Dewalt DW2166 Screwdriver Bit Set Review 

The Dewalt DW2166 is the model number for this set of 45 individual bits that turn your drill/driver into a very useful screw driving tool. Thay can be used with any cordless drill or a dedicated impact driver.

You will love this set for sure though we were not that impressed with the way the bits fit into the case.

Given what you get in terms of quality and value though, we will forgive Dewalt for this aspect of the kit. The case itself is industrial strength so that element is fine.

In this article we check out if you are getting good value for your money, and if this kit will suit your needs?

For those who don't have time to read my full and detailed review, you can click the link below and go straight to Amazon, where you can find more information, and buy if you think it is right for you.

Overall buyers have given this set an average 94% buyer satisfaction rating. Priced at around £30 we think this is very good value for money, and there are usually some good deals online.

In a Hurry?

We provide a lot of information on this page, so if you are in a hurry just go straight to Dewalt DW2166 to buy this set.

Over 75,000 buyers can't be wrong , though if you are not sure then read down through the rest of our review to get a bit more info.

With over 75,000 online buyer reviews and a 94% buyer satisfaction rating, this is the most popular choice by UK buyers, based on our extensive research. 

DW2166 Key Product Features

  • At the time of writing there were several thousand buyer reviews. They rated this set with an overall 90% satisfaction rating, which is of course excellent
  • You get the most popular screwdriver bits which will be able to handle most projects - Philips, Straight heads, spline, square drives for deck screws, double heads - all of which are high quality
  • Good strong magnet on the driver with sliding head
  • Ideal for home use
  • Titanium torsion bits ideal for heavy-duty fastening
  • This is a really tough case which holds the bits
  • DW2166 Long Extension Bits

    There are a couple of longer extension bits and these can be very useful indeed. If you have ever wished that you had a slightly longer bit, then you will know exactly what I mean by this. This alone makes this kit worth getting in our opinion.

    I would actualy tend to use the longer ones for most jobs, only if I am working in a really confined space would I choose the shorter bits. I find they are easier to see and control.

    Extension Bit Holder

    This is what you can use with the other smaller bits that you get with the kit. You simply push the smaller bit into this holder, and then place the bit holder into your drill. It is magnetic and very strong so will easily hold the smaller bits in place.

    What is really neat is that this holder extends. That means you can put the screw on the end of the bit, then slide the outer case of the bit holder over the screw, and it keeps it in place.

    This is a super idea. If you have ever suffered from screw wobble you will know what we mean.

    Dw2166 Tough Case

    The case is really good quality. Getting the bits back in takes a bit of work. It is not the best design by any means but one thing we can say is that they will NEVER fall out. We found it a bit of a pain and we thought there may be a knack to it, but we couldn't find it. It wouldn't put us off buying them but you should know about this.

    One reviewer said, "Only negative is that they are a bit tough to get in and out of the case."

    Customer Buyer Reviews and Scores

    These are high quality bits and are very versatile so we like them. if you are someone who does home projects then these will make a great addition to your tool kit.

    I can easily see contractors using these as well because the quality is high and the price is great. They will probably just toss the bits into a tool box though to make them easier to use.

    At the time of writing we found around 7,000 reviews who gave this set an average rating 90% customer buying satisfaction.

    Overall the reviews on Amazon and other websites are positive, though getting the bits in and out of the case, has certainly cost this great value set some review points.

    We believe that:

    Overall these are a good quality screwdriving set. The set contains enough parts that you shoule be able to get a good fit with most common types of fasteners. The case is really handy to try and keep them altogether and stop them getting lost. As others have said, the bits on the left side of the case are hard to get back into the slot, but that at least helps keep them secure.

    The Dewalt Brand

    The Dewalt brand is a hugely popular brand with the trade professionals. If you look on any construction or building site in the UK, you will find it littered with Dewalt branded tools of all kinds.

    Dewalt make the full range of power tools including drills, rotary and demolition hammers, nailers, sanders, saws grinders and many more. They have a very distinct black and yellow coloured brand.

    The name itself comes from its founder Raymond E Dewalt and started back in 1922.

    In the UK they sell through retailers that include Screwfix, RS Components, Travis Perkins and their own Dewalt Premier Centre.

    Conclusion & Verdict

    We believe that you are getting great value for your money with the DW2166 45 piece screw driving set.

    Yes the case for some buyers was a pain to get the bits in and out, but if you can live with that, there is no doubt that the variety and the quality of the bits is 5 stars. As you take bits in and out of the case, the case holder does loosen up a little.

    You don't want that loosening too much though otherwise the bits would not stay in place. We don't mind the bit holder being a little too tight at the start.

    We would not hesitate in recommending the Dewalt DW2166 to you because they are high quality and great value for money. They are a great set and ideal for use with any Dewalt Drill, or any otrher make for that matter.

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