Best Circular Saw UK Reviews 

In this article we review, what we believe to be the best circular saws, currently available on the UK marketplace. There are a lot of electric powered saws available, and of all of these, the circular saw, along with the mini circular saw version, is without doubt the most popular. Most importantly ,It is the biggest selling type of electric saw on the market.

There are also sub types of circular saws, such as table saws and mitre saws. We will be looking at the various other types available and giving out view on which are the best value. As always, its best to shop around before you buy!

Circular saws were invented in the late 18th century and were in common use in mills in the United States by the middle of the 19th century. They are mostly used for cutting wood but can also cut metal, plastic and masonry depending on what type of blade you are using. Now they are a common tool in the home workshop and because of their flexibility they are essential for any DIY enthusiast or professional tradesman. 

There are different types of circular saw blades and each are specifically designed for a particular material which they are intended to cut and in cutting wood are specifically designed so that they can make rip cuts, cross-cuts, or a combination of the two. All give a much more accurate cut than a chainsaw for instance.

In a Hurry?

We provide a lot of information on this page, so if you want a quick answer, then the best circular saw is the Makita DSS610Z Cordless Li-Ion Circular Saw

This is one of the best sellers and is truly a great saw. It may seem a bit expensive, especially as it comes with no battery, but Makita are one of the best manufacturers and this saw should last you a lifetime.

"With over 1,000 online buyer reviews and a 96% buyer satisfaction rating, this is the most popular choice by UK buyers, based on our extensive research. 

Circular saw blades are specially designed for each particular material they are intended to cut and in cutting wood are specifically designed for making rip-cuts, cross-cuts, or a combination of both

A good quality circular saw can cost from £40-140 and you pretty much get what you pay for. You will find a big difference in quality over these price ranges and I always try to go for the best I can afford in a tool if its something that I intend to use regularly. This is a tool that you cant afford to skimp on and low quality models of this tool can actually be dangerous especially if you are new to this type of tool.

Top Rated Circular Saws

Just below you will find a table, where we have placed our choices of circular saws in order. The order we have used is the highest buyer rated first. In other words we have placed the saws in the order, of what buyers judged their quality to be. Actual buyer reviews are one of the nest ways to judge the quality of any tool.

We have also included average UK prices, but be aware that these are always subject to change. Always check on the exact date and time when you are making any purchase. The ratings are ours, and we update these on a regular weekly basis.

If you click on the product name, you will be taken to Amazon UK, where you can read other buyer reviews. In this table we have included our ranking, the product name, an average UK price, our rating and our grade. The Rating is out of 5.






Makita DSS610Z Cordless Li-Ion Circular Saw (Body Only), 18 V




DeWalt 18V 165mm XR Lithium-Ion Body Only Circular Saw




Evolution RAGE1-B Multi-Purpose Circular Saw, 185 mm (230V)




BLACK+DECKER CD602 Circular Saw




VonHaus 1200W 185mm Multi-Purpose Circular Saw 240V Bevel Angle Joint Cuts



These are our top 5 picks. We have based these on what we believe to be the best value for money. At the end of the day, the one you pick will come down to your available budget, and how much use it is going to get, but try to go for the best that you can afford. Also keep in mind that we are recommending ALL of these models, there are no bad ones here.

Circular Saw Summary Reviews and Comparisons

Underneath, we have completed short and concise reviews, on these top 5 products. That way you can see at a glance, which one is the best choice for you. Just click on any of the links and you will go straight to Amazon where you can find more reviews as well as getting the latest offers.

No 1 Choice - Makita DSS610Z Cordless Li-Ion Circular Saw (Body Only), 18 V Review

Makita DSS610Z Cordless Li-Ion Circular Saw (Body Only), 18 V

96% buyer satisfaction with over 1,000 online reviews

  • Cordless model
  • Powerful 360w motor
  • Li-ion battery ( does not come with it )
  • Double safety trigger
  • High speed 3700 rpm motor
  • Depth of cut at 90 degree 57 mm, 45 degree 40 mm, 50 degree 36 mm
  • Built in Led light
  • Has dust extraction
  • Large lock off lever

There are plenty of buyers for this circular saw. Obviously it is more expensive than you would normally pay for a standard circular saw, but it is a big mistake not to buy the best you can afford with this type of tool, quality is king in this case.

