Triton TPT125 Thicknesser Review 

In this article we review the very popular Triton TPT125 planer and thicknesser. This is of course a high performance tool with 1,100 watts of power and an amazing cutting rate of 17,500 cuts per minute.

This model is suitable for working on timber between 3.2 mm - 150 mm in depth.  The cutting width is 317 mm (12.5") It has a solid 4 post design which makes this a solid and safe machine to use.

It also comes with the 3 year Triton guarantee shown below.

Triton Precision Power Tools guarantees to the purchaser of this product that if any part proves to be defective due to faulty materials or workmanship within 3 YEARS from the date of original purchase, Triton will repair, or at its discretion replace, the faulty part free of charge.

With a tool of this price, its always good to have thie level of backup.

What Buyers Say About the Triton TPT125

  • Max depth of cut in single pass: 2.4 mm
  • Large infeed and outfeed tables for that help support larger pieces of timber
  • Easy, accurate setting of depth of cut in 1.5 mm increments

With a buyer satisfaction rate of 94% this is clearly a product that the buyers like a lot. Now there are some plastic parts on this machine, namely the housing and for rough work like this is not that clever a design.

The buyers though say that the important parts, the blades the head element and the base plate are all made of good quality metal, and that is what really matters.

One buyer said this,

If you are new to thicknesser/planers, just as the table saw is in a league of its own when compared directly to the general hand saw for cutting speed, this performs similarly when compared to a hand plane, or even an electric plane (I have both) - It does the job of ten men.

Video Review of the Triton TPT125

Here is a useful video of the machine being taken out of the box, and also being used.

For the record the small magnets are to help remove the blades when they need to be changed.

Pros & Cons

The easiest way to see the good and bad points about any tool or machine is in a simple pros and cons table. Therefore we have included one just below.


  • If you need to quickly plane a load of wood, this will save you hours
  • It has a medium roll rate and is fast at its job
  • Buyers said this is a great work horse


  • Poor instructions
  • It is a little bit loud
  • A couple of buyers said this was useless

This machine runs off the normal UK electricity supply. It measures 68 x 41 x 52 cm and weighs 30.5 Kg when out of the box.

Table Size

317 x 320 mm

Max Cutting Depth

2.4 mm

Planing Width & Height

380 x 152 mm

Power & Speed

1,100 watts and 17,500 cpm


The blades are sharp, and you should be aware that they are double sided. That means that when one side gets blunt, you can flick them over and use the other side.

You can sharpen if you know what you are doing. You can also buy replacement blades, and these do vary in price quite a bit. The average price that we have seen was about £20-22. They are available on Amazon and we found a few on eBay.

Just be aware these are sharp, so wear gloves and be extra careful when changing the blades. Use the two magnetic tools provided, as that does make life a great deal easier.

Dust Extraction

This Triton uses a chute to get rid of the sawdust. I am sure you already know that any type of thicknesser will create huge amounts of dust. Our advice is to try and use this outside.

You can mount the chute to the left or the right. 

If you want to set this up in the garage then make sure you have some type of dust extraction system connected to this.

Bench Mounting

There are 4 holes on this one which will allow you to bolt this to the bench.

Circuit Breaker

It comes fitted with a circuit breaker in case of emergencies

Our Verdict on the Triton TPT125 Planer

Buyers rate this Triton planer very highly with a 94% buyer satisfaction rate. There were 2 negative reviews saying the machine was poor, but many more who said it was excellent.

The price is not cheap, but the machine does deliver on all it's promises.

If you are looking for something a bit cheaper the Ryobi 5133002859 is around half the price at the minute.

Overall we like it and it does exactly what it is supposed to. We think this is a good choice for DIY use and for small builds. Professionals will need something larger, and will be prepared to pay a lot more for that purpose.

This one can handle thicknesses of up to 6" and widths of 12" and that should be enough for most DIY jobs around the home.

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  1. Hi Enda,
    I have looked at your video and read the review which has been very helpful. I am inclined to go for this Triton machine now.

    Regards, Brian

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