Stanley Fibreglass 16 Ounce Claw Hammer Review 

Here you will find our review of the Stanley Fibreglass 16 Ounce Claw Hammer. There are many different types of hammers and this one costs in and around £10, depending on where you make your purchase. This is the most popular weight for one of these types of claw hammers, that you will find in many homes in the United Kingdom.

This particular model has all the right features, that you would want to find in a good quality hammer. The head is as solid as a rock with a polished steel head.

That along with a lightweight fibreglass handle, with an excellent grip explains why buyers rate this particular 16 ounce Stanley hammer so highly.

You can see from the image above, that this one certainly looks the part. If a neighbour asked to borrow your hammer, then you could hand them this one with some pride. Stanley are of course a very well known tool brand that produce may different styles and it is important to know the strength of a hammer.

In my opinion, there is not a lot to dislike about this hammer. The claw works well thanks to the angle, and easily pulls out nails, without a great deal of effort on your part. It is also heavy enough to drive nails home with just a few taps.

If you pulled this one out on a building site, then it would be met with nodded heads of approval.

How Buyers Rate the Stanley 16 Ounce Claw Hammer

At the time of writing this review, there were over 80 online buyer reviews, where we could draw our information from. That alone should tell you that this Stanley hammer sells really well. Most people buy this one or the 20 ounce Stanley

On average those buyers have rated this hammer with a 92% buyer satisfaction rating, which is an excellent rating, by any measure.

A tad over 7 out of 10 buyers, gave this Stanley hammer the full 5 star treatment. Only 1% of all buyers who thought this hammer merited a 1 star review.

Stanley Fibreglass Claw Hammer Specification

number two rated claw hammer

In this section we have included what I think are the important things to know. With a hammer that is not too difficult, however, still important to know certain things.

  • Measures 3.5 x 33 x 12.8 cm
  • Weighs 16 ounces (450 grams)
  • Has a heat treated, forged, high-carbon steel curved claw head, that is fully polished
  • The fibreglass handle is great as it helps absorb shock and vibration
  • There is also a textured rubber cover on the handle for a comfortable, and secure grip.
  • Nicely and well angled curved claw for easy nail removal

What Buyers Say About the Stanley 16 Ounce

Overall buyers clearly like this useful finish style hammer. Below we have summarised what people had to say, and we have included a few buyer quotes, to give the summary list a little more understanding.

  • Good Stanley quality at a decent price
  • Super easy to pull nails out using this one unlike many other hammers
  • The hammer feels light yet delivers a good blow
  • There was no damage to the head even after repeated use
  • A great hammer for many house and harden jobs
  • A couple of buyers thought that there was still too much vibration
  • A few thought the balance was not that good

Our Verdict on the Stanley Fibreglass 16 Ounce Claw Hammer


I like Stanley tools and they seldom disappoint. If you are ever buying a tool and not sure what brand to go with, then you will never go too far wrong with a Stanley tool.

This one is what many people will use around their home. It feels light and pretty well balanced in your hand. The head has been very well tempered and as such will not chip or indeed, it will not burr or break. If you take good care of your hammer it should last a life time.

This one came out at number 2 on our top 5 list of claw hammers.  With that being the case, we are more than happy to recommend this one.

For less than £10, and with a very high 4.6 out of 5 star rating, it is very hard to go wrong with this one. The hammer is ergonomically-designed and ideal for light to medium nailing tasks


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