No 2 Choice - DeWalt 18V 165mm XR Lithium-Ion Body Only Circular Saw Review

DeWalt 18V 165mm XR Lithium-Ion Body Only Circular Saw

96% buyer satisfaction with over 700 online reviews

  • Cordless model
  • Bare tool only
  • High speed 3700 rpm motor
  • Fan cooled motor / replaceable brushes
  • Intelligent trigger control
  • 24 carbide tipped teeth
  • Blade features an ultra thin kerf of 165mm
  • Keyless bevel angle and depth of cut
  • Lock off switch and electronic motor brake

This is another great choice with brilliant online reviews. Again Dewalt is one of the top manufacturers and you will not be disappoited with this saw. Its extremely powerful but still very precise and easy to use.

No 3 Choice - Evolution Power Tools R185CCSX Multi-Material Circular Saw Review

Evolution RAGE1-B Multi-Purpose Circular Saw, 185 mm (230V)

90% buyer satisfaction with over 500 online reviews

  • This is an electric corded model
  • Powerful 1600 W hi-torque motor
  • 0-45 degrees bevel
  • Adjustable cut depth
  • Clear visibility cutting panel
  • 185 mm Japanese tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) blade 
  • 0 degree - 45 degree level and 0 - 64 mm adjustable cutting depth 
  • 3 years warranty
    Quick easy blade change and tension system

    This is slightly cheaer than the Makita or Dewalt models but really it's not far away in quality. I would be happy to use this myself and Evolution are well respected in this type of power tools.

    No 4 Choice - BLACK+DECKER CD602 Circular Saw Review

    BLACK+DECKER CD602 Circular Saw

    90% buyer satisfaction with over 200 online reviews

    TCT Saw Blade and Rip fence included             
    • Corded Electric model
    • Adjustable cut depth
    • Clear visibility cutting panel
    • 190 mm blade allows for a 66 mm depth of cut
    • Bevel cut facility with 50 mm Max depth of cut at 45 degrees
    • On-board laser for added cutting accuracy
    • Dust extraction ports
    • 3 years warranty

    This is an entry level model of circular saw from Black and Decker. At around £60 its much cheaper than some of the premium brands but if you are only using it for some DIY around the house, then you will find that it works very well

    No 5 Choice - Circular Saw, TACKLIFE 4700RPM 1500W Electric Saw Review

    VonHaus 1200W 185mm Multi-Purpose Circular Saw 240V Bevel Angle Joint Cuts

    86% buyer satisfaction with over 800 online reviews

    • Corded electric model
    • 1500W, 4700 RPM pure copper motor
    • Adjustable Cutting Depth & Angle~ Maximum Depth & Angle: 90° (65 mm) 45° (45 mm)
    • 185MM saw blade
    • Laser and guide ruler make straight cutting easier
    • Dust extraction connector included
    • Full and extendable warranty available

    Another great value entry model from Tacklife. Again this is pitched at DIY users but it works very well and Tacklife are becoming a more well known and respected manufacturer in the trade.

    Circular Saw Buying Guide

    The Dewalt and Makita models are head and shoulders above the other makers but this is well reflected in their high price. They are a very popular choice for UK buyers and you really do get what you pay for in this type of tool. There are several basic things you should look for though when you are considering a purchase.

    Tools like this can be a very expensive purchase and if you intend to use it on a regular basis then it makes sense to do your research thoroughly. It always pays to shop around once you make your decision as bargains can always be found.

    What types of blades are available?

