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Thanks for taking your time to read our reviews on the best Mig Welders that are currently available on the United Kingdom marketplace. These are Metal Inert Gas models and that's what the MIG stands for. They are extremey popular and have many types of uses. With a small amount of practice you will be able to use one of these machines pretty well and they are so handy that you won't want to be without one.

Just below you will see our top list of Mig Welders. However, we also know you are busy, so if you don't have time to read our full review, we would highly recommend the best selling Röhr MIG-200MI 3-in-1 MIG/ARC Welder. This welder is absolutely superb and if you need a good welder, that you want to use regularly, then this is it.

Just below, we have also completed some summary reviews on each of these, so as you can see which is the best option for you.

Sealey MIGHTYMIG100 100A No-Gas MIG Welder

Sealey Mightymig100

90% buyer satisfaction from over 500+ customer reviews

I particularly like these Sealey mig welders. They are simple to use and work very well.  This one comes with 100A Maximum and 55A minimum performance. You might consider the MIGHTYMIG150 if you want to do ligher metal work as it has a minimum of 30A

It has a heavy-duty high output transformer and forced-air cooling to maximize duty cycle performance.

Comes supplied with comfort grip non-live torch, 1.8m earth cable, 0.45kg flux-cored wire and 1mm contact tip. Spare parts are very easy to come by too.

This model is suitable for no-gas operation only and is for use with flux cored wire.

This is definitely the best value mig welder that you will find. Sealey products are great and I remember using one of their welders over 30 years ago, so they have been around a long time. The product is great and the price is better. Even if it's for regular use, this welder will do your job very well. Really you can just turn it on, press the button and go!

Röhr MIG-200MI 3-in-1 MIG/ARC Welder

Röhr MIG-200MI 3-in-1 MIG/ARC Welder

92% buyer satisfaction from over 250+ customer reviews

This is the best rated combined Arc and Mig welder that we can find, though it's quite expensive compared to the Sealey model above.

It comes with a 12 month warranty and will do Arc and Mig welding, so that's why the price is so much higher. The Mig has a maximum power of 200A and a minimum of 50A so you'll need to be careful on light metal jobs. 

There is an auto hot start, anti stick, arc force stabilisation, thermal overload protection, 60% duty cycle

Euro torch, scratch start, standard UK 3 pin 13 amp plug, 3-in-1 output functions

It comes with lots of accessories - earth clamp, clipping hammer, wire brush, mask

For experienced and DIY users alike with it's intuitive design

Being able to do Arc and Mig welding with one machine is a brilliant idea and these Rohr models are excellent quality. They come with everything you are likely to need to get started ( including welding mask, cleaning brush, 3 collets (1 x 1.0mm, 2 x 0.8mm), 2 steel nozzles and a bag ) and this model gets the best user ratings on any welder we could find. Definitely have a closer look at this model and consider it.

Reboot MIG155 MIG Welder 145A 4 in 1 Gas and gasless MIG/ARC/Lift TIG

Reboot MIG155 MIG Welder

88% buyer satisfaction from over 1,000+ customer reviews

Mig gas welder accepts 1kg 0.8/1.0mm solid wires to weld over 0.8mm plate thickness with a maximum of 130A and a minimum of 40A.

The flux core welder can be used shield gas and without gas, accepts 1kg 0.8/1.0mm flux core wire to weld over 0.8mm plate thickness, no need gas tank and 1kg flux core wire are available in the package

Spool Gun Connector This RBM-1550 can be connected to a spool torch which is not included. It's very easy to start within 5 mins of simple install and it comes with a full of package of kit suitable for indoor working

MMA/ARC Welder MMA/ Arc welding (3.2mm electrode) 7018 1/8 "very good, also 6013 and 7018 3/32". Suitable for rods with a size from 1.6mm to 3.2mm

Lift TIG Welder Lift TIG non high frequency tig mode, just switch to "lift tig" on the panel but you will need a lift tig torch 

Again this is a multi-purpose welder that will do Mig, Arc and Lift Tig welding. They advertise it as a 5 in 1 model so its very versatile and really it is very well priced for what it does. Everything you need to start comes with it including a 1*2m ground clamp, 1x 3m MB15 welding torch, 1*1kg flux cored wire(without gas),1*2.5m welding gas hose,1 piece of brush,1 pcs simple mask along with 3 years of service included.

