or construction site
  • Used to provide power on farms
  • Used to provide power at pop concerts, events, markets and exhibitions
  • Used for outdoor catering facilities
  • Used in Sport’s stadium

This is not an exhaustive list but hopefully it demonstrates the general and widespread uses of owning a generator, and just how useful a machine they can be.

What Types of Generators Exist?

There are three different types of generators:

  1. Standby Generator
  2. Portable Generator
  3. Inverter Generator

Let’s have a closer look at each of those so as you can clearly understand the difference.

What Is a Standby Generator?

A standby generator, as the name would suggest, is a generator that comes on when the main power from the grid fails. This grid failure is referred to as an outage. These are prone to happen in remote areas, areas affected by bad weather and in some cities where the main power grids are simply over loaded.

Critical building such as hospitals, telephone exchanges and emergency services will have highly complex standby generators. Many of those will also have a standby battery system in case the generator fails. The reasons for this are obvious in that there is usually a risk to life.

Some homeowners will also invest in a high quality standby generator. This is especially true if they live in a remote area, or in an area prone to long and regular power outages.

There are a few different ways of installing this type of standby generator and I have created a separate buying guide on that.

What Is a Portable Generator?

This is by quite a distance the most popular choice for homeowners and for small businesses. Again as the name would suggest, these are smaller machines, usually with wheels that can be moved around to supply electricity.

You will see these at fairs, events, outside catering venues and on construction sites. Many homeowners also use these to provide some form of electricity supply, should their power supply fail.

How Much Energy in Watts do you need for Appliances?

In general terms, a 2000 watt generator can run almost any small household in an emergency

  1. Portable light source – 500 watts
  2. Space heater – 1,800 watts
  3. Coffee maker – 1,000 watts
  4. Microwave oven – 1,000 watts
  5. Ceiling fan – 60 watts
  6. Modern fridge + freezer – 700 watts
  7. Dishwasher – 1,500 watts
  8. Pressure cooker – 700 watts
  9. Toaster – 850 watts
  10. Vacuum cleaner – 200 watts
  11. Laptop – 50 watts
  12. TV – 85 watts
  13. VCR / DVD Player – 100 watts
  14. Washing machine – 1,150 watts
  15. Blender – 400 watts
  16. Espresso machine – 1,300 watts
  17. Fryer – 1,000 watts
  18. Slow cooker –  170 watts
  19. Small electric appliances – 400 watts
  20. Hair dryer – 1,250 watts
  21. Iron – 1,200 watts
  22. Small power tools – 800 watts
  23. Electric drill – 600 watts
  24. Electric mower – 1,500 watts
  25. Reciprocating saw – 960 watts

What Is an Inverter Generator?

This is also a small portable generator, however it is much quieter than the normal portable generator described above.

Which Brands Make Generators in the UK?

Briggs & Stratton
Champion Power Equipment

Generator Fuel Types

Gasoline Powered Portable Generator
Solar Generator

What Wattage Size of Generators are Available?

Under 999 Watts
1,000-1,999 watts
2,000-3,999 watts
4,000-5,999 watts
6,000-7,999 watts
8,000-9,999 watts
10,000-15,999 watts
16,000-24,999 watts

In Conclusion

Hopefully you know a bit more about the different types of generators that are available now and you will be able to make an educated choice if you are going to buy one. I think that the petrol models are the best if it's likely that you are going to need a reasonable amount of power over a sustained period. The electric models however are also excellent and can come in extremely handy in an emergency.

If you are interested in tools why not check out our article on all the best power tools that are available

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