Makita 4329 Jigsaw Review 

In this article we will be doing a full review of the Makita 4329K 3.9 Amp Jig Saw. Please note that this is a corded jig saw, and as such needs plugged in to an electric supply for it to work.

With the Makita brand you should be assured that you will own a high quality product, backed up by a very solid guarantee.

All any user wants from a jig saw is to have a power tool that is effective and efficient so as you can get the job done quickly. Personally I am a huge fan of the humble jig saw, and if you own the right one, it can do a multitude of tasks around the home and garden.

This Makita 4329K model is an excellent choice as it is powerful enough to be fast and efficient, and well made, so it will last for a very long time. let's have a closer look at it in more detail.

We know you are busy and there is a lot of information in this article, so if you are stuck for time just click Makita 4329K Jigsaw to go directly to this item.

Makita 4329K Specification

A good place to start with any review is to know the technical specification, and more importantly what having that specification means in terms of getting work done.

  • Measures 3.03 x 8.54 x 7.76 inches and weighs around 4.2 lbs - that means it is a solid compact jig saw, heavy enough to withstand the abuse it will get, and yet not so heavy as to be a pain to work with in terms or arm fatigue  
  • A corded 120 Volt Power Tool - this one needs to be plugged into a main's electric supply for it to work. Being corded does mean you don't have to worry about batteries running out, but you do have the disadvantage of the trailing lead.
  • 3.9 Amp Motor - for a jig saw this is a powerful motor that uses 450 watts of power and that ensures a powerful performance, an important thing when cutting harder woods and metal.
  • 3 Orbital Settings - these three settings and the straight cutting setting ensures that you can easily cut out a variety of shapes which is a very important consideration when buying any jig saw.
  • Bevel Cuts - this model can cut 45 degrees left or right, again a useful feature for doing edges. This is easy to set by simply adjusting the base of the saw.
  • Variable Speed - a very useful feature that allows you better control of the saw, and allows you to cut different types of materials as that is when you need the different speeds. This one can vary between 500-3100 strokes per minute

How Buyers Rate the Makita 4329K?

Overall, and with over 150 buyer reviews online available to read, this jig saw from Makita has achieved and maintained a buyer satisfaction rating of 92%

That is an excellent rating by any standards, and I know it would be higher, but the higher price point will put many people off buying this saw.


This is classed as a top handle jig saw for obvious reasons, and the trigger on this one is large, easy to find and comfortable to use. With any jigsaw there will always be some vibration, but having used this one quite a lot, the vibration is certainly at the lower end.

You can also lock the button, and that is an absolute necessity if you are doing long or continuous cuts. Personally I would not buy a jig saw that doesn't have this important but simple feature.

This one comes with the saw, one blade, a wrench and a case. It comes with a full one year warranty, and also with a 30 day money back guarantee.

A very quick video review

We have looked over all the video reviews and found this great short presentation on this Makita power tool. It gives you an instant idea of what to expect as well as telling you all the features and spec in and easy to understand format.

I hope you enjoy watching it as I always think its much better to see a tool in action rather than just reading about it or seeing pictures. This guy is particularly good at explaining the features of the drill and he is well known for demonstrating Makita tools.

Cutting Capacities

  • This model has an 11/16" cutting stroke
  • Maximum cutting capacity on wood is 2-9/16" when cutting at 90 degrees
  • Maximum cutting capacity on steel is 1/4" when cutting at 90 degrees
  • Strokes per minute is variable between 500, 3,100

The Down Sides of the Makita 4329K Jig Saw

Here at Tool Aadvice, we always like to give you the full picture of anything that we review. This is a high quality product so please be assured of that. It has a good warranty, and peace of mind thanks to the 30 day money back guarantee.

At this price it is a good buy, but it does have some restrictions in use. There are only a couple of small complaints about this one. In my opinion these are not really complaints, and I would describe them as limitations in its use.

These are:

  • You have to use a small wrench to change the blade - for most people that is not that big a job, but if it was going to be used a lot would be inconvenient
  • There is no LED work light and it would have been a nice feature to have
  • The more expensive jig saws have motors twice the size of this one and as such they are more powerful

So although these are restrictions, this is still a really good buy for the casual worker who needs a jig saw for working on small to medium sized projects.

Our Verdict on the Makita 4329K Jigsaw

If you plan on using a jig saw every day on a very regular basis, then I would not recommend this as your best choice. Not having a blade that can be changed quickly is annoying, and for more regular use, I know that you will need the bigger motor.

If you fall into that bracket then check out our best corded jigsaws or best cordless jigsaw reviews.

This is however an ideal choice for anyone who wants to own a high quality jigsaw at an affordable and sensible price. Makita are of course an excellent brand, and their money back offer, and warranty offer great peace of mind.

This is a tough compact tool that will be able to handle any number of jobs around the home with ease. 

All in all this is a top quality machine but if you aren't quite sure then check out our articles on the Best Corded Jigsaw and the Best Cordless Jigsaw for a few more options.

The Makita Brand

The Makita brand sell a wide range of cordless tools and tools for the construction and demolition industries. They also sell some garden machinery. They sell their tools through various stores in the UK including B&Q, Screwfix, Cromwell, Jewson, Buildbase, Bradfords, Wickes and more.

Their HQ is in Japan. Their Telford manufacturing plant is the only full-production facility for power tools in the UK and has been successfully running construction on many of our top line cordless power tools since 1991.

Makita believe that for a good tool you need a good motor, and Makita makes every effort to make sure our motors are of the best quality.

They use premium grade steel to produce armature shafts and gears, and only steel of the highest grade is used.

They also complete quality control tests on each and every, machine that leaves their manufacturing plants.

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