Bosch Cordless Hammer Drill UniversalImpact UK Review 

Thanks for taking your time to read our review on the Bosch Cordless Hammer Drill UniversalImpact model.

With a buyer satisfaction rating of 94% from over 200 online buyers, these two facts show that this one sells pretty well, and buyers rate it highly.

This is an 18 Volt cordless drill that comes with 2 batteries, a fast charger and a carrying case. It can drill into wood, metal and concrete. It has a keyless chuck, LED worklight, 2-speed gearbox, 20 torque settings and is an impact driver as well.

Just below you will find a more detailed review of this popular and best selling cordless drill from the Bosch brand.

Who Would Buy the Bosch UniversalImpact?

This can be used for a variety of drilling and screw driving tasks around the home and garden. Buyers use this for general home maintenance to help build fencing, build garden sheds, working on doors and some use it for decking.

The main difference between a standard drill and an impact drives is really the power and rotational action. Unlike drills, impact drivers have quick release shanks that accept all one-quarter inch hex driver bits. Impact drivers produce lots of rotational force, capable of driving the largest wood screws in seconds.

So as well as being a great drill these are used for a lot of driving in of screws, quickly and with a lot of power. For instance, If i had a large area of decking to do then this would be the tool I would use. You will be able to do most jobs, even drilling larger holes. Also I have recently bought a right angle drill that's very useful for getting into awkward areas. It's well worth reading a bit more about them.

If you are in a hurry, and don't have time to read the rest of this detailed review, then you check the availability of this Bosch Cordless Hammer Drill Universal Impact by clicking here.

How Buyers Rate this Cordless Drill?

Buyer Satisfaction
  • Overall this impact driver has an online buyer satisfaction rating of 94%
  • 81% of all online buyers gave this a full 5 star rating
  • 3% of all buyers gave this product a poor rating

The above ratings are based on over 200 online reviews from various tool websites, at the time when we did our research.

What Buyers Say About this Drill/Driver

We have shown below a Pros & Cons table on what online buyers said about this product, after they had bought and used it.


  • Buyers said this is a top quality tool even at this price
  • Buyers said that this was a joy to use and put screws in with total ease
  • Buyers said this drill was versatile and could be used for nearly any job
  • Buyers said this had a great battery that lasted really well
  • Buyers loved that you got 2 batteries so it was always ready to go


  • 3% of all buyers gave this a poor rating and we have listed their complaints below
  • Some buyers did seem to receive a faulty drill 
  • There are very few complaints about this drill

Bosch UniversalImpact Specification

  • Measures 38 x 28.2 x 10 cm
  • Weight 3 Kg
  • Is a drill and an impact driver
  • Comes with 2 Li-ion 18v batteries, charger and case
  • 2 speed gear box with variable speed
  • Forward and reverse
  • Max torque 30 Nm
  • 20 different torque settings
  • 10 mm shank and a single sleeve chuck
  • Also has built in the Bosch Electronic Cell Protection (ECP) – protects the battery against overload, overheating and deep discharge
  • Has an integrated LED light for optimum illumination of dark work areas

Video Review of this Bosch Drill

We searched around and found this very good video which you may find worth the watch.

Our Verdict on the Bosch Cordless Hammer Drill UniversalImpact

Overall Rating:





  • We think it is a super all round drill that will do virtually any job
  • The drill was loved by the cast majority of buyers.
  • It was clear that some buyers did get a faulty product, and that meant they had to get it replaced
  • Overall though this is a versatile drill and driver thats well worth the price

Even the best cordless drills struggle with heavy duty masonry jobs. For those you really do need a proper hammer drill with a high bump per minute rate. This model does a great job and is a super driver.

You get a 2 year warranty on this, and we would recommend extending that, as this drill should last you for a few years.

However, if this Bosch one isn't for you, then you can check that list by clicking here.

Here at Tool Advice we have little hesitation whatsoever in recommending this Bosch Cordless Hammer Drill UniversalImpact

The Bosch Brand

Bosch make two range of tools, one for the professional trade and one for general home use. The Bosch professional tools are a blue colour and the home style products are a green colour.

Generally speaking their trade tools are more expensive, but they are designed for both heavier use and for being more durable.

Every one of the Bosch Group’s business sectors has a presence in the UK. Bosch employs approx.5,000 associates across roughly 40 sites.

In 2019, Bosch generated revenues in the UK of £3.2 billion.

The region is the second largest European market for Bosch after Germany and fourth largest in the world.

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