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The Bricky Pro is for DIY builders who want to build walls with neat, uniform, clean joints with no waste or mess.It helps people who don't want to pay for a builder to do a really good job of creating a good looking wall.

It is also suitable for tradesmen, such as joiners, who every mow and then have to do a little brick work to complete a job. Apprentice brick layers can also make good use of the Bricky Pro as they learn their trade.


Our Online Buyer Rating Summary

This sliding compound mitre saw is ideal for construction workers, those working on floors, fencing, loft and garage conversions etc.

It is compact, but has a large cutting capacity and that combination makes this a very popular choice for those in the industry.


Most online buyers said this really helped them build a wall that they could be very proud of.

Ease of use

It does come with a DVD, and most said that was helpful, but a few said it could have been better


At under £40 it doesn't cost the earth and cheaper than paying for a builder for small jobs

This gadget is handy for smaller jobs like the base of a conservatory, for building or repairing a garden wall, and smaller jobs around the house and garden.

The bottom line is that it makes a tricky job a whole lot easier to do.

- geoff magee

How Online Buyers Rate The Bricky Pro

Rate it highly


Percentage of Buyers

Very High








What Online Buyers Say


  • Online buyers say it is a wonderful tool to have in your kit
  • Most buyers say that this simple helps your confidence when tacking any brick laying job
  • Most buyers say this allows you to get a consistent mortar thickness and it is this that makes the wall look good
  • Buyers also liked watching and learning from the DVD


  • A few buyers said the plastic is flimsy and hard to take apart and put together
  • A couple of buyers received a damaged product


Brick laying is a skill, and one that is learned over the years. Finding and hiring a good bricklayer can be hard, so if you fancy doing it yourself, then an aid like this, will certainly be a very good help.

Video Review of the BOSCH GCM 8 SJL Professional Sliding Mitre Saw

We found this excellent video of this saw, it's only around 2 minutes so it is worth a watch as it goes into some detail.

Bricky Pro Key Features

Here we summarise what we believe the key features to be.

It is suitable to build all standard wall sizes which are 4", 6" and 9"

Feature Mason Mate

These are the plastic guides for laying the mortar

These are the main component parts that include the laying tray and the various end and centre joints

Feature Soft Grip Trowel & Pro Pointer

This is what you need to spread the mortar

The one in this kit is simply a standard bricklaying trowel with a soft grip which does make it more comfortable to use. The pro pointer is all about creating the perfect finished look on your wall.

Feature DVD Instruction

A DVD video explaining wall building and how to do it

The DVD is a good learning tool. We would recommend watching it first rather than diving straight in.

bricky pro template

If you have never attempted laying bricks before, then the lack of know how is always going to be your biggest problem. It is clearly a building skill, and making a wall look good is quite difficult to achieve. It can also be very frustrating.

Having the right mortar mix is still the most important thing and we have shown that just below.

The Bricky Pro is an aid to laying consistent beds of the right thickness of mortar. It is getting that spot on that will make it look professional. Getting the right thickness of mortar between the brick is also really important, and again the Bricky Pro helps you with that.

This kit is all about straight and level lines of brick work.

Best Mortar Mix for Wall Building

The recommended mortar mix is

  • 6 part building sand
  • 1 part cement
  • 1 part hydrated lime

You then add water with plasticiser or PVA adhesive (mixed 5:1 in the water). Don't use washing up liquid as this really doesn't work.

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