Painting & Decorating Tools UK Reviews

Thanks for taking your time to read our detailed reviews on the best painting tools and products, that are currently available on the UK marketplace. To make things easier for you to navigate, we have divided these into categories, as we think that makes it easier to see quickly what you are looking for.

As you will see, there are a variety of options when it comes to buying tools that will help paint your home and garden areas. The important thing is of course to fully understand exactly what tools you need. That will depend on the job, task, or project that you plan on doing

decorating tools for the home

For painting jobs around the home and garden there are basically three main choices. Those are paint brushes, paint rollers and paint sprayers. There are also painting pads which do get mixed reviews. The main stay of painting jobs are done by the brush or by using a combination of brushes and rollers. If you just to get the job done then you might consider buying a paint sprayer, you can see the options below.

Just below we have included links to those popular choices.

Paint Brushes

Includes all types of emulsion brushes, edging brushes and radiator brushes.

varnish paintbrush

Paint Rollers

Includes rollers, roller trays, roller kits, and roller sleeves

Picture of a paint roller

Paint Sprayers

This includes electric and pump spray guns for internal and external use.

Pictyre of an airless paint sprayer

When painting and decorating in the home, then sanding can play a very important role. This includes basic items such as sandpaper and sanding blocks. These are handy options, but they are manual options and more people tend to use an electric sander.

Just below we have included links to those popular choices.


sander uk reviews

This includes the wide range of electric sanders that can be used in the home.


Picture of sandpaper

We explain the different kinds of sandpaper, grits and what they are used for

Sanding Blocks

best sanding block

Sanding blocks are an affordable choice for hand sanding that protect the fingers.

In the section below we have included information on scrapers and filling knives. These are used for removing wallpaper, old paint and then the filling knife is used to fix holes or gaps.

Just below we have included links to those popular choices.

Wallpaper Scrapers

wall paper scrapers

These wallpaper scrapers are the manual way or removing old wallpaper

Wallpaper Steamers

wallpaper steamers reviews

Using a wallpaper steamer is the fast and easy way of removing old wallpaper.

Filling Knives

filling knife

Knives that you should use for filling holes and cracks in walls and woodwork.

Masking Tape

painters tape

This includes the ordinary masking tape and also painters tape and frog tape

Ladders for Painting

This includes oscillating multi-tools with the many accessories

Painting ladder

Caulking Gun

silicone sealing gun

Caulking guns are used to hold a tube of sealant so as you can fill in cracks and gaps.

Painting Paddles

These are used to quickly and easily mix paint or plaster 

Silverline 282512 Mixing Paddle

Dust Sheets

This includes planers and thicknessers with the many accessories

Picture of some dust sheets

Paint Buckets

This includes the various dust collection options and accessories

Picture of a paint bucket

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