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In this article we review, what we believe to be the best hacksaws, currently available on the UK marketplace. These are a type of general purpose saw that will cut metal primarily but also wood, plastic and most materials

These are a very handy item to have and I would say most households will own one, or at least the smaller junior version. It is probably one of the first types of saws that most people will have ever used.

There are quite a few of these available as you will see when you read on. Just before we do that, it is worth just a little time to explain, what they are and what they are used for.

In a Hurry?

We provide a lot of information on this page, so if you want a quick answer, then the best hacksaw is the Stanley Dynagrip Heavy Duty Hacksaw

It's a heavy duty model and will do everything you are likely to need at a very reasonable price.

"With over 1,000 online buyer reviews and a 94% buyer satisfaction rating, this is the most popular choice by UK buyers, based on our extensive research. 

What Is a Hackaw Used For?

This particular style of saw is a fine-toothed saw, originally and principally made for cutting metal. They can also be used to cut various other materials, like plastic and wood; as an example, plumbers or electricians often cut plastic pipe and plastic conduit with them. They are a truly multi-purpose saw.

There are several versions or levels of hacksaw, ranging from the small DIY junior hacksaw, right up to powered models that are used in large workshops or manufacturing production lines.

Unlike a coping saw the teeth on a Hacksaw saw face away the handle so they always cut on the push stroke. The blade can, however be reversed so that the teeth cut on the pull stroke and this can be a very hand feature. 

A good Hacksaw will cost around £10 - £30 though they can be as cheap as £5 and as expensive as £50. With this type of saw I was always recommend spending that bit extra as the type of work can sometimes be a bit heavier duty and you will want something that lasts, not breaks or lets you down after a few uses

Top 5 Rated Hacksaws

Just below you will find a table, where we have placed the Hacksaws in order. The order we have used is the highest buyer rated first. In other words we have placed the saws in the order, of what buyers judged their quality to be.

We have also included average UK prices, but be aware that these are always subject to change. Always check on the exact date and time when you are making any purchase. The ratings we update on a regular weekly basis.

if you click on the product name, you will be taken to Amazon UK, where you can read other buyer reviews. In this table we have included the rank, hand saw name, an average UK price, our rating and our grade.

Please note the prices are averages as they change regularly. Always check any price if you decide to make a purchase. The Rating is out of 100%.

As you can see, these cost anything from £6 up to £30. You can also see that there are some really good saws here and they are very reasonably priced. The number one saw gets a 98% buyer rating from us, and that's unheard of normally.

Hacksaw Summary Reviews

Underneath, we have completed short and concise reviews, on these top 5 products. That way you can see at a glance, which one is the best choice for you.

No 1 Choice - Stanley Dynagrip Heavy Duty Hacksaw 1 20 110

Stanley Dynagrip hacksaw picture
  • Heavy Duty
  • Bi-metal frame designed for extra cutting capacity
  • Quick blade change
  • Improved grip for both accurate and comfortable sawing
  • Best seller

No 2 Choice - Bahco 317 Hacksaw Frame

  • Alternative 90 blade mounting for flush cutting
  • 75Kg blade tension
  • Blade Length 300mm/12in
  • Easily tensioned
  • Frame length: 432mm
  • It is supplied complete with a 300mm blade
  • Weight: 470g

No 3 Choice - Bahco 325 Ergo Hand Hacksaw 12 Inch Aluminium frame

  • Lightweight hacksaw
  • Comfortable front grip for better support
  • Supplied with a 300 mm (12") Sand flex 24 tip bi-metal blade
  • Quick easy blade change and tension system
  • Length: 300mm
  • For straight, accurate and exact cuts
  • Weight: 720g

No 4 Choice - Stanley 020108 FatMax 5-in-1 Hacksaw

  • 100kg blade tension
  • 5 positions: 45° & 90°
  • 2 x pad saw positions
  • Steel Frame
  • When working in tight spaces, the front section of the frame can be removed like a jabsaw
  • Blade can be attached to the front of the hacksaw frame for inside cuts
  • Blade storage inside frame

No 5 Choice - Stanley Pistol Grip Hacksaw 1 15 122

  • Solid steel frame with enclosed ribbed plastic
    #Suitable for vertical and horizontal cutting
  • Designed to cut all types of metal
  • Four blade positions
  • Fitted with super HSS Molybdenum blade
  • Bargain price

Hacksaw Buying Guide

No one manufacturer dominates the market when it comes to hacksaws, though Stanley and Bacho are neck and neck. You do have quite a few choices to make, so hopefully this buying guide will help. There is nothing fancy about them as they are a fairly cheap product, it really just comes down to two things.

  1. The handle
  2. The blade and its cutting capability

Which Type of handle?

Although it doesn't do any actual cutting the handle is very important to consider when choosing a hacksaw. As you will be holding the saw important that the handle is comfortable and be able to withstand wear and tear.

A good saw should have an ergonomic handle that you can hold comfortably for a good period of time. That will help avoid blisters, or pains in the fingers and the palm of the hands.

The handle needs be made from a quality material. It also needs to be strong as it holds the blade under tension all the time and hacksaws can do fairly heavy work. Its not much use if it bends and lets the blade go slack. 

Avoid any plastic framed saws and try to stick to a full metal frame in this type of saw or else you will get something that wont last.

What types of hacksaw blades are available?

The blade is the most important part of the saw as it does the actual. There is a lot of debate about which blades are the best and no doubt some are better than others. You will here names like Bacho, Eclipse and Olson. These are top quality blades, of that there is no doubt

For an amateur like myself it doesn't have to be the best of the best in this case. Unless you are using this type of saw every day then I wouldn't go to mad worrying about what's the best.

Stick to any named manufacturer that you recognise and you wont go wrong. Personally I like the Bacho blades but that's just me. I don't much work with this type of saw so its not an issue.

Video - How to Use a Hacksaw

I found this useful video, which explains how to use a hacksaw properly. There is a method where you can avoid any risk of an injury, especially cutting your hand.

Safe Use of a Hacksaw

If you have never used one of these saws before, then please watch the video above. There is a knack to using these so as you do not want to cut yourself or damage the wood you are cutting.

You have to learn to let the blade of the saw do all the work. If you find it really hard to cut then you are doing it wrong, it should be smooth and easy.

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