Bahco SL25 Socket Set Review 

Thanks for taking your time to read our review of the extremely popular Bahco SL25 socket set. This is a 25 piece set that uses a 1/" drive. This is a small socket set that will be big enough and useful enough for most home owners.

In total you will get the following pieces inside the case:

  • A 1/4" reversible ratchet
  • Adapter for Torx bits
  • 1/4" extension bar
  • Twp PH2 bits
  • Hex Head bits H5 & H6
  • Sockets - 4,4.5,5,5.5,,11,12,13 (mm)
  • Torx bits - 10,15, 20, 25, 30, 40

One really important thing to note about this socket set, is that you have to push a small button on the ratchet handle to put each socket off and on. Some buyers don't realise that, and then believe the set doesn't work properly.

The above parts come in bright orange hard plastic case with a foam insert. It makes the sockets and bits easy to see and easy to get n and out.

We understand that you may be too busy to read this whole review. If so, you can check the availability as Amazon UK by clicking here.

What Can the Bahco SL25 Socket Set be Used For?

This is not a heavy duty socket set but is suitable for working on many other things around the home. We have listed some of these below:

  • Fixing bicycle wheels and adjusting saddle heights
  • Some cyclists carried this in their backpack as it is very light and very useful
  • Car owners keep this as a handy set for their car
  • Many buyers bought this set to work in confined spaces
  • Many hobbyists make this their main set
  • Assembling beds and fridges

It is not suitable for working on the heavier parts of cars and you would be much better off buying a 1/2" socket set for that with sockets that would fit spark plugs etc. It will do most of the smaller stuff on cars though so still useful.

How Buyers Rate the Bahco SL25

Buyer Satisfaction
  • On average online buyers have given this an average buyer satisfaction rating of 96%
  • 86% of all buyers gave this socket set a 5 star review
  • Only 1% of buyers gave this a bad review

We have completed many reviews of tools and this is about as good a buyer rating that you will find anywhere. We also found over 1,500 online reviews so clearly the set sells really well, and has done so for a few years.


  • Buyers thought this socket set was very good value for money
  • Buyers say this is a lightweight set that is really handy to get out and use when required
  • This set has all of the most popular smaller sizes
  • Buyers say this is a tough and durable set
  • Buyers say it is compact and well made
  • Buyers say that this does not rust even in damp or wet conditions
  • Buyers said the ratchet movement is very smooth
  • Buyers say the sockets and bits are easy to pop in and out of the case


  • Only 1% of complaints
  • A few buyers said the extension bar had too much give in it

Our Verdict on the Bahco SL25 Socket Set

We have bought and used this socket set. We remember being slightly shocked when it arrived in the post as it looked so small.

In fact it is small and if you have been used to a full socket set, then the size of this may shock you too.

It is however a very compact and lightweight socket set, that is useful to have in the garage, the car or in your backpack is you use a bicycle.

As other online buyers have said, this is very well made, and until we bought this we were not that familiar with the Bahco brand. We have since bought a few of their other tools as we found the quality to be excellent.

We have opened some 10 year old bolts with this set, and with a little help from our best friend WD40, this set managed to shift those.

So if you are looking for a small compact and sturdy socket set, then we would highly recommend this one. They are excellent quality at a sensible price. You may also consider buying a full mechanics tool set which usually comes with everything you need for most jobs.

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