Makita HP457DWE10 Combi Drill Review 

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With a buyer satisfaction rating of 94% from over 1500 online buyers, those two facts show that this one sells pretty well, and buyers rate it highly.

This is an 18 Volt cordless drill that comes with 1 battery, a 1-hour charger and a carrying case. It can drill into wood, metal and concrete.

It has a keyless chuck, LED worklight, 2-speed gearbox and 15 torque settings.

This model is part of the G-series range, and this is a range of tools by Makita, that offers a comprehensive catalogue of tools at an affordable and attractive UK market price.

The G-Series battery is identifiable by the white or grey top section. This battery offers a 1.3 amp hour battery capacity in both 14.4v and 18v platforms. A 60-minute charge time is achieved with the G-Series DC18WA battery charger.

Just below you will find a more detailed review of this popular and best selling cordless drill from the Makita brand.

If you are in a hurry, and don't have time to read the rest of this detailed review, then you check the availability of this Makita HP457DWE10 Combi Drill by clicking here.

Who Would Buy the Makita HP457DWE10?

Makita brought out the G-series of drills to offer home owners high quality products at affordable prices. Makita also offer an LXT range of tools which are designed for the trade and for professionals, and these are expensive.

They wanted to produce tools that home owners could use for the many DIY tasks around the home. So if you are someone looking for a high quality cordless drill/driver, with a battery and charger and a range of accessories, then this kit is in our opinion the ideal choice for you.

Please be aware that the G-Series batteries are not compatible with the Makita LXT range of cordless tools or chargers. So if you buy a G-series tool, the battery will only be compatible with other Makita G-series tools.

Many buyers like the higher end Makita brand and they do make great drills.

How Buyers Rate this Cordless Drill?

Buyer Satisfaction
  • Overall this impact driver has an online buyer satisfaction rating of 94%
  • 84% of all online buyers gave this a full 5 star rating
  • 3% of all buyers gave this product a poor rating

The above ratings are based on over 1700 online reviews from various tool websites, at the time when we did our research.

What Buyers Say About this Drill/Driver

We have shown below a Pros & Cons table on what online buyers said about this product, after they had bought and used it.


  • Buyers said this is a quality tool at a bargain price
  • Buyers knew that Makita are a reliable brand, and that this drill/driver was suitable for a multitude of jobs around the home and garden.
  • Buyers loved the fact that there was 2 batteries and a fast charger so as they could get a lot of work done
  • Buyers said the range of accessories allowed them to complete many different tasks
  • Buyers loved the fact that this is built to last and can handle any job you throw at it


  • 3% of all buyers gave this a poor rating and we have listed their complaints below
  • Some buyers did seem to receive a faulty product and had to have it replaced
  • A few buyers were disappointed that they couldn't use this battery with other Makita LX tools

Makita HP457DWE10 Drill Specification

  • Measures 42 x 14 x 31.5 cm and weighs 1.7 kg
  • All metal conctruction
  • Uses G-series Lithium Ion 18 volt batteries - 2 provided (BL1813G 18V 1.3 Ah Li-ion Battery (G Series)
  • Comes with a 1 hour battery charger (DC18WA 18V Charger)
  • This comes with a very useful 74 piece accessory set which includes drill bits for metal wood and masonry and driver bits with straight and Pozi heads and bit adapaters
  • It has variable speed which is controlled by the trigger
  • Has forward/reverse rotation
  • Also has an electric brake
  • 2 mechanical gears
  • Drill No Load Speed - Gear 1 - 0-400 rpm and Gear 2 0-1,500 rpm
  • Blows per Minute Gear 1 - 0-6,000 bpm and Gear 2 0-21,000 bpm
  • Keyless Chuck
  • Has 16 Torque Settings which allows you to drive into a wide variety of materials- Maximum torque 24/42 Nm
  • Ergonomic soft grip
  • Comes with a carry case
  • Has a 3 year warranty
  • Please be aware that the G-Series batteries are not compatible with the Makita LXT range of cordless tools or chargers.



Maximum in masonry

13 mm

Maximum in steel

13 mm

Maximum in wood

36 mm

Video Review of the Makita Drill

We searched around and found this very good video which you may find worth the watch.

Our Verdict on the Makita HP457DWE10 Combi Drill

Overall Rating:





Picture of a Makita HP457DZ Li-ion “G-Series” Combi Drill Driver

96% buyer satisfaction from over 3,000+ customers

  • In our opinion this is one of the best value cordless drill/driver sets that is currently available on the UK market
  • We like the Makita brand and they do produce very high quality tools - this one is part of the G-series range which are designed for home use
  • You do get a lot of value for money with this kit as it comes with 2 batteries, a charger, a drill with all the right features and a range of useful accessories to do almost any job around the home.

The only downside we can see with this tool is that the battery Ah rating is low at 1.5 Ah. Professional and trade drills will use bigger battery sizes such as 3-5 Ah.

To explain this you can ignore the voltage rating as most drill/drivers use an 18 volt battery which this drill/driver does as well. The Ah ( Amp Hour ) rating is what indicates how long the charge will hold.

Professional and trade people need a battery that will last them all day and that is why they go for larger and heavier 3.0 to 5.0 Ah batteries.

Those of us who are home owners don't need a drill/driver that will last all day long, so a smaller battery, which is lighter works really well. Yes, you will have to charge it more often, but it still lasts for a few hours at a time, and it does make the drill lighter.

If this Makita drill is not the one for you, then why not have a look at our top 10 list of drill/drivers by clicking here.

Or if you want Makita in particular then have a look at our article on the Best Makita Cordless Drills for some more information.

Best Makita Battery

  • 18 Volts Lithium-Ion battery
  • 6.0 Ah
  • 55 minute charge time
  • Weighs 660 grams
  • Includes a battery capacity indicator LED so you know how much charge is left.
  • Works with all power tools that feature a yellow connector plate or has a star on the connector plate
  • Suitable for tools like saws, blowers and trimmers

90% buyer satisfaction based on 50+ reviews

If you are not sure which battery is best for you then have a read at Best Makita Battery for some more helpful information.

Here at Tool Advice we have little hesitation whatsoever in recommending this Makita HP457DWE10 Combi Drill

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