Best Electric Tile Saw UK Reviews

Thanks for taking your time to read our reviews on the best electric tiles saws that are currently available on the United Kingdom marketplace.

An electric tile saw is a brilliant and reasonable priced power tool, that is invaluable if you are doing any tiling. I seriously wouldn't attempt to do any tiling at home without one of these saws. The job is made so much easier and really they are very cheap for the job they do.

Basically these tile saws are a type of circular saw that is mounted on a flat platform. These usually have a diamond cutting blade and use some form of water or cutting liquid to lubricate the tile while its being cut.

Tiles are very expensive nowadays and one of these electric tile cutting saws will not only make your life a lot easier but it will cut down on the amount of tiles that are damaged or broken when they are being cut. They also let you do awkward cuts that just cant be done with a hand cutter.

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Just below you will see our top 5 list of band saws. However, we also know you are busy, so if you don't have time to read our full review, we would highly recommend the VITREX 103402 Diamond Blade Tile Cutting Saw

Best Electric Tile Saw by Buyer Rating

The top 5 are as follows:





VITREX 103402 Diamond Blade Tile Cutting Saw



Plasplugs Pro Tiler XL 550W portable electric tile cutter



DKIEI Wall Tile Cutter Power Bridge Tile Saw 600W



Einhell TH-TC 618 600W Tile Cutter



Electric Power Tile Cutter - 600W


Just below, we have also completed some summary reviews on each of these, so as you can see which is the best option for you.

No 1 - VITREX 103402 Diamond Blade Tile Cutting Saw Summary Review

  • 90% customer satisfaction
  • Number 1 best seller
  • ø110 x 22mm diamond blade
  • Water cooling system
  • Flip-up cutting table for 15, 30 and 45deg mitre
  • Transparent wheel guard with variable height adjustment 

No 2 - Plasplugs Pro Tiler XL 550W Portable Electric Tile Cutter Summary Review

  • 92% Customer Satisfaction
  • 180mm continuous rim diamond blade
  • Max depth of cut: 30mm
  •  22.5 and 45 degree mitre
  • No mess water re-circulation
  • Blade diameter: 180mm.

No 3 - DKIEI Wall Tile Cutter Power Bridge Tile Saw 600W Summary Review

  • 88% buyer satisfaction rating
  • Integrated cooling system
  • Comes with stand
  • Depth of Cut: 25mm@90°, 17mm@45°
  • High cutting power with a durable saw blade.

No 4 - Einhell TH-TC 618 600W Tile Cutter Summary Review

  • 84% buyer satisfaction rating
  • Diamond tipped cutting disc (included)
  • Water cooling system
  • Mitre stop supports exact 45 degree cuts
  • Tilt steel table with angle scale and double locking function.

No 5 - Electric Power Tile Cutter - 600W Summary Review

  • 86% buyer satisfaction rating
  • Comes with spare diamond cutting blade
  • Water cooling / lubricating system
  • 12-month electrical warranty
  • Table Tilting Range: 0-45°.
  • Max. Cutting Depth 90°: 35mm.
  • Max. Cutting Depth 45°: 22mm.

Electric Tile Saw Buying Tips

Obviously, you can tell that I really like these electric tile cutting saws. Any decent DIY enthusiast or indeed professional tradesman should all own one of these saws. They give a better cut, allow more intricate work and help speed up the tiling process.

Its also no mistake that our number 1 rated saw is also the cheapest model as well as currently being the number 1 seller. I seriously wouldn't look any further or spend any more money on a more expensive model.

Its rarely I say that the cheapest product is the best ( this is possibly the first time ! ) but on this occasion I suggest you just go for the VITREX 103402 Diamond Blade Tile Cutting Saw as its all you will ever need and at the best price.

How to use an Electric Tile Saw

Hopefully you have found this information on electric tile saws useful.

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