DEWALT DWE4206K 115 mm 1010 W 240 V Mini Grinder Review 

Here we review the Dewalt DWE4206k Mini corded angle grinder, that has a very healthy 96% buyer satisfaction rating. This comes with a massive 1010 watt motor which really is a lot more powerful than anything else on the market. Its is quite expensive though at around £70.

The Dewalt brand will be very well known to all professionals as well as DIY enthusiasts. They make a comprehensive range of the highest quality tools.

DEWALT DWE4206K 115 mm 1010 W 240 V Mini Grinder

Einhell TC-AG 115 500 W Angle Grinder

We know you are busy so if you're in a hurry just go straight to Dewalt DWE1206 for the latest pricing.

Dewalt DWE4206k Specification in a Nutshell

Dewalt DWE4206k Mini corded angle grinder
Einhell TC-AG 115 500w
  • Size 115 mm (4.5")
  • Bore Diameter 22.23 mm
  • Motor 1010 Watts
  • Single Speed
  • Weighs 3.6 Kg
  • Measures 43.5 x 15 x 15 cm
  • No Load Speed 11,000 RPM

This angle grinder comes without any blades or cutting discs so these will have to be purchased separately. So don't be disappointed when it arrives with no accessories, though it does come with a very sturdy carry case. It's very handy if you have had your mig welder on the go and and need to do a bit of tidying up.

It has a soft start and lock on safety switch which helps to cut down on user fatigue. So if you need to use this grinder for extended periods, you flick this switch and it will keep on grinding, without you having to hold the switch on. I found this feature really useful compared to some of the cheaper makes but you have to be extra careful when it is locked on.

One other feature worth mentioning is that it has a type of dust extraction system that clears most of the dust that passes over the motor. 

How Users Rate the Dewalt DWE4206k 

Dewalt DWE4206k Mini corded angle grinder
Einhell TC-AG 115 500w

As I mentioned in the introduction, this model came out number four on our list of the top 10 corded angle grinders. Buyers loved this product and even believe that its great value for more, though its quite expensive.

It is one of the most expensive of units that we have reviewed but it certainly is excellent value for money. You cant get quality like this at a bargain price.

It comes with no accessories so make sure you buy these at the same time. The housing of the motor, has also been sealed which will prevent any dust from getting inside.

With an angle grinder, safety is very important and this model comes with a good disc guard and that is essential with this type of powerful tool. Also the switch cant be locked in unless there is power going to it and this is a great safety feature.

side view of the dewalt mini angle grinder
Buyer Satisfaction

It is hard to find anything negative to say about this angle grinder other than it is at the more expensive end of the market and it has a lot more power than the more than pretty much anything else on the market.

What Buyers Say About the Dewalt DWE4206k Model

Dewalt DWE4206k
Einhell TC-AG 115 500w

Buyers bought this to use on a whole range of tasks. These included:

  • Mortar raking
  • Cutting Wood & Metal
  • Sanding and Smoothing Metal and Welds

I have listed below a summary of the key features that buyers mentioned and appreciated.

Quality, quality, quality

Without exception buyers said this angle grinder was a top quality piece of machinery and not one person mentioned the high price, except to say that they thought it was well worth the money.

When a motor is continually over working, then they do tend to die out very quickly. This has a massive 1010 watt motor, so it rarely needs to over exert itself. Buyers also loved that it had a long 4m lead which was really handy.

That means it can be used regularly, and will be able to handle all of the smaller jobs and almost all of the larger jobs. Some buyers boast that they have run it for over an hour without any sign of heating up at all.

Quick and Simple Disc Changing

Buyers loved the quick change spindle so that changing discs on the grinder or making adjustments is extremely easy and fast. We all hate fiddly mechanisms that take time to adjust and keep us back from the job in hand so this is a very user friendly feature.

Very Powerful

Angle grinders are dangerous tools, and exceptionally dangerous in the wrong hands. This Dewalt model is no exception. This is a powerful tool so always exercise care when using it as many buyers commented on the extra power compared to their last grinder.

Low on Vibration

All users also said that this one did not vibrate a lot, compared to many other models, they had used before.

picture of the dewalt mini angle grinder

Our Conclusion on the Dewalt DWE4206k Mini Angle Grinder

Dewalt DWE4206k
Einhell TC-AG 115 500w

Well it came out at number 4 on our list of top ten angle grinders. The buyer reviews confirm why that would be the case. You can see that the buyer ratings are off the chart.

You don't always need to pay top price for a tool but if you are like me and want the best of everything then this is probably the model for you. Quality costs money and this angle grinder is proper quality.

As it is our number four choice, the team here at Tool Advice would of course highly recommend this model to anyone, who wants to own a high quality grinder, that is built to last. If however this is not the one for you, then why not check out our top 10 list of angle grinders, by clicking here.

In our opinion, the only thing that may put some buyers off is the higher price point. You should however be able to find this Angle Grinder discounted online.

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