    The blades used for cutting wood are nearly always Tungsten Carbide tipped (TCT), but high speed steel (HSS) blades are also common too. Most saw bases can be adjusted for depth of cut and can tilt up to 45° and sometimes 50° and I would always recommend buying a saw with this facility as it very handy.

     Adjusting the depth of cut helps minimize any kickback that you might experience. Different diameter blades can be matched to each individual saw and they range from 14 centimetres (5.5 in) to 61 centimetres (24 in).

    Blades for cutting wood are almost universally tungsten carbide tipped (TCT), but high speed steel (HSS) blades are also available. The saw base can be adjusted for depth of cut and can tilt up to 45° and sometimes 50° in relation to the blade. Adjusting the depth of cut helps minimize kickback. Different diameter blades are matched to each saw and are available ranging from 14 centimetres (5.5 in) to 61 centimetres (24 in).

    Video - How to Use a Circular Saw?

    I found this useful video, which explains how to use a circular saw properly. There is a method where you can avoid any risk of an injury, especially cutting your hand. Remember that these tools are extremely powerful and should always be used with care. Also they should be stored in a safe place.

    Never leave a tool like this plugged in on your bench.

    Safe Use of a Circular Saw

    If you have never used one of these saws before, then please watch the video above. There is a knack to using these so as you do not want to cut yourself or damage the wood you are cutting.

    You have to learn to let the blade of the saw do all the work. If you find it really hard to cut then you are doing it wrong, it should be smooth and easy and safety should be your number one concern as these saws are extremely powerful and can be very dangerous in the wrong hands.

    In conclusion, all the models we have reviewed are good quality and good value for money. Any one of them would be a useful addition to any workman's tool cabinet. If you are like me, you will always try to get the best tool I can afford. Certainly the Makita model is the best all round value as far as I am concerned and on this occasion its not the most expensive on my list.

    Understanding Their uses

    Most of the expensive circular saws come with kerf indicators and will have a high base alignment. This helps to give a much smother cut on any material. I would also take in to consideration what exactly you are going to be using the saw for. If its just for small DIY projects, that's one thing but if you are using it daily in the construction business than that a whole different thing. The professional will need a unit that's powerful as well as sturdy and long lasting.

    Really these saws are just a rotating motor with a blade bolted on. The blade then rotates at high speed, doing all the cutting work with little effort from the user. This certainly allows you to do a lot more work in a lot less time.

    You cant possibly be careful enough when using one of these saws. Many times I have seen some properly severe injuries from misuse and I cant emphasise enough that these can be lethal in the wrong hands.

    These saws come in a wide range of styles and sizes as well as varying levels of power. You may think that there are far too many choices but really there is a saw for every user. Don't rush to buy but take your time and make sure you are not buying something that's not good enough for your job. Also don't be spending £200 to buy something to cut up firewood.

    Lastly, don't be swayed by any fancy features such as laser guidance, for instance. Just stick to a basic good quality tool from a known maker and you wont go wrong.

    If you are still not sure what one to go for then don't forget the best circular saw is the Makita DSS610Z Cordless Li-Ion Circular Saw. It comes out top of our rankings. We also have reviews on the full range of Milwaukee circular saws if this is a range you use.

    Also if you want to look at a few more of the cordless models then check out our top 10 cordless circluar saw reviews. Or if this is not the sort of thing you need then check out our article on all the different types of saws.

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    1. Hiya Geoff, thanks for these reviews. I find myself in the need of a circular saw now and I found your video on how to actually use it very useful ( i had no idea what I’m getting into ). Now, I can’t decide if I should go for the high-end option (Makita) or the cheapest one for now (VonHaus). I see you stated the VonHaus has 2 years manufacturers warranty, any idea if I’d have any warranty on the Makita one?


    2. I was not sure on purchasing an electric chainsaw at first, but am very impressed with the power and how lightweight it was and less to maintain than my old gas chainsaw. I settled on the Worx WG303 16 inch chainsaw in the end.

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