Best Cordless Drill for Metal 

Thanks for taking your time to read our information on the best cordless drill for metal. The majority of users will most likely use a cordless drill to drill through wood, and for doing odd jobs around the home and garden.

There may be the odd time when you may have to drill through some metal. You can of course do that with most cordless drills, and the right type of drill bit. There will be a few people who have to drill though a lot of different types of metal.

The golden rule when it comes to drilling through metal is, "drill through metal at as slow a speed as possible, using a drill bit designed for metal. With the harder metals such as steel, or when using larger sized drill bits, then use an even slower speed."

So, when buying a cordless drill for metal, it is vital that it has different speed settings and also a variable speed function.

There are many types of metals and they include aluminium, various forms of steel, copper, brass, tin etc. Metals are generally divided into two main groups. The first group is ferrous metals which contain iron and non-ferrous metals which are those which contain no iron.

Generally speaking, metals are hard, cold and smooth,and they are shiny and strong.

Cordless drills are now the most popular choice when it comes to any type of drilling. The fact that they have no electrical lead makes them very portable, and also easier to use. Some people still prefer the corded drill models but really cordless is totally taking over now and they are fully powerful enough for all jobs.

You don't need to worry about having an electric socket, and if you get one with a good battery life, then that will be able to drill through most types of metal.

You don't need to worry about your choice of drill having a hammer action, as that is only required for drilling masonry. You would only need that if you planned on using your drill to drill through all types of materials.

All cordless drills actually come as drill/drivers so they can both drill and also be used as a screwdriver to drive in and remove screws. The drill function will have its own setting, and if it is a hammer drill, it will have an additional setting for that hammer function.

Understanding the Different Types of Non-Ferrous Metal

Before drilling metal it is important to understand what types are available, and what properties they have. We have explained these just below.

Aluminium - This is the most widely used metal. It is light, very resistant to corrosion and a good conductor of electricity and heat. Used in aeroplanes, cars, bicycles, kitchen appliances and many more items.

Brass - This is very resistant to corrosion and to normal wear and tear and is used for machinery, jewellry, engines and many hand crafts

Bronze - This is an alloy of copper and tin and resistant to corrosion and wear. It is used on filters, bearings and cogs.

Copper - This is a fairly strong metal and is mainly used for electrical cables, telephone cables, hot water cylinders and pipes etc.

Lead - This is a very soft metal and can be quite toxic. It is really only used these days in some batteries, and a little in glass.

Magnesium - This is very light, soft and pliable.It is used for fireworks, and iin the aerospace and automibile industries.

Tin - This is a very soft metal and today it is used for tin plate or for tin foil.

Steel - see the information below

Zinc - This is a soft metal which is resistant to corrosion and is used in plumbing and the roofing industry.

So as you can see there are a number of different metals that could be drilled through. In reality for most people it will either be aluminium or some type of steel. Steel is iron with some portion of carbon added to it which makes it very strong.

Understanding the Different Types of Ferrous Metal

By adding carbon to iron a range of alloys can be made and are classsed as carbon steels. An alloy is a mixture of two or more chemical elements and the primary element is a metal.

Carcon steels can get quite complex. so we have included a table below to help explain their properties.


Carbon Content


Cast Iron


Used for machine parts, some tools, drain covers etc

Mild Steel


Very popular for nuts, bolts, nails and the body work of cars

Medium Carbon steel


Used for hard wearing metals in gears, tools and various keys

High Carbon steel


Used for tougher work such as cutting tools, drill bits, springs etc

Stainless steel

Use Chromiun

Used for kitchen equipment, pipes, in cars and many other uses

Our Recommendation for the Best Cordless Drill for Metal

Bosch Cordless Hammer Drill UniversalImpact

  • We would recommend this model from the Bosch brand as it has 2 batteries and a charger, and most importantly a reliable hammer action
  • This is a versatile and strong drill ideal for bigger and tougher projects such as drilling masonry
  • Online buyers rate this very highly with a big 92% online satisfaction
  • We also think this model is great value for money

Just below we have included the pros and cons of what real life buyers had to say..


