Best Staple Gun Reviews 

Thanks for taking your time to read our reviews on the best staple guns that are currently available on the United Kingdom marketplace.

Staple guns are used for a wide variety of tasks such as carpets, upholstery, and various hobbies and really are just a means of attaching two parts of something together with a metal strip.

Just below you will see our top 6 list of staple guns. However, we also know you are busy, so if you don't have time to read our full review, then our favourite staple gun is the TOOLZILLA® Heavy Duty Staple Gun.

You can check Amazon UK right now to check availability by clicking Toolziilla staple gun.

Top Staple Guns by Rating

The top models are as follows:

  1. TOOLZILLA® Heavy Duty Staple Gun
  2. Stanley STA0TR250 Heavy Duty TR250 Staple Gun
  3. Aeccn Staple Gun with Remover
  4. Tacwise Z1-53 Heavy Duty Staple Gun Kit
  5. Blackspur Heavy Duty Staple Gun BB-ST105
  6.  Kohree Staple Gun, Heavy Duty Staple Gun with 3000 Staples

Just below, we have also completed some summary reviews on each of these, so as you can see which is the best option for you.

Best Value  - TOOLZILLA® Heavy Duty Staple Gun Summary Review

TOOLZILLA® Heavy Duty Staple Gun

90% buyer satisfaction based on 5,000+ online buyer reviews.

  • Overall this staple gun has a 84% buyer satisfaction rating
  • Complete with 200 Staples, 200 Cable Staples, 200 Brad Nails
  • Compatible with Narrow Crown Staples (4-14mm), Cable Staples (10-12mm), Brad Nails (10-14mm)
  • Adjustable Driving Force
  • Easy Squeeze Staple Gun Technology
  • Safety Lock  
  • Visual Refill Window
  • Rapid Load
  • Quick Jam Release Technology
  • All Steel Construction
  • Lifetime Warranty

This Toolzilla staple gun is one of the best sellers on the market and it's very easy to see why. Buyers just want something simple, easy to use and reliable that doesn't jam or stick. This is what you get with this model, it's great quality.

This is easily the winner for me. Compared to the competition it has a great quality build and is by far the best value. The Stanley model below is actually great too but you don't get any staples and it is more expensive. You can't go wrong with this Toolzilla model as it is extremely comfortable on the hand and it takes very little pressure to operate, so you can easily use it for large jobs.

This is the best value and quality combined, an easy choice for 95% of people.

Best Build - Stanley STA0TR250 Heavy Duty TR250 Staple Gun Summary Review

Stanley STA0TR250 Heavy Duty TR250 Staple Gun

92% buyer satisfaction based on 4,000+ online buyer reviews.

  • Overall this staple gun has a 92% buyer satisfaction rating
  • Comes without staples
  • Takes heavy-duty 6 mm-14 mm staples and 12 mm-15 mm brads 
  • Heavy duty aluminium
  • Adjustable Driving Force
  • Pinch point free design for added safety
  • Easy push handle
  • Easy access staple and brad insertion
  • Lock down handle for easier storage

This is another excellent model and a great seller. It gets very slightly better ratings overall than the Toolzilla model but is a bit more expensive and it comes with no staples, so we have it in at number 2. Never the less it is also a great buy. It is a bit more heavy duty compared to the Toolzilla model above and I guess, if you want the very best quality stapler then this is it. 

Normally I prefer to pay extra for something a bit better but in this case I am happy to go for the better value choice. It's all you will ever need and is a pleasue to use.

 Aeccn Staple Gun with Remover Summary Review

Picture of a Aeccn Staple Gun

86% buyer satisfaction based on 2,500+ online buyer reviews.

  • Heavy duty staple gun comes with 3 different staple types
  • 700 x Door-type Staples
  • 700 x T-type Staples
  • 700 x U-type Staples
  • Includes staple remover tool
  • High-strength chrome steel 
  • Very useful depth adjustment feature on this model for various materials
  • Has a dual power mode for hard or soft materials
  • Lifetime warranty

There have been plenty of buyers for this model too and it is very well priced for what you get. Some people didnt like the amount of adjustments that you can do and thought it was a bit complicated but with a bit of practice you can do more jobs than some of the more basic staplers.

Tacwise Z1-53 Heavy Duty Staple Gun Summary Review

Tacwise Z1-53

80% buyer satisfaction based on 800+ online buyer reviews.

  • Tough die-cast working end with confortable yet resistant polymer handle
  • Comes with 200 Type 140 staples
  • 3 year guarantee
  • Heavy duty staple gun that fires type 140 Staples - Equivalent to Arrow T50 or Stanley G11 staples
  • Linear Power Curve - avoids the unconfortable "snap" upon firing improving user comfort
  • Recessed cutaway nose allowing better visibility over staple placement

I would class this at the cheaper end of this level of staple guns. At this price you might expect a lesser quality product but this model gets really great reviews and definitely is a good option if its something you dont use much and dont want to speand a lot of money on.

Best Budget Model - Blackspur Heavy Duty Staple Gun Review

Blackspur Heavy Duty Staple Gun

86% buyer satisfaction based on 1,000+ online buyer reviews.

  • Overall this staple gun has a 82% buyer satisfaction rating
  • Comes with 500 staples
  • Uses 6.35mm & 7.95mm staples
  • Easy Loading
  • Under £10

Really this is your bargain basement model. It works perfectly well and comes with plenty of staples.

At this price you could buy it for a one off job even, though I would prefer something a bit better and by paying an extra £10 you could get a tool that would last a lifetime

Just depends on your budget and how often you might use it.

Staple Gun Buying Tips

  1. The first thing to check is whether the staple gun actually comes with staples and also are the staples standard size and easy to buy.
  2. It's also good if the unit can use several different sizes or types of staples for different jobs.
  3. Always buy a metal stapler and keep totally away from any cheap plastic units. They just don't last.
  4. Its good to be able to adjust the depth or the power for different materials, so look for that.
  5. Check the warranty. A life time warranty shows that the unit is reliable and built to last. You should expect at least a minimum two year guarantee.
  6. Lastly always check the reviews to make sure users would recommend a product.

How to Use a Staple Gun

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Hopefully you have found this information on staple guns useful.

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