Thanks for taking your time to read our review of the BOSCH GCM 8 SJL mitre saw. As you can see from the image above, this is a mitre saw that is around the middle of the range, and gets amazing online buyer reviews.

This sliding mitre saw is part of the Bosch Professional range of tools.

The BOSCH GCM 8 SJL mitre saw has a 312 mm horizontal cutting capacity, with a laser guide and side material pull outs. It has been designed for cutting wide workpieces such as sheets of laminate, parquet, decking and floor boards as well as for furniture construction parts or cable ducts.

As you can see, this saw looks good, is very well built and designed to be accurate and durable.

It is available as a 240 Volt and a 110 Volt option, so just be careful if ordering. (The 110 volt option is used on work sites, and home owners should order the 240 volt version)


Our Online Buyer Rating Summary

This sliding compound mitre saw is ideal for construction workers, those working on floors, fencing, loft and garage conversions etc.

It is compact, but has a large cutting capacity and that combination makes this a very popular choice for those in the industry.


Most online buyers said this saw is accurate as long as you take the time to set it up at the start


This saw can do mitres cuts, bevel cuts and the combination of both known as a compound cut

Value for money

Not cheap, but for a professional saw like this, it is what you should expect to pay.

There are hundreds of mitre saws on the market. This model is part of the Bosch Professional range.

I think this is a good investment for a business, who can't justify spending £600-800 on the Dewalt or Makita branded tools, but needs a good quality professional mitre saw for everyday use.

- geoff magee

How Online Buyers Rate This Saw

Rate it highly


Percentage of Buyers

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What Online Buyers Say


  • The majority of online buyers found this easy to set up
  • Most buyers said that the saw is a heavy saw, but still portable enough to be able to carry around if and when required
  • Most buyers say liked the accuracy of the laser line and they also liked the pull outs as that allowed them to make greater use of the saw
  • Buyers also liked the depth stops and said they were accurate


  • Only a couple of buyers thought this was too heavy to move around
  • One or two buyers disliked the dust extraction


This mitre saw gets strong and consistent online reviews. As Geoff mentioned earlier, this is a Bosch saw so good quality and manufacturers backup is assured. This is a good choice for baseboard and crown moulding instalation, carpenters, cabinet and furniture makers, wooden floor installers, decking, general construction and more.

BOSCH GCM 8 SJL Key Features

Here we summarise what we believe the key features to be. do from here

This saw uses 1600 watts of power to generate 5500 RPM of cutting speed. It does have a soft start feature, an accurate laser and a two point dust extraction system.

  • Cutting capacity, 0 degree 70 x 312 mm
  • Cutting capacity, 45 degree mitre 70 x 214 mm
  • Cutting capacity, 45 degree incline 48 x 312 mm
  • Mitre setting 52 degree L/60 degree R
  • Incline setting 47 degree L/2 degree R

Available in both 240 Volts and 110 Volts

Feature Strong Motor

Any mitre saw is only as good as the motor that drives it

This compound mitre saw has a 1,600 watt motor which will run the 216 mm blade up to 5,500 rpm without load.

Feature Cutting Capacity

Cross and rip cutting are the basics, but being able to make bevel and mitre cuts makes the saw really versatile

The cutting capacity of 70 - 312 mm for 90 degree cuts is ideal.  Mitre cuts can be done from 70 x 214 mm and bevel cuts of 48 x 312 mm are no problem.

Buyers also liked the spindle lock as they could easily change the discs. Comes with a screw clamp and a circular saw blade with a saw blade diameter of 216 mm and a saw blade bore of 30 mm.

Feature Handles Wider Boards

The sliding saw really helps extend the use of the saw

This is a good choice of saw for wider cutting surfaces for straight or angled cuts. This sliding mitre saw is designed for processing large area formats, such as laminate, parquet and decking.

It has a pull-out on the side, side bevel lock, and a depth stop for groove cuts.

There is a dust extraction outlet on the saw arm that ensures dust-free work with clear visibility. The handy carrying handle also makes it easier for the professional tradesperson to carry the machine to the jobsite.

The Bosch Brand

Bosch make two ranges of tools, one for the professional trade and one for general home use. The Bosch professional tools are a blue colour and the home style products are a green colour.

Generally speaking their trade tools are more expensive, but they are designed for both heavier use and for being more durable.

Every one of the Bosch Group’s business sectors has a presence in the UK. Bosch employs approx.5,000 associates across roughly 40 sites.

In 2019, Bosch generated revenues in the UK of £3.2 billion. The region is the second largest European market for Bosch after Germany and fourth largest in the world.

Video Review of the BOSCH GCM 8 SJL Professional Sliding Mitre Saw

We found this excellent video of this saw, it's only around 5 minutes so it is worth a watch as it goes into some detail.

If this is not the mitre saw for you, then check out our other information on the best mitre saws by clicking here.

This Bosch GCM 8 SJL has been out for a while and ticks many of the boxes.

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