Rolson 10334 8 oz Claw Hammer Review 

The Rolson 10334 8 oz Tubular Steel Claw Hammer is one of the cheapest available hammers on the UK market place at the moment. However do not let the low price of £5.50 put you off buying this one.

Buyers who have made the purchase rate it highly. Overall it has managed to maintain, a consistent rating of 88% buyer satisfaction. That is based on over 250 online reviews from Amazon and other online websites who sell this product.

A normal hammer such as the Stanley 16 ounce is classed as a normal weight for a hammer. This one from the Rolson brand, is just half of that weight. The main reason this one is so light, is that rather than a solid shaft, this one is made from tubular steel.

That makes this hammer really light to lift and use. You do however lose out on the power of the blow of the hammer. This one is therefore ideal for the lighter jobs, such as putting a nail into the wall for hanging pictures etc.

This would not be a good choice for medium to heavy work. It is simply too light, and would not stand up to the rigours of the harder jobs. If you prefer a heavier hammer, then check out our top 5 list of claw hammers here. However, if you think this may be the right one for you, then please read on.

It is worth pointing out that this hammer is available in both 16 ounce and 20 ounce sizes, but that it is considerably more expensive in those sizes.

How Buyers Rate the Rolson 8 Ounce Hammer

At the time of writing this review, there were over 150 online buyer reviews, where we could draw our information from. That alone should tell you that this claw hammer sells pretty well.

On average those buyers have rated this hammer with an 88% buyer satisfaction rating, which is an excellent rating, by any measure.

Two thirds of buyers, gave this lighter weight hammer the full 5 star treatment. Only 5% of all buyers who thought this hammer merited a 1 star review. I personally have the Rolson Stubby Hammer that I really like if I am on a job where there is not much space to work with. It is excellent quality.

Rolson 10334 Claw Hammer Specification

In this section we have included what I think are the important things to know. With a hammer that is not too difficult, however, still important to know certain things.

  • Measures 27 x 11 x 3 cm
  • Weighs 8 ounces 227 grams
  • This has a polished steel head
  • Has a tubular steel shaft with a rubber handle that is easy on the hand

What Buyers Say About the Rolson 10334 Hammer

Overall buyers clearly like this useful little hammer. Below we have summarised what people had to say, and we have included a few buyer quotes, to give the summary list some emphasis.

  • Most buyers liked the fact that it was light
  • Although light it was able to do many of the basic jobs around the home
  • Many buyers said this was an ideal weight for a lady to use (Please note these were buyers comments)
  • The rubber makes it comfortable to hold
  • Cheap and cheerful and does the job for most things
  • The hammer bent when removing nails
  • Useless for any type of heavier work

Our Verdict on the Rolson 10334 8 oz Tubular Steel Claw Hammer


This Rolson 8 ounce hammer costs in and around £5. You might even be able to pick it up cheaper than that. That is around the price of a fancy coffee.

Be under no illusion that this is anything like a professional sturdy hammer. If all you ever need to do is some light hammering, then this will get the job done. Anything more than that, and it will not be able to cope.

For the price, and with a good enough rating 88% ,most buyers are satisfied with what they have. if you have decided that this is not the one for you, then have a look at our top 5 list of claw hammers.

This is a very basic lightweight hammer, that works well enough for the small jobs around the home and garden.


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