Mylek MY18VCB 18V Cordless Drill Driver UK Review 

Thanks for taking your time to read our review on the Mylek MY18VCB 18V Cordless Drill Driver

This is an affordable 18 Volt cordless drill that comes with a battery and charger. It is a single speed drill and has 19 torque settings. Comes with 13 accessories, and has a keyless chuck and LED light.

When doing our research we found just over 600 online buyer reviews so we know this kit sells pretty well. Overall, those same online buyers, have given this an average buyer satisfaction rating of 88%, which is very good.

Just below you will find a more detailed review of this popular and best selling cordless drill from the affordable Mylek brand.

If you are in a hurry, and don't have time to read the rest of this detailed review, then you check the availability of this Mylek MY18VCB by clicking here.

Who Would Buy the Mylek Drill Driver?

First and foremost this is an affordable drill driver that comes with a battery and charger, and some useful accessories. The brand is not well known, but those UK buyers who have tried this particular model are very pleased with its performance.

It is a good choice if you don't want to spend a lot of money on a drill/driver, but want it to be able to do most of the DIY jobs around the home and garden.

How Buyers Rate this Cordless Drill?

Buyer Satisfaction
  • Overall this impact driver has an online buyer satisfaction rating of 88%
  • 72% of all online buyers gave this a full 5 star rating
  • 7% of all buyers gave this product a poor rating

The above ratings are based on over 600 online reviews from various tool websites, at the time when we did our research.

“We included this Mylek model on our list because we think it is great value for money, and online buyers give it very good reviews.”

Geoff Magee

What Buyers Say About this Drill/Driver

We have shown below a Pros & Cons table on what online buyers said about this product, after they had bought and used it.


  • Buyers said this drill/driver was very good value for money
  • Buyers said that this was easy to use and not over complex
  • Buyers said it felt light but still sturdy enough to give you confidence when using it
  • Buyers were impressed with the battery life and how quickly it charged
  • Buyers said it was ideal for doing most jobs around the house


  • 7% of all buyers gave this a poor rating and we have listed their complaints below
  • Some buyers did seem to receive a faulty product as it stopped working withing a couple of days and they had to return it
  • A few buyers said this was very low quality and you get what you pay for

Mylek MY18VCB Specification

  • Measures 23.8 x 22.4 x 9.8 cm
  • Weighs 1.48 Kg
  • 18 Volt cordless drill/driver
  • Comes with 1 battery and a charger
  • Comes with 6 twist drill bits, 6 screwdriver bits and a bit holder
  • No carrying case is provided
  • 18 + 1 torque selection settings with a maximum torque of 28nm
  • Has forward and reverse function
  • Has a keyless chuck
  • Has an LED work-light enabling you to safely drill in hard to see areas
  • Also has a safety quick stop brake
  • No-load speed:0-700 
  • Also has variable speed

Video Review of the Mylek MY18VCB

We searched around and found this very good video which you may find worth the watch.

Our Verdict on the Mylek MY18VCB 18V Cordless Drill Driver

Overall Rating:





  • This is not a high end drill and the brand is not that well known
  • This one is all about the price and what you get for your money
  • Those buyers who have used it generally speaking seem to like it
  • It is ideal for a number jobs around the home
  • Buyers thought it was powerful enough and they liked the soft rubberised grip, drilling and driving power, and that the battery lasted for a long time.

This particular model though seems to satisfy those people who have bought it. There are limitations though as it doesn't have a hammer function, so can not be used to drill through masonry. It is also a single speed drill and that does limit the uses of this model.

If however, this is not the drill for you, then you can check out our top 10 list of cordless drills by clicking here.

Here at Tool Advice we have little hesitation whatsoever in recommending this Mylek MY18VCB 18V Cordless Drill Driver for anyone who needs a basic drill/driver at an affordable price.

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