FoxHunter 650W Electric Cement Mixer Review 

The Foxhunter  240v 650w  portable cement mixer is the most expensive on our top 5 list of cement mixers, where it ranked at number 1 on our list.

There can be quite a difference in the price between different models of mixer but there are massive differences in capacity and power so this is to be expected due to vast differences in quality.

This one has an RRP of £250, but there are many places on line, where you can pick this mixer up for around £195 or even less.

This model runs off 240v and has a very powerful, top of the range, 650w motor that powers through even a large mix with relative ease.

Its not every day that you will need to use a cement mixer but don't make the mistake of buying something that's cheap because you wont use it very often. If you are considering a purchase then obviously you need it and really they are a good investment.

This one has a 180l drum and has a mouth diameter of 400mm which should be good enough for any job. The cheaper you go, the less you will get and a good quality model like this will have a very good resale value if you want to sell it on after you have had your use out of it.

Be warned though, if you have your own cement mixer you will soon have a queue of family and friends that all need the "lend" of it for a "wee job"

How Buyers Rate the FoxHunter 650w Cement Mixer

At the time of writing this review, there were quite a few online buyer reviews,and we have read and summarised all of those. You don't see a lot a lot of reviews on items like this as they don't sell in the thousands but I can tell you for sure that its extremely rare that we get a 5 star review on any product , ever.

On average those buyers have rated this mixer with an average buyer satisfaction rating of 88%, which is a very good thing indeed

FoxHunter 240v 650w Cement Mixer Specification

In this section we have included what I think are the important things to know. With a mixer you just need to know the basic features as there is nothing overly complicated about them. You do, however need to know the specs to make an informed purchase.

  • 240v 650w motor, this is as good as you will get
  • Tipping wheel and punched gear ring
  • All steel powder coated construction
  • Highly portable
  • 180l capacity with 400mm opening
  • 30 turns per minute

What Buyers Say About the FoxHunter Cement Mixer

Overall buyers clearly love this mixer. Below we have summarised what people had to say, and we have included a few buyer quotes, to give the summary list some emphasis.

  • A very well made and robust product
  • Large capacity and large mouth opening
  • Powerful enough for large mixes
  • Very portable and easy to use
  • There are none

It is worth pointing out that no buyers gave this anything other that a sparkling review. This happens once in a blue moon. There is always, or nearly always, someone who can find a fault.

Video Review of the FoxHunter Portable Cement Mixer

Our Verdict on the FoxHunter 650w Cement Mixer

There is no doubt that this is an expensive but ultimately good value mixer, when compared to normal market prices for other mixers. It is however the best one on the market right now that we can find.

This is a very viable alternative to renting out an expensive mixer from a hire company and ending up keeping it three times as long as you originally expected !

If there is a better cement mixer for the amateur on the UK market right now, we have yet to find it.

If you don't think this is the mixer for you then why not check out our Best Cement Mixer Review page

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