Silverstorm 563709 Angle Grinder 

Here we review the Silverstorm 563709 5 1/2" angle grinder, that has a solid and consistent 80% buyer satisfaction rating. This model has a 900 watt motor which is good for all grinding and cutting jobs.

A good price for this one is around £28-30, if you can find an online deal, but it has an RRP of £33.24. The best advice is to shop around for the lower price.

This is not a brand that we are that familiar with, but there do seem to be plenty of buyers for this one, so don't let the name alone put you off. As you can see from the image below, it certainly looks the part.

VonHaus 950W 125mm (5”) Angle Grinder
Bosch PWS 700-115 Angle Grinder
BLACK+DECKER KG115A5-GB Small Angle Grinder
Wolf Angle Grinder 115mm 850W with Diamond Disc

DEWALT DWE4206K 115 mm 1010 W 240 V Mini Grinder

Einhell TC-AG 115 500 W Angle Grinder

Silverstorm Grinder Specification in a Nutshell

VonHaus 950W 125mm
Bosch PWS 700-115
Dewalt DWE4206k Mini corded angle grinder
Einhell TC-AG 115 500w
  • Size 5.5" (115 mm)
  • Motor 900w Watts
  • No Load Speed 11,000 RPM
  • 2.4 kg
  • 3 position side handle
  • 2 Stage On/Off Switch
  • 2 Guards - one for cutting and one for grinding
  • Compatible with 4 1/2" discs
  • 2 X metal cutting disc
  • 2 X grinding disc
  • 1 X  diamond disc | 2 X flap discs
  • 1 X grinding wheel cover
  • 1 X auxiliary handle
  • 1 X pair carbon brush | 1 X wrench
  • This angle grinder is slightly longer than most, and the manufacturer state that this offers much more hand control. That is you can comfortably fit both hands around the grinder.

    That in conjunction with the 3 position side handle, then also allows you to get into the more awkward areas and awkward angles, to get your work done. 

    VonHaus 950W 125mm (5”)
    The Bosch PWS 700-115 provides maximum safety when in use thanks to its flexible tool-free protective guard adjustment feature

    How Buyers Rate the Silverstorm Angle Grinder

    VonHaus 950W 125mm
    Bosch PWS 700-115 Angle Grinder
    Dewalt DWE4206k Mini corded angle grinder
    Einhell TC-AG 115 500w

    As I mentioned in the introduction, this model came out number nine on our list of the top 10 corded angle grinders. 

    The main reason it came so low in our list was down to the fact that about 10% of buyers did have some sort of issue with it.

    We have covered exactly what those issues were down below, but suffice to say they have had a detrimental impact on the overall rating.

    All that said an 80% buyer satisfaction rate is still very good, and at the lower end of the price point, this one is still worth a closer look, which we have done below.

    Silverstorm 563709 Angle Grinder

    This is certainly not according to the reviews that we read, a grinder that you would buy for any type of heavy use.

    Those who used this one for the odd bit of work seemed happy enough overall. However there were just too many complaints for our liking.

    What Buyers Say About the Silverstorm 5.5" Angle Grinder

    VonHaus 950W 125mm (5”)
    Bosch PWS 700-115 Angle Grinder
    Dewalt DWE4206k
    Einhell TC-AG 115 500w

    Buyers bought this to use two basic tasks. These included:

    • Mainly bought for basic grinding tasks
    • Some buyers bought this one to do cutting of old bolts on cars
    • Sanding and Smoothing Metal and Welds

    I have listed below a summary of the key features that buyers mentioned and appreciated. However before I do that, I wanted to explain why 10% of buyers gave this Silverline a very low rating.

    That rating came from the fact that after a few months, the grinder starting making loud noises, and then stopped working. Others said it was extremely noisy and a few even said smoke started coming out of it.

    They also said getting in touch with their customer service was close to impossible. Here at Tool Advice, we could not therefore recommend this one to you.

    Below we have included, so as you know all the details, the good things that the majority of buyers had to say about this one.

    Value for money

    There is an old adage that you get what you pay for. We have found, having reviewed hundreds of tools, that this is certainly true. It is the same with angle grinders, and this one is at the lower end of the price point.

    Those buyers who accepted that for under £30, you are not going to get an all singing and dancing grinder, were happy enough with the product.



    Buyers stated that with a 900 watt motor, they felt they had enough power to do all the basic cutting and grinding jobs really well. The motor size on this one is at the higher end of 5.5" grinders, and the 11,000 RPM is also right up there.

    It therefore makes a lot of sense, that this one would do those well.

    Our Conclusion on the Silverstorm 563709

    VonHaus 950W 125mm (5”)
    Bosch PWS 700-115 Angle Grinder
    Dewalt DWE4206k
    Einhell TC-AG 115 500w

    This unit came in at number 9 on our list of top ten angle grinders. The buyer reviews confirm why that would be the case. There are of course, no very bad grinders in our top ten list, and 80% is still a good rating.

    The majority of buyers did like their purchase, with just over half of them rating it a 5 star product. So clearly quite a number of people liked this one a lot. Very handy if you have had your mig welder on the go and and need to do a bit of tidying up.

    As it is our number nine choice, the team here at Tool Advice Just don't like the type of complaint, and the apparent lack of customer service. We understand that you can be unlucky and have a problem with a tool.

    However when that happens, then you do want to be able to get it sorted without any hassle or problems. So if this is not the one for you, then why not check out our top 10 list of angle grinders, by clicking here.

    In our opinion, this is an affordable unit, has a good rating, but we just think there are better value for money options available.

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