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Thanks for taking your time to read our reviews on the best tool tote style bags. When you are mobile or "on the go," a tool bag can be more efficient than a heavier tool box. Ideally what you want from any good tool bag is that it is easy to carry, will last for a long time, and give you easy access to your tools.

There are plenty of different styles of tool bags, but the tote is certainly worth your consideration. An open tote is going to be the best option as they are well made, practical and built to last. The disadvantage is of course there is no realistic way of locking these up.

So in our opinion tote bags are handy where you have to pop in and out of your van, and have a selection of tools that you use everyday.

We think these are ideal for is ideal for hand tools and other small items commonly used by electricians, plumbers and wood workers. They have multiple compartments, usually a saw pocket and level holder and a tote bag will help keep those relatively organised.

Our Selected Top 5 Tote Tool Bags

Stanley Fatmax Open Tote Bag

96% buyer satisfaction based on 1,750+ online buyer reviews

This bag is built to last as it is made from a heavy duty 600 denier fabric

This fabric has been reinforced with leather to help prolong its lifespan

It also has a sturdy and rigid waterproof plastic base to help keep the main bag off the wet or dusty ground

Along the top it has a heavy duty steel handle bar ideal for carrying the bag

It also comes with a shoulder strap, and that is best used when you are carrying a heavier load

It also has Velcro straps and these can be used to secure something like a 600mm spirit level

Stanley Fatmax Quick Access Premium Tote Bag

98% buyer satisfaction based on 200+ online buyer reviews

This bag gets the highest buyer satisfaction ratings online but it is more expensive.

We think that this bag is the best as long as you are willing to pay for it.

It has a large middle compartment that you can fit plenty of tools in to.

There are 2 separate zipper compartments on either side and 2 pockets at each end, plus loads of tool holders inside.

The bag is made from 600 denier nylon with a water resistant base and padded shoulder straps that are great when the bag is full.

Stanley Fatmax Technicians Tool Bag

94% buyer satisfaction based on 1,750+ online buyer reviews

This bag is aimed at technicians and is a lot smaller than many of the other tote bags. It's also a lot cheaper.

It has a very comfortable rubber grip handle and a nice shoulder strap for when its full.

The bag is made from heavy duty 600 denier fabric and is reinforced with leather.

It really is a proper technicians bag and has lots of holders for various tools.

Definitely would be an option for me to carry all my smaller tools like tapes, screwdrivers, gauges etc. There seems to be a place for everything.

Portwest TB02BKR Open Tool Bag

88% buyer satisfaction based on 350+ online buyer reviews

This bag is made from a polyester 600 denier fabric and is obviously our "budget" choice at this low price.

It has a large middle compartment that you can fit plenty of tools in to, even largish tools.

There are plenty of small and medium pockets on the outside and its seems they have a holder for everything.

This is a lightweight and sturdy tote bag thats great to chuck some tools in when you are going out to a job.

I thought I wouldn't like this bag, that it would be cheap and cheerful but it's actually great! 

C K Magma Tool Tote

88% buyer satisfaction based on 150+ online buyer reviews

This bag is made of durable polyester and has a strong waterproof rigid base.

It opens on both sides with a wide opening , providing a vast array of tool and equipment storage options. 

This is a premium quality bag thats totally designed and is perfect for a technician. There is a place for everything and all your tools will be neatly arranged better than you could ever imagine.

I didn't particularly like it as it doesn't have a decent sized middle section so it's only for small tools. Its a pity, I would have to carry another bag for my drill.

A Very Quick Video Review

We have looked over all the video reviews and found this great short presentation on tote tool bags. It gives you an instant idea of what to expect as well as telling you all the features and spec in and easy to understand format.

I hope you enjoy watching it as I always think its much better to see a tool in action rather than just reading about it or seeing pictures. This guy is particularly good at explaining the features and he is well known for demonstrating tools.

I hope you enjoyed this article and have found it useful. If your are still not sure which model suits you best then have a look at out Best Tool Bag Review for a few more options.

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