Best Cordless Drill for Women 

Thanks for taking your time to read our information on the best cordless drill for women. The good news is, that as it is men who write most of the articles on this website, we did not write this one.

Instead we asked our partners, wives and basically any female we knew to help us out with the information supplied here. There are of course many ladies who are keen DIY people and many more who like to do various crafts. The advice we got from all those sources has helped us write this article, so we hope you enjoy it.

Cordless drills are the most popular choice when it buying a drill. The simple fact that they have no electrical lead makes them really handy. You don't need to worry about having an electric socket, and if you get one with a good battery life, then that will be able to drill and drive to your heart's content. Some people still prefer the corded drill models but really cordless is totally taking over now and they are fully powerful enough for all jobs.

All cordless drills actually come as drill/drivers so they can both drill and also be used as a screwdriver to drive in and remove screws. The drill function will have its own setting, and if it is a hammer drill, it will have an additional setting for that hammer function.

Our research told us that for women, there were three distinct groups:

  1. Those who enjoyed general DIY tasks around the home and garden
  2. Those who wanted something they could use with various crafts and for building flat pack furniture
  3. Those who wanted something affordable for general use
  4. A good tip too is make sure you use the correct bit. A drill bit for tiles , for instance, is much different than a drill bit for concrete and different again if you want to drill metal.

Best General Use

Bosch Cordless Hammer Drill UniversalImpact

  • We would recommend this model from the Bosch brand as it has 2 batteries and a charger, and most importantly a reliable hammer action
  • This is a versatile and strong drill ideal for any type of job in the home or the garden
  • Online buyers rate this very highly with a big 92% online satisfaction
  • We also think this model is great value for money

Just below we have included the pros and cons of what real life buyers had to say.


  • Buyers said this is a top quality tool even at this price
  • Buyers said that this was a joy to use and drilling through concrete was easy
  • Buyers said this drill was versatile and could be used for nearly any job
  • Buyers said this had a great battery that lasted really well
  • Buyers loved that you got 2 batteries so it was always ready to go


  • 3% of all buyers gave this a poor rating and we have listed their complaints below
  • Some buyers did seem to receive a faulty drill
  • Other than that there were no other complaints


We picked this Bosch model because of the value for money aspect, and the fact that it will so an excellent job when drilling masonry. The ladies that we asked agreed that this is a great general purpose drill, that is not too heavy, and works for every job. With it's hammer action it's also great for drilling into walls, definitely a jack of all trades.

Best Cordless Drill for Craft

There are many crafts such as flowers, textile, leather, fashion, paper, houseware, weaving, woodworking to name just a few. For some of those specialist tools will be required. If drilling is needed, most ladies told us they want a small, compact and lightweight drill.

Many of them mentioned a mini drill. After doing our usual research we liked this Tacklife option the best.

Goxawee Rotary Multi-Functional Tool

  • It is a rotary tool with a powerful motor and 6 speed levels, from 10,000 rpm to 32,000 rpm
  • It has a flexible shaft that makes your precise project more comfortable and relaxing
  • It also has a detailer grip and a cutting guide that is suitable for different depth cutting
  • Comes with 82 accessories covers various application ranging from cutting, engraving, drilling, sanding, polishing and even grooming pets’ nails
  • It is most importantly lightweight and convenient

Just below we have included the pros and cons of what real life buyers had to say.


  • Buyers said this tool was light but very powerful
  • Buyers said that this "drill" was amazing vaue for money
  • Buyers loved all the accessories, which are a really good quality
  • Buyers said this a price that they were happy to pay
  • Buyers thought this was every bit as good as the leading brand


  • 8% of all buyers gave this a poor rating and we have listed their complaints below
  • Like our first choice a few buyers did receive a faulty tool

Affordable and Efficient

BLACK+DECKER 18 V Cordless 2-Gear Combi Drill

  • You can normally find this Black & Decker model for around £50-60 and it comes with a battery, charger and case which represents great value
  • A lot of UK online buyers opt for this model as it has a high 92% buyer satisfaction and a great and affordable price point
  • The hammer action on this cordless drill/driver is very good according to buyers

Just below we have included the pros and cons of what real life buyers had to say.


  • Buyers said this drill was very good value for money
  • Buyers said that this was a joy to use as it was light and compact
  • Buyers said the battery was powerful and lasted well
  • It worked well for drilling through brick and walls


  • 3% of all buyers gave this a poor rating
  • A few buyers said the battery life was not long enough


The Black & Decker brand sit at the lower price point in the British market. Many buyers trust the brand and really like their tools. They are reliable and they have a very solid customer service.

More Helpful Information

So as you can see there is a cordless drill/driver available at a range of price points. They all have a hammer action and you will need that if you are drilling  masonry of all types.

The ordinary rotational function is suitable for drilling wood, plastic and metal and the hammer function should never be used for drilling through those materials. You only ever use the hammer function for drilling through tougher materials such as brick, cement, mortar, granite, stone etc.

Before you spend any money, it is really important to understand exactly what this hammer function really is. A hammer drill does two things:

  1. Rotates - the drill spins around and is measured in revolutions per minute (rpm)
  2. Hammers - the drill also hammers very quickly in and out and is measured in bumps per minute (bpm) and some refer to this as blows per minute.

Torque Settings vs Drill Settings

People can easily confuse these so we want to explain the difference between these on drill/drivers. When you purchase a cordless drill/driver that also has a hammer feature, then on the selection you will have various settings.

Torque Settings

The torque settings will be numbered from 1-15 (or whatever number of torque settings your drill/driver has) These are only used for driving in screws. You adjust this setting depending on the size of screw and the type of wood that you are screwing into. For example a higher torque setting is required for a longer screw, or for a harder wood.

Drill Settings

The drill settings are separate to the torque settings. These are usually marked with a drill bit for normal driving, or a small hammer for drilling through masonry. The actual setting marks will differ from brand to brand.

Let the Cordless Drill do the work

There is a very natural tendency to force or push really hard on a drill when trying to go through a harder material such as brick or block. There really is no need to do that as if you have a sharp masonry drill bit, and a high powered cordless drill, it will do the work.

Avoid using blunt drill bits as those are useless, and they will make your drill do more work that they should be doing.

I would strongly recommend that you get a rapid bit holder to use with any drill for putting in screws. They are so handy once you get one you'll never be without one again! Also i have recently bought a right angle drill that's very useful for getting into awkward areas. It's well worth reading a bit more about them.

Summary of Cordless Drills for Women

Hopefully we have provided you with enough information on what to look for when buying a cordless drill/driver.

The important things to remember is that your chosen drill/driver must have the correct accessories to go with it, so you may need to but these as well.

After that it really does come down to two requirements. The first is how much you can afford, or are willing to pay. The second should inform the first choice. It really does depend on how much masonry drilling you are planning to do.

Most people only need to do a little of this from time to time. If that is the case, then there is no real need to buy an expensive drill. You might not get all the power and speed that you need, but an affordable drill will get the job done.

However, if you just want the right tool for the job, or have a little more money available, then buy a higher quality one that will last you for years, and work when you need it.

If you are still not sure then head over to our full review on the Best Cordless Drills. There are plenty of options to choose from here but I always try to stick to a well known brand like MilwaukeeMakitaRyobiBlack and DeckerDewalt or Bosch when I am buying a tool like this.

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