Mig Welder 130 Non Live Torch Gasless

Mig Welder 130 Non Live Torch Gasless

90% buyer satisfaction from over 250+ customer reviews

This is the cheapest Mig welder, that's still a good standard, that we could find. It's suitable for the experienced user and portable and at the same time.

The Mig has a maximum power of 120A and a minimum of 50A so you'll need to be careful on light metal jobs.

It comes with a starter pack of accessories to get you going. Earth clamp, Clipping Hammer, Wire brush and Helmet are included

Turbo fan cooled, Gasless, Works from a standard 13amp plug, Providing optimum results.

120 Amp MIG Welder. Multi-purpose machine suitable for experienced and DIY users alike

I would say this model is cheap but good. It's reall a bargain price but you can see that loads of them have been sold and the user rating of 90% is extremely high for a budget level tool of this type. If you are an occassional user then you probably will never need anything better than this. Definitely worth having in your tool collection at this price.

Draper 63669 Gasless Turbo MIG Welder

Draper 63669 Gasless Turbo MIG Welder

92% buyer satisfaction from over 150+ customer reviews

This is another budget model that's getting great reviews. The Mig has a maximum power of 120A and a minimum of 50A so you'll need to be careful on light metal jobs.

It has four stage welding current and thermal overload protection, with variable wire speed control

Is fully compatible with 0.6mm and 0.9mm welding wires

To start you off it comes with a 1.5M earth clamp, 2.5M welding torch, chipping hammer/wire brush, welding mask and a 450g spool of solid core welding wire

Draper 12 months parts and labour warranty is excellent

Mig Welder Buying Guide

What level of power do you need - Maximum?

When you are buying a mig welder, your biggest decision will be based on what type of thing you want to weld and how often you are goin to use it. That sounds simple but really it's the most important thing. I would use this chart below to give you an idea of what you might need.

Maximum Amps:

90 amp

110 amp

130 amp

150 amp

180 amp

*¹ Maximum steel thickness (butt weld)






*² Maximum steel thickness (with V and root gap)






What level of power do you need - Minimum?

Minimum amps are quite important too. Most of the smaller MIG welders have a minimum of 30 amps and that will be ok for 1.0mm sheet or with 0.8mm steel, but you dont want something that will burn straight through the metal. A bit less than 30 amps would be better for this type of light work but you can get away with it if you are careful.

For instance, if the minimum is any more than 30 amps then it would be no use for car bodywork. So be careful and make sure whatever you buy has a low minimum as it will be very important

What level of power supply do you have? 

You can run a welder up to around 150 amps on a UK 13 amp plug with no real problem. Anything more powerful than that then you might need to get a stronger supply, if you are aiming at regular use. I've never had any problems, so I expect unless you are doing a lot of heavy work then a 13amp plug is fine, though it's always better to check.

Quality over Price

The quality and prices of MIG welders seem to be getting lower and lower as more of them are made in Eastern Europe and China. Expensive MIGs, well compared to these cheap models, have much better electronics fitted, habe better wire feed units and are a much more rugged construction. The low end models are just not built to last. I would always go for a name you recognise and read as many reviews as you can.

Another good feature of the more expensive welders is the wire feed control automatically varies to suit the power. The wire speed knob on these automatically changes when you change power settings. If you can afford one with that feature you will be really glad. Another good feature of better welders is a good qualitywire feed motor and feed mechanism. A decent wire feed is one of the most important things for pain free welding and really you want something decent in this department.

Generally speaking, welders get nicer as they get more expensive, and there is a great deal of choice in the £150 to £300 hobby to semi-professional market

Duty cycle 

This is the percentage of a 5 or 10 minute period that you can weld before the welder overheats. For example if a welder has a 60% duty cycle at 100 amps over 10 minutes, then the welder can be work flat out at 100 amps for 6 minutes before it will need a 4 minute break. Pretty straightforward really.

Usually the duty cycle isn't that critical for automotive repair work, as the amps tend to be low but would be a big consideration for a fab shop welding steel beams together all day.

