Metabo MPTDH330 Thicknesser UK Review

The Metabo  MPTDH330 1800 W 240 V Thicknesser is a pretty good seller as thicknessers go. Metabo is a very well respected brand who started producing drills in the 1930s.

They make good quality products for the DIY enthusiast as well as the seasoned professional and you can be sure that any tool you buy from their range will be fit for the job.

This one has an RRP of £499, but we have spotted it a bit cheaper on line, where you get this model for around £420 or even less. This model has a 1.8 kw motor that is easily powerful enough for most jobs and the unit is lightweight and portable.

Metabo MPTDH330 1800 W 240 V Thicknesser

Who actually really needs a thicknesser like this ? It may be hard to justify buying a unit at this sort of price but if you are a bit of a tool and machinery addict like myself this is a really handy tool if you do a bit of joinery. Its not something you might use every day but they are superb at what they do and they take a lot of work out of a job. 

It is an expensive item but I know from experience, never to be tempted to buy a cheap version of a tool as I have been disappointed so many times with products that were just not fit for purpose. If you are like me then you like to buy the best that you can afford and get something that works properly, is useful and most importantly that it lasts.

This is a machine that doesn't take up much room and is highly portable so its really great if you are working away from the home as this thicknesser can be moved about and set up virtually anywhere.

How Buyers Rate the Metabo DH330

At the time of writing this article, this model had a few reviews and we have read and summarised all of those reviews. You don't see a lot a lot of reviews on items like this as they don't sell in the big numbers as they are not an everyday tool

On average those buyers have rated this mixer with a very high 98% buyer satisfaction which is extremely rare, and high.

It is pretty easy to see the story here. Perfect reviews like this are hard to find

 Metabo MPTDH330 Specification

Metabo MPTDH330 1800 W 240 V Thicknesser UK Review

In this section we have included what I think are the important things to know. With a thicknesser you need to know the basic features as they are more complex pieces of machinery. 

The basics are that the features should come down to power, cut and feed speed really.

Basically this bench top planer is ideal for timbers up to 330 mm wide and 152 mm thick

You do, however need to know the specs to make an informed purchase.

  • Size 579 x 857 x 574 mm
  • Cast aluminium / special steel aluminium
  • Chip removal 0-3 mm
  • Highly portable
  • Thickness table L x W840 x 330 mm
  • Passage height/width152 / 330 mm
  • Feed rate 7 m/min
  • Diameter of blade shaft 47 mm
  • Number of blades 2
  • Revolutions of blade shaft 9800 rpm
  • Rated input power 1.8 kW
  • Weight 35 kg

What Buyers Say About the DH330 Thicknesser

All buyers seem to really love this unit. It gets chosen above other similarly priced units because it just does that little bit extra bit of width

  • A very well made and robust product
  • Highly Portable
  • Does wider that most other models
  • Fine adjustment
  • Great chip extraction
  • Small and easy to store
  • Not much to complain about here

See it in Action

Our Verdict on the Metabo MPTDH330 1800 W 240 V Thicknesser

95 %

This is really one of the best thicknessers on the market today. Its not cheap but is around the same price as comparative models.

It has everything you could want on this type of tool as well as being able to do a bit wider than most other units

We give this 95% and that's only because I would like to see a few more reviews but really this is a 10 out of 10 unit for me

If you don't think that this is the model for you then why not have a look at our Best Thicknesser reviews.

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