The Best Lubricants for Door Hinges 2022 – Reviews and Guide 

Door hinges are as essential as the actual doors themselves. Luckily all they ever need is a little lubrication every now and then and this is a very easy job if you have the right product. It's easy to find The Best Lubricants for Door Hinges

So, getting The Best Lubricants for Door Hinges is an important step in keeping them moving freely. Hinges are pretty simple so it is quite easy to see what is wrong if they are noisy or the door is stiff.

There are many different lubricants out there, and some are quiet expensive and may or may not be worth the price tag. Today we are going to check out the best options available for you so that you can easily pick what suits you best.

Top Picks

Best Product For Squeaky Door Hinges – WD-40 490224
Best Lubricant For Interior Door Hinges – WD-40 Specialist Lubricant
Best Lubricant For Squeaky Door Hinges – Silverhook SGPGT01, Lithium Grease Tube

White Lithium Grease by WD-40

94% buyer satisfaction based on 3,000+ buyer reviews

We all know the standard WD 40 oil but the company also produces many special lubricants that are designed for specific applications.

This grease spray is specifically made for metal-to-metal applications and this is probably the best type of lubricant for most door hinges.

This spray coats evenly and dries on with a thick and protective coating that doesn’t come off.

Not only does it lubricate your door hinges, but helps to protect against rust and corrosion. Whether you live in a humid or dry area, this will keep your doors safe and free from any damage or unwanted friction.

Silverhook SGPGT01, Lithium Grease Tube

92% buyer satisfaction based on 5,000+ buyer reviews

This is multi-purpose lithium grease, which works best on metal to protect the area from rust and corrosion because it repels water and reduces friction between the materials.

Additionally, this may be the best lubricant for squeaky door hinges.

I actually quite like to use this type of product on a hinge as its easy to get in the right place and it doesn't run or get all over the door. Also I find it lasts a lot longer than the lighter, spray type products.

It will do a job inside, outside or even somewhere thats quite hot as it works well from -15°C to +135°C

WD-40 Multi-Use Product with SMART STRAW

96% buyer satisfaction based on 10,000+ buyer reviews

This is your standard WD-40 that you will have used 100 times or more

WD-40 becomes effective because the formula does a variety of things aside from lubricating the metal surfaces. It will remove any of the moisture from the sprayed area and protect from rust.

Any squeaks will be gone immeadiately and it gets into every possible area of a hinge. it might not last as long as grease but if you had to spray it once a year it would hardly be a big job.

The straw can be quite messy and the oil is thin so just take extra care when you are using it inside the house.

Things to Consider Before Buying Door Hinges Lubricants

All lubricants are not the same, there are many factors you need to consider before getting one. Here are some of the things to consider before buying.

Types of Lubricant

The most common type are Lithium and silicone and the main difference is their consistency. In other words one is thicker than the other. Lithium is always the thicker and also is used for any heavier duty applications

Silicone is thinner, gets into intricate areas a lot easier and will work well for door hinges that have a combination of plastic and metal in them.

Types of Container

The container really dictates how these products are applied. Spray cans are ideal if you want a quick spray and walk away, though if you are heavy handed then you can have the lube everywhere. Tubes are handy as you can squeeze the lubricant out and apply it with your hands ot a knife, depending on the job.

Safety Precaution

Always read the label. How often have you heard that? Even with these silicone based products, you should still take when handling these. Also some of them are quite flammable so keep that in mind too.

What Are the Benefits of Using Door Hinge Lubricant?

This might seem a stupid question but actually there are many benefits

Longer life of the Hinge

Any friction causes damage and corrosion, no matter how small. This builds up over time and can cause a hinge to fail or the door to hang out of line . A well maintained and lubricated hinge will have virtually no friction and will last a lot longer

Protection against rust

Nearly all lubricants have waterproofing properties that will prevent moisture from building up on door hinges. This is especially helpful in humid environments. And this will keep the metal parts functioning well despite the weather.

No Squeaking

We've all had that door that squeaks or creaks. One quick application of a lubricant and it's gone for a year

Applying Lubricant for Door Hinges?

Obviously this is pretty straightforward. If you have a spray bottle, just aim the nozzle and spray it on.

If you want to do a full clean and lubrication, like a mini service, just followthe steps below

Step 1: Remove the Hinge Pin
Each door has a pin that holds the whole hinge together. It should just knock out and usually there is just one way that it can go

Step 2: Check the Pin
Clean the pin with a cloth or some solvent if needs be. if its really bad then give it a rub with some sandpaper.

Step 3: Put on the Lubricant
When the pin is totally clean and smooth apply the grease accordingly and make sure you are generous with it.

Step 4: Replace the Pin
Put it all back to gether and it should be good as new

In Conclusion

This is really an easy task, now you know what you are doing. Good luck and get lubricating !

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