Evolution Power Tools Rage 5-s Review 

Thanks for taking your time to read our review of the Evolution Power Tools Rage 5-S table saw. As you can see from the image below, this is a table saw that can easily be moved around, and that makes it versatile, and ideal for working anywhere.

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Our Online Buyer Rating Summary

This portable table saw comes with a TCT blade that can cut wood, aluminium, mild steel and wood with nails through it.

From the popular Evolution brand, with a 1500 watt gear box, and can rip cut, do mitre cuts and bevel cuts.


Most online buyers said this makes consistently good accurate cuts, and they recommended setting this up at the start


Having it on wheels makes this very versatile, and it can do all the major cutting types and has an 83 mm depth of cut.

Value for money

We think this is a good price and it comes with a 3 year warranty, has plenty of features and is portable.

There are plenty of table saws on the market. You can easily pay £600 for a top quality model from Bosch or Dewalt and it will be an excellent saw.

This Evolution model is just more affordable for most people and it has enough features to make it really useful.

- geoff magee

How Online Buyers Rate This Saw

Rate it highly


Percentage of Buyers

Very High








What Online Buyers Say


  • The majority of online buyers found this easy to set up with a little help from watching an online YouTube video, which we have included just below
  • Most buyers said that the extension bars and sliding guides work really well 
  • Most buyers say that this is a heavy saw and it's a good thing that wheels do make it a great deal easier to move around
  • Buyers also liked that it was extremely accurate and could do wafer thin cuts


  • A few buyers received the item and it had been damaged in the post
  • A few buyers said that setting this up is hard for a beginner
  • A few professionals said this doesn't compare with the higher end models


This table saw is like many products in that overall it gets good enough reviews and the odd complaint, though I feel that was more down to inexperience than anything else. As Geoff mentioned earlier, this is not a professional or a contractor table saw, but for the keen DIY person who wants to have a table saw, this is an affordable option, and can do most types of cut.

Personally I think this is perfectly good for most jobs and would literally last a life time for a normal home user. For the pro's it might not stand everyday use for 5 years but they will pay 3 times this price for a saw that will.

Evolution Power Tools Rage 5-S Key Features

Strong Motor

Any table saw is only as good as the motor that drives it. Cut through up to 6mm mild steel thanks to Powerful 1500W hi-torque motor with optimized gearbox & blade system

Bevel & Mitre

Cross and rip cutting are the basics, but being able to make bevel and mitre cuts makes the saw really versatile.

Achieve up to a 45° bevel or 60° mitre by turning the bevel wheel at the front or the angle settings on the material pusher. Use the detents to reach the required angle every time!

Sliding Table

The sliding table really helps extend the use of the saw.

When making a cut using the sliding table, ensure the anti-vibration clamp is secure to achieve a clean, precise cut.

Video Review of the Evolution Rage 5S Table Saw

We found this excellent video of this saw, which lasts around 25 minutes, but we think is worth a watch as it goes into excellent detail.

This table saw is one of the best sellers and really is a great option for you. The price is great compared to some of the other brands and it gets 92% satisfaction rarings from hundreds of buyers.

Its well worth a look.

If this is not the table saw for you, then check out our other information on the best table saws by clicking here. 

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