Timbertech Portable Electric 650W Cement Mixer review 

The Timbertech 240v 650w portable cement mixer is one of the best sellers on Amazon. It isnt a universally renowned brand but it has good powerful motor and a great capacity of 140 litres. This is big enough for most jobs.

This one has an RRP of £199, but we have spotted it a bit cheaper on line, where you get this mixer for around £169 or even less. This model runs off 240v and has a powerful 650w motor which isn't far off the top of the range for power in these home use mixers.

Who actually really needs a cement mixer ? It may be hard to justify but if you are a bit of a tool and machinery addict like myself then you definitely need one. I have often thought it would be really handy to have a mixer like this. Many people make the mistake of buying something cheap because they wont use it very often but that is the wrong thing to do.

If you are thinking of buying a mixer then go for the best you can afford as actually these mixers are quite a good investment with a very good resale value and they last for years if they are looked after.

I have learnt myself by making expensive mistakes, not to buy a budget version of a tool or machine as I have been disappointed so many times when I find out that its rubbish! If you are like me then you like to buy the best that you can afford and get something that works properly, is useful and most importantly that it lasts.

This model has a 140l drum so its a really good size and has a good wide mouth. This is a good capacity and this unit is a serious machine. A pretty heavy duty piece of sturdy steel. The cheaper you go, the less you will get and a good model like this will have a good resale value if you want to sell it on after you have had your use out of it.

Be warned though, if you have your own cement mixer you will soon have a queue of family and friends that all need the "lend" of it for a "wee job"

How Buyers Rate the Timbertech 650w Cement Mixer

At the time of writing this article, this model was a well reviewed mixer and we have read and summarised all of those reviews. You don't see a lot a lot of reviews on items like this as they don't sell in the thousands but this one had plenty

On average those buyers have rated this mixer with a 70% buyer satisfaction which is a pretty average rating

Around 27% of buyers didn't like this mixer.

We will need to have a closer look at why 27% of buyers rated this unit as poor. I can tell you that I have read every single review and without doubt, they are all complaints about the quality of packaging that the unit comes in and damage to the package or mixer when it arrives.

The mixer itself is great, its just the delivery and packaging that lets it down, What a pity !

It is pretty easy to see the story here. If the unit arrives undamaged then buyers think its great

Timbertech 650w Cement Mixer Specification

Timbertech 650wn cement mixer

In this section we have included what I think are the important things to know. With a mixer you just need to know the basic features as there is nothing overly complicated about them. You do, however need to know the specs to make an informed purchase.

  • 240v 650w motor
  • Tipping wheel and punched gear ring
  • All steel powder coated construction
  • Highly portable
  • 140l capacity and 380mm mouth
  • 28 turns per minute

What Buyers Say About the 650l Cement Mixer

Overall buyers clearly like this mixer, once it arrives in tact and they get it assembled. Below we have summarised what people had to say, and we have included a few buyer quotes, to give the summary list some emphasis.

  • A very well made and robust product
  • Good capacity and large mouth opening
  • Powerful 650w motor
  • Very portable and easy to use
  • Will mix 2 bags of cement at a time
  • This is not a well known brand
  • A quarter of buyers have experienced poor packing resulting in damage to the mixer

It is worth pointing out that no buyers gave the actual mixer itself anything other that a sparkling review. Its just delivery and packaging that lets it down.

Best Cement Mixer?

Our Verdict on the 650w Cement Mixer

70 %

This is really good and powerful mixer with great capacity Its ideal for medium to large jobs and you can mix two bags of cement at a time

This is a very viable alternative to renting out an expensive mixer from a hire company and ending up keeping it three times as long as you originally expected !

We give this 70% but that's because the packaging is poor and it has come damaged to many buyers, the mixer itself would get 90% if they could sort that out.

If you don't think this is the mixer for you then why not check out our Best Cement Mixer Review page

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