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If you ever have to change a tyre yourself, then you will understand completely the benefit of having a really good wheel brace that actually works. Most cars do come with some form of a wheel brace, but typically it is a cheap basic tool. Many newer cars don't have one at all adn you have to reply on a foam repair kit.

Our advice is always to have a spare wheel, a good scissor jack and a very good wheel brace that will allow you to take the wheel off with ease.

Below we have list our top 3 choices and underneath those we have also included a buying guide.

Best Seller - Xtremeauto® Travel Emergency Breakdown Wheel Brace

86% buyer satisfaction based on 1,000+ online buyer reviews

This is a the best selling wheel brace online in the UK and from a well known tyre brand

It is suitable for use on Hatchback, Saloon, Estates, SUV, MPV, Camper, Van, Motorhome, and Campervans

Comes with 17mm 19mm 21mm 23mm sockets and it is extendable to give you more leverage

This is not the highest quality but it is affordable

Overall Best Quality - Spurtar Wheel Torque Wrench Set

92% buyer satisfaction based on 600+ online buyer reviews

This is our favourite as it is just very good quality and although slightly more expensive than others, well worth every penny

It has a telescopic extendable handle made of strong chrome carbon steel which extends from 350mm to 550mm

It comes with 2 double ended sockets (17/19MM) & (21/23MM) which are made from chrome vanadium and is suitable for almost 98% of all vehicle types

It comes in a canvas pouch with velcro closure for easy storage

Overall Best Value - Laser 0233 Wheel Brace - 4 Way

90% buyer satisfaction based on 600+ online buyer reviews

This is a traditional wheel brace which is a 4 way brace

It has sizes of 17, 19, 21, and 23mm which are the most popular wheel nut sizes

This one is handy when you get the nuts loosened as you can simply spin the brace for fast removal of the nuts

This model has been black coated to help stop it from rusting

It provides a very affordable option as a wheel brace

Best Breaker Bar Wheel Nut Spanner - MAXPOWER 2 in 1

90% buyer satisfaction based on 600+ online buyer reviews

This is a socket wrench that is designed to break loose, rusted or lock nuts and bolts so a great choice for larger or older vehicles where a normal wheel brace just won't do the job 

It has an ultra resistant bar for changing car wheel bolts

This breaker bar has a 360 degree rotating double flexible head with double 1/2 "and 3/8" head which can be operated at any angle even in a tight space

It has a spring-loaded ball bearing that holds and retains sockets

Wheel Brace Buying Guide

What is a wheel brace used for?

The wheel brace is a tool that is used to loosen or tighten wheel nuts on a car. It really only has this one function. They come in two slightly different types:

  1. The 4 way brace - As the name would suggest this has the shape of a cross with a different size socket at each end. Not all manufacturers use the same size wheel nut on their wheels, so a wheel brace of this type is made to have universal sizing
  2. The wheel wrench - this is now more popular and comes with different sized sockets to fit the different sized wheel nuts. The vast majority of these have extendable handles which offers you more leverage for stubborn nuts.

4 Way Wheel Brace Pros and Cons


These are inexpensive and can usually be bought for under £10

Will fit around 98% of all wheel nuts

Handy to have one in the boot or in the garage


There is not a lot of leverage due to the restricted size of the brace so not great for removing very tight nuts

Not that easy to store

Wheel Wrench Pros and Cons


As long as they can be extended they are very good for removing very tight nuts

Will fit around 98% of all wheel nuts

These are much easier to store and generally come with a storage bag of some kind

Ideal for the car as they are easy to store


In cheaper models the quality of the socket is not good and this can lead to the socket wearing quickly or damaging the wheel nut

On cheaper models the bar can bend if too much pressure is applied

How to use a wheel brace?

List of Steps for Safe Changing of Tyres

Step 1 - Stay Safe

Always try and get to somewhere safe before changing a tyre, ideally away from heavy traffic or very busy roads. If you have a warning triangle in your vehicle, then place that appropriately to warn other drivers that you are there.

Step 2 - Reduce weight

Make sure there are no passengers in the vehicle and remove anything really heavy from the boot of your car.

Step 3 - Check Your Tools

Check that you have the right tools to change the tyre. You will need a spare wheel, a wheel brace, a locking nut key and a jack. Without all of these you will not be able to change the tyre and you will have to call for assistance.

Step 4 - Loosen off wheel Nuts

Loosen off the wheel nuts before jacking up the car by turning them anti-clockwise. Depending on the type of wheel, you may have to remove the wheel trim first, or remove the wheel nut covers to be able to access the nuts. Do not fully remove the nuts, just loosen them enough so as they turn. Wheel nuts can often be tight as they have been machined on, so they usually need a little extra force to move them

Step 5 - Locking Nuts

On many cars a locking nut is used on each wheel. This was designed to prevent thieves from stealing the wheels off cars. This is normally found inside your car and inside the glove compartment. You will need this locking nut to be able to remove the nut on the wheel.

Step 6 - Jacking up the car

Find the jacking point for the car. This is shown in the manual and normally under the sill of the car. To do this you will need a jack. Most vehicles come with a scissor jack. Fit the jack under the car and turn the screw until it is lodged between the jacking point of the car and the base is on the ground. Then raise the jack until the tyre clears the ground and you have enough room to fit the spare tyre.

Step 7 - Remove the Old Wheel

Loosen off and remove the wheel nuts. You can then remove the old wheel and put on the spare wheel. Put the wheel nuts back on and tighten by hand to hold the wheel in place. You should not tighten down gently with the wheel brace.

Step 8 - Lower and Remove the Jack

Lower the jack slowly until the wheel touches the ground. You can then keep lowering the jack until it can be removed from under the car. Once that is done, then use the wheel brace to fully tighten the nuts on the wheel.

Step 9 - Tidy Up

You can refit trims and put everything away. We would recommend getting the tyre fixed or replaced as soon as possible. It is also worth getting an expert to check the nuts on your spare tyre just to be sure that they are tight enough.

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