Best Power Tool Charging Stations UK 

In this article we review, what we think to be the best power tool charging stations for a garage, shed or workshop. I couldn't do without one of these stations on my garage wall as it keeps everything together and on charge at all times

This is definitely well worth getting and you will never look back. I just keep adding on to mine and it's amazing how much stuff you can actually get on to them.

What is the Best Power Tool Charging Stations?

We found that the Best Value Power Tool Charging Stations is the JBI Power Power Tools Charging Station. This is easily the best  combination of quality and price that we could find. It is very simple yet strong and it does the job perfectly, at a very reasonable price.

Koova Drill Storage Shelf and Charging Station Review

96% buyer satisfaction based on 250+ online buyer reviews

  •  40.11 x 17.2 x 6.6 cm; 1.09 Kilograms
  • Drills and charger In their place with a wall mounted holder
  • Great idea
  • This is probably is the most high-quality, durable drill shelf on the market
  • It's made from heavy-duty powder-coated steel
  • It will hold 2 drills, a charger and 9 bits
  • Simple design and easy to fit to the wall in minutes

This is the best customer rated drill or power tool holder on the market but if you are anything like, me you'll be thinking " how many of these do I need? "

 I guess you could buy as many as you want but they aren't all that cheap so I dont think this is the one for me. I would need much more capacity for my cordless tools.

Though,If you just have a couple of drills that you want on the wall then this is ideal. It's great quality and pretty much all the buyers love it.

XC Source Power Tools Charging Station Review

92% buyer satisfaction based on 200+ online buyer reviews

  • 24.9 x 86.1 x 45 centimetres
  • This is a much more useful charging station
  • Will hold 5 drills hanging up and has plenty of room on the three sheves for other power tools
  • There is a space for power at the top and you can charge as many batteries as you have chargers
  • This ia very strong wooden construction and capable of holding quite a bit of weight

As far as I am concerned, this is more like what I am looking for in a cordless tool holder and charging station. There is plenty of room for multiple cordless tools, chargers and batteries as well as other tools.

It has 5 drill hanging slots, as well as a storage dock with widened room for circular saw, angle grinder or any other tool you want to fit in. There is also a large shelf on the top for charging batteries or for any small tools.

This is definitely may favourite model.

JBI Power Power Tools Charging Station Review 

94% buyer satisfaction based on 150+ online buyer reviews

  • 23 x 43 x 30.5 cm
  • This is made from powder coated steel
  • Storage for 4 Power Tools in the handy hanging areas
  • Very simple design but totally effictive
  • Multi-sized Drill Bit holder
  • 13cm Tall Centre shelf
  • There is plenty of room on the two shelves

Buyers thought this was a very simple station but that it worked really well. We don't need anything too complicated for this type of job and this racking is the perfect fit, at a very reasonable price.

You will need to run some power to it and mount that on the wall beside it but I dont see any problem with that. This is a great and simple station and I can easily recommend it.

Sunix Power Tool Charging Station Review

96% buyer satisfaction based on 50+ online buyer reviews

  • 51.2 x 38.5 x 13.5 cm; 5.99 Kilograms
  • The Tool Storage features ample space, room for 5 drills a shelf and a handy drawer
  • The tool storage rack is built using quality pine wood
  • The power strip is not included
  • Comes with 30-day money-back Guarantee and 1 year warranty 

This is a very handy shelving unit that actually looks quite stylish too. It will hold 5 drills and has plenty of room for charging batteries. I wasn't too sure about the drawer but it's actually very useful for drills and driver bits.

No power panel comes with this model but that is easily sorted out yourself. If you are like me then there will be no shortage of power points in your workshop.

Forge Tools Power Organiser and Charging Station Review

90% buyer satisfaction based on 150+ online buyer reviews

  • This large 19.3”L*8.25”*12” tool organizer includes two shelves and 5 drill hanging slots
  • You can store drills, tool kits, screwdrivers, wrenches or nails and other smaller bits.
  • Natural Quality Wood - The tool storage rack is built using quality pine wood
  • For a change the power strip is included
  • Sturdy Construction - Wood storage shelf well constructed, and can stand up to the wear and tear of the average handyman.

This is simple and effective for storing and charging your drills. It's a nice unit, that gets good reviews but it doesn't have anything that sets it apart from the others. Also I am not sure sure it's worth this price, they are better models.

Power Station Buying Guide

There is not too much to know about these power stations as basically they are pretty simple. What I found to be important is as follows

  • If you are buying one of these stations then it needs to have enough room for all your drills or other cordless tools. This might seem simple but once you have a station like this, you will want to get all your stuff on it. Big is good in this case
  • There units need to be strong enough to carry the weight of all your tools, plus have really good fixing to the wall. Keep away from any plastic or flimsy models as they just aren't worth having.
  • Don't worry if there is no power panel with a unit. I found it was mush better to wire one in myself. I put it just above the unit, then it didn't take up any space and the leads could just hang down
  • You may consider buying a plug in timer to run the power through

I hope you have enjoyed this article and will go ahead and get one of these stations, you won't regret it. Dont forget our best value choice is the JBI Power Power Tools Charging Station

If you would like some more information on how to organise your garage or workshop a bit better then have a read of our article on Tool & Garage Storage Ideas for some inspiration.

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