Smaller welders without fans are more likely to have the over heating problem and cut out

Which Manufacturer? 

Not at all welders are made in many countries and the brand should give you a fair idea where it is made. Some of the brands have their welders manufactured in cheaper labour countries like China or Eastern europe. If the brand has specified the design and the quality of the component and they have decent quality control then these brands might offer you an equivalent product at a cheaper price. You will easily be able to tell if this isn't the case by reading a few reviews.

The Welder Chassis

The chassis is just the box and wheels that hold the MIG welder. The main things to make sure is that it has wheels for a start. Anything bigger than the smallest hobby welder will need them and whether it has a shelf on the back for a decent gas bottle. Most small welders don't have a gas bottle shelf these days, although you could soon weld one up !

Gas vs Gasless   

All MIG welders need some sort of shielding gas to keep oxygen away from the weld. The choices are gas shielded or flux cored wire.  So with the coated wire you dont need to have a bottle of gas. There are advantages and disadvantages with both, but gas is much easier and more pleasant to use, so unless you know you'll only want to weld with flux cored wire it makes sense to go for a welder that can do both. 

Things are much easier with gas shielding. You can see the weld pool, the welds are a lot neater and there is much less spatter. So the gas might cost a bit more money but it's a much better job and far easier to use. 

The gas comes in various sizes and you will use about 10 litres per minute, as a rule of thumb. So small disposable bottles costing around £10 will last for 6 minutes of continuous welding and that would do about 1 meter. The large industrial type bottles hold 2,300 liters and cost £50 per year bottle rental plus £30 per bottle full of gas, so obviously this is a lot cheaper if you intend to sue the welder regularly. 

What else will you need with the welder? 


Nearly all models will come with a torch supplied, but there are differences to consider. Torches can wear and may need to be replaced at some stage. If you have to do that then go for a eurotorch - these have a universal quick release connection to the front of the welder, are readily available and cheap. If the welder has a built in torch a replacement will have to come from the manufacturer and will probably be poorer quality and cost twice as much as a good eurotorch. So worth checking that when you are making your decision.

Gas Regulator

The only real choice for gas regulators, for a full sized bottle, is either a single or a twin gauge one. The twin gauge ones will measure the flow rate as well and are only around £10 more expensive, which you would easily save that in gas if you have the incorrect flow rate.

Safety Equipment

As always, saftey is key, especially  as Molten metal is hot, and the UV light is extremely powerful. Cotton overalls and welding gauntlets (thick heat resistant gloves) are a must. As well as some form of mask.

Welding Mask

Most hobby welders come with a hand held mask which I think is a total waste of time as you are losing one hand straight away by having to hold it. A full face mask will only cost £10 for the cheapest model though i would recommend spending around £50 to get something decent The good ones will remain transparent until the welder starts and this makes positioning of the torch easier.

Features on more expensive welders

A hobby welder will normally have two controls - one for the power and one for the wire speed. Top end hobby welders or semi-pro welders might have an additional control for burnback. This controls the amount the wire burns back towards the tip after welding, and is useful on thick metal where a machine without burnback will leave a long piece of wire that would need to be trimmed with wire cutters.

Another common control is a spot timer. This is simply a timer that cuts off the power after a certain time and is used for "spot welding" by building up weld on one side of a panel until it penetrates through to the other. A stronger and more fail safe alternative for DIY welders is the plug weld.

Moving higher through the price range (£1000 and more) and synergic or pulsed MIG welders start appearing on the market. These introduce an alternating or pulsing current into the power supply which provides improved arc stability and hence increase control and result in a neater weld. Anyone considering this sort of welder will probably know more than I do about them.

A very quick video review

We have looked over all the video reviews and found this great short presentation on these tools. It gives you an instant idea of what to expect as well as telling you all the features and spec in and easy to understand format.

I hope you enjoy watching it as I always think its much better to see a tool in action rather than just reading about it or seeing pictures. This guy is particularly good at explaining the features and he is well known for demonstrating tools.

I hope this article has been of some help to you. There are many other tools you need when you are welding such as a good angle grinder, wire cup brush or clamps, so make sure you have everything you need before starting into any job. At least have plenty of welding gas and welding wire before you start. You may also consider an Arc welder.

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