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Thanks for taking your time to read our reviews on the best electric car jacks that are currently available on the United Kingdom marketplace. Most buyers will know that there are scissor jacks, bottle jacks, and trolley jacks. Although electric jacks have been made for quite some time not that many people are that familiar with them.

Just below we have included our top 3 picks and underneath that we have included a useful buying guide if you want to find out more about them, and why you should consider purchasing one of these.

Their key purpose is that the jack connects to your 12V cigarette lighter and when the jack is activated by pushing a button your car gets raised off the ground with zero effort. It is a great choice for anyone who doesn't want to be bothered winding up a jack or simply doesn't have the strength to get it done.

Just below you will see our top list of electric car jacks. However, we also know you are busy, so if you don't have time to read our full review, we would highly recommend the best selling E-HEELP 12V electric car jack. This jack is absolutely superb and if you want the a good jack at a reasonable price then this is it.

Just below, we have also completed some summary reviews on each of these, so as you can see which is the best option for you.

Best Selling Electric Car Jack, E-HEELP Car Jack

Picture of an E Help electric car jack kit

88% buyer satisfaction from over 300+ customer reviews

This hydraulic 5 ton,12Vjack comes as a complete kit with electric impact wrench, electric pump and everything you will need to get you going again

It takes less than 2 mins to lift to its MAX height

This is a hydraulic type jack with two LED lights to light the area at night. Plus, car jack and power cable connecters are waterproof

When electric hydraulic jack reaches its MAX height or the weight exceed its MAX loading weight, the smart overload protection system starts working

You get a full kit, with everything you need and all comes in a neat storage case that you can leave in the boot of your car

Best Budget Electric Car Jack

ROGTZ Electric Car Scissor Jack

90% buyer satisfaction from over 100+ customer reviews

This is the cheapest electric jack we could find that is good quality. If you find anything that costs less that this one, then we would tend to avoid it

Its an electric scissor style of jack with a tooth design and a large base for stronger contact surface and stability

Plugs into your car 12 volt power outlet or on your battery directly

3 Tons load capacity that can lift the car in less than a minute

There are 2 different removable heads are respectively designed for Sedan and SUV,  giving 12.5cm to 36cm lifting height for car and 17 to 42cm lifting height for SUV

This model comes with a controller, manual crank handle, impact wrench, screwdriver, fuses, a pair of gloves. Just about everything you would need !

Best Heavy Duty Electric Car Jack

Best Heavy Duty Electric Car Jack

88% buyer satisfaction from over 300+ customer reviews

This is a 5 ton hydraulic jack that comes with an emergency tool kit ,including a car jack that can lift from 145-450mm, an impact wrench that does 480Nm, and an air compressor to inflate Tyres. It also has a handy light

There is 18W of power in this units thats enough strength to lift an SUV , standard compact midsize or small truck . You can get power from the cigarette lighter ,if the cigarette lighter power is not enough ,you can get power from the car battery directly ,it will be more stable

The car jack will automatically stop working after reaching the height limit and this is an important feature.

The self-locking deconstruction of the jack can prevent the car from falling suddenly and ensure the safety of the vehicle and the person. 

A very quick video review

We have looked over all the video reviews and found this great short presentation on these tools. It gives you an instant idea of what to expect as well as telling you all the features and spec in and easy to understand format.

I hope you enjoy watching it as I always think its much better to see a tool in action rather than just reading about it or seeing pictures. This guy is particularly good at explaining the features and he is well known for demonstrating tools.

We hope this has been of some help to you. We also have articles on trolley jacks, bottle jacks and  scissor jacks if you don't think one of these electric jacks is what you need.

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