Bosch X Line Drill Bit Set Review 

96% buyer satisfaction based on 8,500 online reviews

Bosch Home and Garden 2607019327 X-Line Accessory Set, 50 Pieces, Black/Gold/Silver

These drill bits are suitable for a wide variety of applications in wood, masonry and metal

You get 11 x metal drill bits 1.5-6.5 mm (for metal, plexiglass and hard plastics)

6 x masonry drill bits 4-10 mm (for masonry, sand lime bricks, natural stone and cast stone)

5 x wood drill bits 4-10 mm (for hard wood, soft wood and plastic)

2 x spade bits, titanium 16/22 mm

18 screwdriver bits L = 25 mm (PH 1/2/2/3, PZ 1/2/2/3, S 4/6/7, HEX 3/4/5/6, T 15/20/25)

3 nutsetters Ø 7/8/10 mm and a connector for nutsetters

You also get a diameter gauge, a cutter, a universal holder and a countersink

These are a very good all round choice for any handheld or stationary drills. They come in an easy to use and see Bosch X-Line box with clear layout of contents.

These Bosch screwdriver bits come in a 50 piece set in a good quality box for storage. They are suitable for many uses around your home and garden.

That includes jobs such as putting up shelves, fixing handles, hanging pictures, building fences and even working on a wooden deck or fence.

This 50 piece X –Line set includes a variety of bits for different screw heads, including Phillips, Pozidriv, Slotted screw, Torx and Internal Hexagon.

Product Rating Summary

This particular X-Line drill bit set sells very well online as you can see from the many thousand of reviews.

To the right you can see how buyers have rated them in terms of versatility of use, how long they last and overall value for money.

Overall Rating: 
4.8/5 stars



value for money

Online Buyers Rating Breakdown

Buyer Satisfaction
  • Overall buyers give these a very impressive 96% buyer satisfaction rating
  • 82% of all buyers have given these bits a full 5 star review
  • 1% of buyers gave these a poor review

What Online Buyers Had to Say

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  • The majority of buyers thought this drill bit set was very good value for money 
  • Buyers loved the storage case and the wide selection of bits
  • Many buyers said this was a very handy kit for DIYers
  • Buyers also said this was a great starter set for anyone


  • A few buyers say the bits break too easily

Why Own the Bosch 50-piece X-Line Titanium Set?

You can of course buy individual drill bits, but sometimes a good quality sets of bits allows you to be able to multiple jobs around the home and garden. Sets are always better value for money as buying individual drill bits can get expensive.

Yes, there may be a few bits in this you will never use, but it is always good to have the right drill bit as and when you need it.

By owning this set, you can virtually complete all drilling and screwdriving applications. The main components of this set are drill bits for drilling in various materials and screwdriver bits for different types of screws.

The X-Line container has a very good clear layout. It is also very easy to remove and replace all of the bits. The sizes are marked inside the case, making it quick and easy to select the correct accessory. In addition, all of the pieces included are listed on the back of the set case, giving you a quick overview of the contents.

The silver drill bits to the left of the pull down holder are for masonry, the centre gold coloured set are for metals, and on the the right hand side the black coloured bits are for wood

Metal Drill Bits

11 HSS-TiN metal drill bits dia.1.5-6.5mm

These twist drill bits are made of high speed steel and deliver fast and clean drilling. They can be used to drill a variety of metals, Perspex and hard plastics. The titanium coating prevents friction and protects the steel against wear which increases the lifetime.

Wood Drill Bits

5 wood drill bits dia.4-10mm
2 flat drill bits (spade style) titanium dia.16/22mm

The wood drill bits have diameters of 4 to 10mm. These brad point drill bits have a centering tip for drilling precise and clean holes. They can be used to drill soft and hard wood.

The flat wood drill bits are coated with titanium, and perfect for larger holes. Flat wood drill bits are easy to handle because of the three tip design. The hexagonal shank prevents the bit from slipping in the power tool.

Masonry Drill Bits

6 HM masonry drill bits 4-10 mm

The Masonry drill bits range from 4 to 10mm which can be used with impact drills or any drill with a hammer action. These drill bits have an impact resistant tungsten carbide tip for longer lifetime. They are suitable for all stone applications particularly in masonry.

Screwdriver Bits

18 screwdriver bits L=25mm
1 PH 1/2/2/3
1 PZ 1/2/2/3
1 SL 4/6/7
1 T 15/20/25
1 HEX 3/4/5/6

There are 18 screwdriver bits, 25mm in length. The screwdriver bits are hex with an adapter that goes into the chuck but the actual drill bits are round smooth standard drill bits.

Other Accessories

3 socket wrenches 7/8/10mm
Adaptor for socket wrench
Diameter gauge
Magnetic universal holder
Countersink bit

The magnetic universal holder enables you to change between screwdriver bits very quickly
The Countersink bit is used for applications in wood. It helps sink the screw into the work piece for a perfect finish without wearing out the screw head.

The sockets can also be used with an ordinary ratchet wrench.

Our Verdict on the Bosch Home and Garden 2607019327 X-Line Accessory Set

If you are someone who need to do DIY or indeed enjoys doing DIY tasks, then owning a good quality set of drill bits will be important

Buying a good brand like Bosch does ensure good quality and this set is certainly very good value for money.

These should last you a lifetime and what I found great was that you always have the size and type of bit you need for any job to hand. I don't know why anybody would buy a drill bit sharpener with sets like this available at this sort of price.

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