5 Tips To Keep Your Home In Good Condition

In this article we are going to offer you, what we believe to be five great tips for keeping your home in great shape. Houses are just like us, in that they do start to get old. We can do small things to our homes, that help keep them in the best condition possible.

That will of course help them maintain their value, and also ensure that you don’t face any major disasters further down the road. If we ignore our homes, then problems can start to arise. Those things that we take for granted can suddenly start to fail.

Think of things like a leaking roof, a door that doesn’t close properly, or a window that will not open, and you will understand what I mean.

tips to keep your home in good condition

It is truthful to say that every home, even new ones, will likely to have some kind of problem that needs to be fixed. There is always something to be done, and it is always an ongoing task.

Have a look at the following home improvement tips, as they will keep your home looking good and save you money in the long run.

Home Maintenance Tip 1 – Check the Roof

old roofThe one area of a home you never want to risk is the roof. That is especially true in the UK, where we get more than our fair share of rain and wind. We also get the odd blast of snow and ice, which can do serious damage to a roof.

Every now and then, and at least once a year try to examine your roof for any problems. Look for things like cracked slates, damaged tiles, especially ridge tiles, and also check the chimney.

It will mean getting a ladder up and having a look around.

If you find any cracked or loose slates on the roof, then get those replaced quickly. You do not want a roof that leaks. The same goes with chimneys. You do not want those falling as they can do major damage. Check the grouting and get it replaced if required.

You should also check that all flashings around the chimney are safe and secure.

Home Maintenance Tip 2 – Check the Gutters

cluttered guttersWhen you are up the ladder checking the roof, it is always worth a look into the gutterings. Clean gutters are there for one main reason. They redirect rain away from the base of the home, and help stop flooding.

Check the gutters on a regular basis (2-3 times a year) to see if there are any clogs, cracks, or holes that may be preventing proper drainage.

The biggest problem with gutters is dirt washed off the roof, or birds building in them. That can build up, and the rain will leak over the top, and down to the ground below. It does not take long to clean gutters with a hose, or a pressure washer.

The gutters should be properly attached and they should be sloped towards the down pipe to allow the rain to flow. Our advice is to use PVC gutters, as they are much easier to keep clean.

Always check that the water that drains from the gutters, isn’t damaging any of the surrounding landscape or property. A very easy way to keep gutters clean is to fit a gutter guard. You only have to fit these once, and they will keep your gutters clear for years.

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Home Maintenance Tip 3 – Check the Doors

checking a door for maintenanceYour typical UK home has plenty of doors, external and internal. At some stage they will all require some maintenance. It doesn’t take long and it is easy to check if any light or air may be leaking through the doors.

Warped doors or any visible gaps need to be fixed. Sometimes if the door is warped too much, it will need to be replaced.

That will save you money on heating and energy and also keep your home, warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Some smaller gaps can be fixed with an application of sealent. If any of the doors have glass, then check that there are no cracks, and that they are also well sealed.

When checking doors, it is also worthwhile checking and oiling the hinges. Check the locks as well, and it is also a good idea to give those a drop of oil as well. Replace any broken locks or hinges, as that will keep your home much safer.

Home Maintenance Tip 4- Check the Windows

checking windows on an old houseLike the doors above, most homes have plenty of windows. It is worth checking those and making sure there are no major drafts, or cracked panes.

If there are, it is always best to replace those quickly. With PVC windows you should also check for condensation.

That is always a sign that your windows may need replacing. PVC does require specialist work, and it is not something that you should do yourself.

Once again check window handles and locks, and give them a little oil to keep the mechanisms working smoothly. It is also a great idea to seal any areas around the window, where you feel air coming in.

Home Maintenance Tip 5- Check the Heating System

check home heatingThere are quite a few different types of heating systems in homes throughout the UK. With oil for example you should check the oil tank, any exposed pipes and the boiler.

Ideally a boiler should be checked annually by a qualified person.

With gas the boiler and pipes should be checked regularly. Some people still have some version of coal fires in their homes.

That will mean regular chimney cleaning. You will also need to check on glass fronted fire doors, that they are sealed and no fumes are leaking.

Summary of Home Maintenance Tips

We hope that you have found the above tips useful. If you follow these, then you will know that generally speaking, your home is in pretty good condition. You will not be wasting energy, and you will keep your home warm and dry.

You can do all of the above checks in just a couple of hours. Depending on what you find, it may take a little time to fix. However it will be a very good use of your time.

The checking, and a little oiling only takes about 1-2 hours a couple of times a year. That alone is worth doing. Yes you may have to pay a trade’s person for the more complex work, but it is money well invested.

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