Best Angle Grinder for Cutting Brick 

Thanks for taking your time to read our information on the best angle grinder for cutting brick. Once you know how to cut through brick, it actually opens up a whole new world of home improvement ideas and projects that you can work on. Angle grinders are great for this job, though you can actually get a Hand Saw for Masonry as well, if you want something a bit cheaper or you only have a few to do.

Based on around 50 hours of detailed research, the best angle grinder for cutting brick is the Bosch PWS 700-115 Angle Grinder

We put a lot of research into all of our articles, and where possible we try and solve problems that people come across every day. 

There are quite literally hundreds of angle grinders on the UK market, but hopefully the information you find here about grinders suitable for masonry work, will help point you in the right direction.

-geoff magee - editor

We review the Bosch PWS 700-115 grinder in more detail just below, and we have also made a couple of other helpful recommendations. Those include a more affordable grinder, and also what are the best brick cutting angle grinder blades.

Brick Cutting Information

As you will know, bricks are used for many purposes and include the building of walls, garages, pathways, patios, fire places, fire pits, built in bbqs, water features etc. If you look in any builder's yard amd most UK DIY stores, you will find a wide selection of brick types.

For years and years the best way to break those was with a cold chisel and hammer, or a mason's hammer and that took some practise, and a lot of trial and error.

Thankfully technology has moved on, and now any handy DIY person can cut through brick with a good quality angle grinder that has a diamond cutting blade attached.

As you can see from the video above, this does take a bit of work, but it does do a very good job. There are plenty of angle grinders on the market that will do this job, and as long as you have the right blade on it, then you are good to go.

The Best Angle Grinder Cutting Disc for Cutting Brick

The reality is that the angle grinder you pick is important, but nowhere near as important as having the right disc attached to it. You need what is called a diamond cutting disc that is made to cut through concrete.

We are going to recommend the following combination, because they are great value for money, and they get the job of cutting bricks done really well.

Bosch Concrete Diamond Cutting Disc

  • Cuts through all concrete, bricks and tiles
  • An affordable option

Bosch PWS 700-115 Angle Grinder

  • 700 watt motor
  • Auxiliary handle
  • Spindle lock
  • Powerful and easy to use

You should be able to pick the grinder up for around £40 or less, and the disc is around £12-15 depending on where you buy it. This combination will cut brick, paving stones, pavers, slabs and tiles easily.

There are more expensive grinders, and more expensive discs on the UK market, but we have used these together and we think this is the best value for money. It all fits together nicely, and the grinder is a best seller from a very good brand.

The disc is compatible with any brand of 115 mm grinder (4-1/2"). The only time we wouldn't use this particular disc is on a big project where you might be cutting a lot of bricks.For that amount of work we would pay a little more and get the PRODIAMANT Diamond Cutting Disc, which is a great long lasting disc.

Professional Cordless Angle Grinder for Cutting Bricks

  • If you prefer to own a cordless angle grinder with a lot of cutting power, we would recommend the Makita DGA452Z 18 Volt 115mm grinder, which in our opinion is the best on the UK market
  • Many people prefer cordless as you don't have to worry about trailing electrical leads
  • It is compatible with the two brick cutting discs we have mentioned above. 
  • Remember it doesn't come with a battery

Cheaper Angle Grinder for Cutting Bricks

  • The Silverline Tools 571295 DIY 650W Angle Grinder, gets good buyer ratings
  • This is one of the most affordable angle grinders that is available on the UK market, and you can usually pick this one up for under £30
  • This is a 115 mm angle grinder
  • Has an on/off safety release switch
  • Suitable for grinding & cutting of metals, stone & concrete
  • Can also be used with wire cup brushes & wheels for rapid removal of rust & corrosion


Hopefully we have been able to point you in the right direction. We wouldn't get over concerned about the best angle grinder for cutting bricks, but do make sure that you buy the right type of discs, as that is much more important.

If you are not sure one of these is the model for you then you can get more information on our Best Angle Grinder UK page.

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