  • Buyers said this is a top quality tool even at this price
  • Buyers said that this was a joy to use and drilling through concrete was easy
  • Buyers said this drill was versatile and could be used for nearly any job
  • Buyers said this had a great battery that lasted really well
  • Buyers loved that you got 2 batteries so it was always ready to go


  • 3% of all buyers gave this a poor rating and we have listed their complaints below
  • Some buyers did seem to receive a faulty drill
  • Other than that there were no other complaints


We picked this Bosch model because of the value for money aspect, and the fact that it will so an excellent job when drilling masonry. There are more expensive options available with more features, but we know this will be able to drill any type of masonry really well.

The Runner Up

Dewalt 18V Cordless Combi Drill

  • It is actually unfair to call this the runner up as it is an excellent choice if you are willing to pay just a little bit more
  • It comes with one battery and a 1 hour charger.
  • So although this one is a slightly more powerful drill, the Bosch one offers better value we believe
  • That is not to knock this Dewalt model as it has a 96% buyer satisfaction and packed with features

Just below we have included the pros and cons of what real life buyers had to say..


  • Buyers said this drill was not too heavy but very powerful
  • Buyers said that this drill was expensive but well worth the price
  • Buyers said this drill held the charge really well
  • Buyers said this worked as well as a screw driver and even better as a hammer style drill
  • Buyers just knew that the drill was top quality and loved to use it


  • 5% of all buyers gave this a poor rating and we have listed their complaints below
  • Like our first choice a few buyers did receive a faulty drill


Dewalt make some of the best cordless drills on the market. If you have ever used any Dewalt branded tool you will know what we mean. They look great and when you use them you know they are high quality.

This model deals with masonry drilling with the ultimate ease.

The Cheapest Alternative

BLACK+DECKER 18 V Cordless 2-Gear Combi Drill

  • You can normally find this Black & Decker model for around £50-60 and it comes with a battery, charger and case which represents great value
  • A lot of UK online buyers opt for this model as it has a high 92% buyer satisfaction and a great and affordable price point
  • The hammer action on this cordless drill/driver is very good according to buyers

Just below we have included the pros and cons of what real life buyers had to say..


  • Buyers said this drill was very good value for money
  • Buyers said that this was a joy to use as it was light and compact
  • Buyers said the battery was powerful and lasted well
  • It worked well for drilling through brick and walls


  • 4% of all buyers gave this a poor rating
  • A few buyers said the battery life was not long enough


The Black & Decker brand sit at the lower price point in the British market. Many buyers trust the brand and really like their tools. They are reliable and they have a very solid customer service.

More Helpful Information

So as you can see there is a cordless drill/driver available at a range of price points. They all have a hammer action which is what you need for getting through masonry of all types.

Best Drill Bits for Metal

Our advice is to not make this too complicated. If you have ever searched for drill bits for metal online, you will be met with a plethora of technical information.

The reality is though that any general purpose twist drill bit will do a pretty good job at getting through metals.

When these general purpose drill bits are made, they are designed to be able to drill through wood, plastic, metal and most other materials.

The most affordable are high speed steel (HSS) and these are ideal for most home owners who may need to drill through metal from time to time.

If you are someone who needs to drill a lot of holes in metal, or need to drill through harder metals like stainless steel, then it would be worthwhile investing in a cobalt steel drill bit or a black oxide drill bit.

That is because they are manufactured to resist heat and as such they will stay sharper for much longer.

Let the Cordless Drill do the work

There is a very natural tendency to force or push really hard on a drill when trying to go through a harder material such as brick or block. There really is no need to do that as if you have a sharp masonry drill bit, and a high powered cordless drill, it will do the work.

Avoid using blunt drill bits as those are useless, and they will make your drill do more work that they should be doing.

Summary of Cordless Drills for Metal

Hopefully we have provided you with enough information on what to look for when buying a cordless drill/driver that can drill through masonry of all types.

The important things to remember is that your chosen drill/driver must have the hammer feature. You will also need a set of masonry drill bits.

After that it really does come down to two requirements. The first is how much you can afford, or are willing to pay. The second should inform the first choice. It really does depend on how much masonry drilling you are planning to do.

Most people only need to do a little of this from time to time. If that is the case, then there is no real need to buy an expensive drill. You might not get all the power and speed that you need, but an affordable drill will get the job done.

However, if you just want the right tool for the job, or have a little more money available, then buy a higher quality one that will last you for years, and work when you need it. There are plenty of options to choose from here but I always try to stick to a well known brand like MilwaukeeMakitaRyobiBlack and DeckerDewalt or Bosch when I am buying a tool like this.

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